They say about such people: “Having seen the times, it’s impossible to forget.” We are talking about girls who are not like the others. And here you can dream up what lies behind this dissimilarity: amazing beauty or hopeless stupidity, entailing ugliness.
Miss Jessica Rabbit
The main distinguishing feature of the young Russian resident Christina Ray is her lips. From the age of 15, from St. Petersburg she wanted to be like the famous cartoon character Jessica Rabbit from the picture about Rabbit Roger. This is a busty and full-lipped red-haired beauty with a bold and languid look. That is why Christina decided to make a huge amount of silicone injections for herself. So far, however, there are no obvious similarities with the cartoon, but, the girl puts maximum efforts to bring children's desire to life.
Now Christine Ray is a little over twenty years old. For seven years of experimenting with herself, she has made about hundreds of injections in the lips. However, and this girl is not going to stop. She is proud of her lips, which, by the way, are by far the largest in the world.
Girl with complexes
At the age of 15, the schoolgirl was sure that all the troubles in her life were due to her thin lips. With those on her face, she considered herself ugly. In addition, classmates at school constantly mocked her. To get rid of this state of affairs, Christina Ray decided to take extreme measures. She turned to a plastic surgeon with a request to increase her lips. Perfect lips, in her presentation, she also outlined. I wanted the same as the cartoon beauty Jessica Rabbit.

Former cristinaFormer cristina
Christina Ray (she, by the way, works in one of the St. Petersburg salons as a manicurist) spent about 7 thousand dollars on her beauty attribute. That is how much money was spent on silicone injections. All expenses for the doctors were borne by Ray’s parents. The girl has already realized that she is dependent on plastic surgery, but she admits that she can no longer stay. She continues to visit doctors and increase the already puffed out lips.
The girl says that parents are already resigned to the fact that their child has slightly modified. Here is what she says about this: "Mom and Dad were humbled, because I am their favorite and only daughter."
Each time Christina Ray agrees to insert all large silicone implants into her lips when she comes to the correction procedures. Moreover, the girl understands that this operation is not a pleasant one, but “extremely painful,” but she nevertheless agrees and, moreover, pays about $ 70 for each procedure.
Prominent lips
Wherever a girl appears, she immediately draws attention to herself. The eyes are focused only on one place - lips that are truly outstanding. Christina Ray believes that they are looking at her because she finally "looks fantastic." Therefore, St. Petersburg woman feels happy. She even ignores biting notes and non-forest reviews of unfamiliar passers-by.
However, plump lips, although they attract attention to themselves, but such an outstanding part of the body does not solve Christina’s problems in her personal life. Ray has no young man now. But the girl does not despair of finding her soul mate, and yet she is grateful to her lips for the fact that she looks special. It is worth noting that the lips do not interfere with Christine to live a full life. She insists that she eats normally, speaks and even kisses, as she did before plastic surgery. The girl does not interfere with any pain after surgery surgeons.
Christina Ray todayChristina Ray today
Now Christina Ray wants to break her own record and make lips even bigger. Because she considers them not plump enough. And as soon as the girl gets the opportunity, she plans to go even further along the body. Namely, enlarge the chest to the DD cup from the C cup. After that, she wants to change the shape of the nose and make the ears, pointed like an elf's. So much the girl likes to be different from the rest.
“In general, I want to get as much extreme as possible out of life, for example, to look like my favorite cartoon character, that's why I want to have the biggest lips in the world. I believe that I am dependent on this idea, but all this only pleases me. One thought gives me great self-confidence, and also takes a lot of complexes. Friends tell me that you do not need to increase lips. They still do not know one with such huge lips in Russia, and all over the world. But I'm still not happy with my result, ”says Christina Ray.
Star “plump lips”
In fact, psychologists call the constant desire to improve their appearance psychological deviation.They are associated with low self-esteem since childhood.
The film actress and singer Lindsay Lohan not only changed her hair color, but also worked on her lips. She changed their form. However, the star is clearly overdone, her lips do not look very nice and add her age.
Interview with Cristina
Oksana Fedorova did not seem to be satisfied with the titles "Miss Russia" and "Miss Universe". She signed up for a plastic surgeon. In addition, a well-known cosmetic company offered her a contract. Maybe this was the impetus for external changes.
Actress Nicole Kidman decided to correct herself with so-called “beauty shots”. The girl was already lying under the knife of the surgeon, but the result was not a comforting one. Kidman's upper lip was much larger than the bottom. Nicole apparently decided to correct the misunderstanding, and agreed to "injections." But in this she is not recognized, but says that the ideal appearance is the result of proper self-care.
The famous "tattoo" Yulia Volkova after tattooing eyebrows straight went to the office to the beautician. And from there came already with new lips. The singer herself says that she just decided to experiment.
TV presenter and model Masha Malinovskaya said more than once that she adjusted the shape of the chest and nose. But she never admitted that she did something with her lips. And recently, she boasted perfect lips in social networks, but did not comment on her transformation. Experts have concluded that new lips are made with the help of fillers on hyaluronic acid.
Yulya Volkova
To start the competition with Angelina Jolie, actress Megan Fox had not only to increase her hair, make tattoos and rhinoplasty. A few years ago, a fashion model went to a plastic surgery clinic and made herself mouth-watering lips.

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