The best films of 2011: the list

In this article we will consider differentinteresting movies of 2011. The list of the best films will be presented below. In this list you can find pictures about friendship, love and more. There are both American-made films, and Russian ones.

«1 + 1»

Now we will begin to describe the best films of 2011. The rating of this picture is very high. She won the hearts of many spectators.

The plot: the businessman becomes an invalid. Now he needs to find a carer.

The best movies of 2011

Of all the candidates, the aristocrat chooses himselfstrange - an expatriate with a previous conviction. This guy becomes a real salvation for a businessman, he fills his life with new colors. Their relationship grows into a strong friendship.

"Love affair at work. Nowadays"

Describing the best films of 2011, you can notremember about this film. The owner of the rating agency Lyudmila Kalugina does not want to raise her financial analyst, who has two children. A friend of this employee hints at the fact that you need to priudarit for a businesswoman. By chance, the financial analyst and Kalugin are stuck in the cable car. After that, the life of two people changes.

"On hook!"

If the girl is offended, she will take revenge. So in this picture. Ritu threw the guy, exchanging it for a rich lady. Offended girl decides to find a brother razluchnitsy, seduce and throw him. She will be helped by a journalist, whom she met while searching for a relative of a rich lady.

"Fast and the Furious 5"

movies of 2011 list of the best films

What other films are interesting in 2011? The list of the best films will continue "Fast and the Furious", to be exact, the fifth part of it. Before Dominic and his team a new complex, extreme mission. They need to steal three cool cars from under the nose of the federal police, and they should not be caught by people of one Brazilian drug lord. The operation to steal cars ended in a shootout. Extreme, of course, were our main characters. Now the task became even more complicated. The guys need to try hard to fulfill the planned.

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

The film is based on the well-known best-seller. Under mysterious circumstances, 40 years ago, a daughter from an influential family is missing. Uncle is sure that there was a murder. An experienced journalist instructs him to investigate.

best movies of 2011 rating«Pregnant»

If you are looking for the best films of 2011, thenpay attention to this one. The main character is Sergey, he works on the music channel as the presenter. He is very conservative, probably this caused him to get out of the collective. He is skeptical about everything new.

Sergei and his wife really want a baby, but they haveProblems. Only a miracle can help them. But the guy does not believe in magic. After a certain period of time it turns out that Sergei became pregnant. After that, his life changes abruptly. All his surroundings are in shock. Sergei also becomes the host of the new show. His rating, of course, also increases.

"My boyfriend is an angel"

Continuing to describe the best films of 2011, let's talk about this interesting comedy melodrama.

The main heroine named Sasha falls out of the window. The Angel catches her. Outwardly, he looks like an ordinary guy dressed in a coat. Girl Sasha does not believe in the existence of such creatures. Her friend tries in all possible ways to prove otherwise. But our Angel did not take into account one thing - if a girl believes you, then she is more likely to fall in love with you.


The main character is Cat. When she was ten, unknown persons killed her parents before her eyes. The girl managed to escape and hide from the bandits. She came to her uncle in Chicago. After that, Kat becomes a professional killer who wants to find out why her parents were killed and for what.

"Pretend my wife"

The protagonist is a successful plastic surgeon. He gets acquainted with the girl of his dreams. He liked him immensely, but he is very afraid of serious relationships, so he tells her that he is already married. After this, the doctor convinces his assistant to play up to him, acting as a wife. Next, she and her assistant family and a dream girl go on vacation to Hawaii. But there everything starts to happen quite differently, as the plastic surgeon planned.

"Friends with Benefits"

Finishing describing the best films of 2011, at last we will tell about a picture which names "Sex on friendship".

The main characters are the best friends whodisappointed in love and in relationships in general. They decide on an interesting adventure. The guys are planning to establish a relationship with each other that do not bind to anything. The obligatory condition of them is no love and feelings, only sex. But very quickly ends idyll, when friends understand that they began to feel warm feelings for each other. Now it's time to change something.

10 Best Movies of 2011
A small conclusion

We reviewed the top 10 films of 2011. Each of the described films is interesting in its own way. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, then pay attention to this list. It is very likely that you in this list will be able to find an interesting picture for an evening rest.

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The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list The best films of 2011: the list