Sterilize the cat?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
March 20, 2013
Sterilize the cat?

Taking a kitten in the house, some do not even think, and what will happen when the baby grows up? And in vain. After all, with older animals more trouble. This is especially true of generic activities in cats. Agree, not everyone will be able to distribute 5-10 kittens a year, and not everyone can drown, and it is inhumane. The best way out is to sterilize the animal. Although many will not agree with this, the animal is a pity. So, is a cat sterilized or not? Let's look at the pros and cons.

What is sterilization and how it is done

Sterilization is the dressing or partial removal of the cat's fallopian tubes, while preserving the production of sex hormone. For this operation is performed under general anesthesia (the animal sleeps). A small incision is made from the side (the most preferred option) or along the white line of the abdomen, which is then sutured. Do not think that the post-operative care of the cat will take a lot of time. So it was before, now there are other possibilities for operations. You will not even need to treat the wounds with green paint, so that the cat does not touch the seams.The only thing you need is peace. The animal may be withdrawn from anesthesia for two days, but the more it sleeps, the faster it heals.

Positive points

  • You will not need to "wrestle with" where to put the kittens.
  • The cat will not be in heat, and consequently, mood swings.
  • Sterilization helps prevent many animal diseases: breast cancer, urinary tract diseases, genital diseases.
  • It is no secret that during the ghoul, the cat can "shit" anywhere, sterilization solves this problem.
  • Tablets that give an animal during estrus cause hormonal disruption, which is fraught with tumors, during sterilization, the hormonal system does not suffer.

Negative points

  • Not all animals tolerate anesthesia equally well. It is not necessary in the evening and in the morning to feed the cat, if an operation is scheduled.
  • Sometimes there may be an increase in the mass of the animal, the cat asks for more food. But it can be controlled.

So, to the question regarding whether a cat can be sterilized, we would answer: "Not only possible, but sometimes necessary." The operation is carried out at any age, after puberty of the animal. From about 7-8 months, you can already be sterilized.Adult cats also have surgery, but the older the animal, the worse it tolerates anesthesia.

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