State Museum-Reserve "Gorki Leninskie": photos, address, reviews

It happens that in some places of our country we are pulled like a magnet. In such natural places you want to be constantly and do not want to leave at all. This is due not so much to landmarks and historically important objects, but also to the very atmosphere that prevails here. That is what can be said about the museum-reserve "Gorki Leninskie".What kind of place is it? Where is? And what is remarkable?

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A few words about the reserve in general

"Lenin hills" is a unique place with a long history. Its total area is 224.3 hectares. On this small plot of land there are over 100 diverse monuments of historical, cultural and artistic value. The Museum-Reserve “Gorki Leninskie” is a concentration of the cultural heritage of Russia. It is here that collected over 50 diverse collections of handmade, for many years created by our ancestors. This place is literally overflowing with the powerful energy of years past.Therefore, I want to come here again and again.

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A window into the past or a brief history

The Museum-Reserve “Gorki Leninskie” is a kind of time machine that allows you to mentally transfer yourself to different historical eras. For example, being here, you can learn a lot about the first settlers located on the territory of the modern reserve.

It is known that these were tribes of the so-called Dyakovsk culture or Finno-Ugrians. Their traces were first found on a small section of the Gorki estate, not far from the Northern outhouse near the high rotunda pavilion. It was here that archaeologists were lucky to discover a defense structure made from natural soil, which was once erected by the responsive representatives of the Iron Age.

At a later time, the museum-reserve (“Gorki Leninsky”) was inhabited by Slavic tribes. A vivid confirmation of this are those few burial grounds and burial mounds, towering above the ground. One of the largest burial grounds in the park has over 59 artificially created hills, 1.5 m high and 10 m wide. A total of similar evidence of the life of the Slavs in the X-XI century, managed to save only 50 pieces.

In addition to land embankments, many decorations, household items, dishes and other archaeological treasures were found on the territory of Gorki. The first of them were found in early 1912.

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The first owners of the estate

Before the State Museum-Reserve (“Gorki Leninskie”) appeared at this place, there was a small village Gorki. According to the chronicles, the estate of more than two centuries belonged to a certain Gavrila Savioriev and his family. All of them were in the public service and took an active part in numerous military campaigns. For example, some historical sources describe the involvement of the Savior family in the operation to capture the infamous False Dmitry. Confirm this information and those few archaeological finds that were found over time.

Manor - the pearl of the museum

Visiting the historical museum-reserve "Leninskie Gorki",it is impossible not to notice the picturesque manor, comfortably located on its territory. This is a real gem of the historical complex, striking the imagination with incredible architectural and park elements.It is here that you can see the beautifully preserved buildings of the past eras, as well as objects of our cultural heritage of the beginning of the XIX century.

How did you come, and who owned the estate?

Manor, a member of the Museum-Reserve ("Gorki Leninskie"-the name of the whole complex), first described as the estate of General A. A. Pisarev. It was this experienced military commander who acquired it in early 1824. With his participation, the first stone house was erected on the territory of Gorki, a lime park was built and a cherry orchard was planted. According to historical sources, Pisarev’s friends often came to this cozy and reliable mansion. Among his friends were historians, writers, public figures and even Decembrists.

The next owner of the estate was the director of the first St. Petersburg perfume factory and several retail stores - I. A. Prokofiev. It was about 1890. Since this period, the life of the estate has changed dramatically. With the hands of the new owner, many buildings and architectural monuments were restored and reconstructed, as well as a magnificent apple orchard, birch grove and flower conservatory.It is noteworthy that it was Prokofiev who first began to attract outsiders to the estate for the purpose of his own personal gain. Since 1895, he handed over small summer constructions for summer residents and vacationing citizens.

New owners: family contract Gerasimov

In 1900, the estate went to Gerasimov brothers. Nobody lived on the reserve at that time. But in the summer, four Gerasimov families came here at once. Apparently, to keep the estate "Lenin hills" (museum-reserve photowhich can be seen below) was very expensive. In the name of economy, the families of the owners of the estate did not live here all the time, and following the example of Prokofiev, houses for visitors and summer residents were handed over.

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The last owner of the complex was the widow of a large Russian businessman Z. G. Morozova. It was she who acquired the estate from the Gerasimov couple in early 1909. With this owner, the manor was again transformed. The hostess closely took up the reconstruction of the territory and the nearby buildings. For this, she even turned for help to the famous architect Franz Osipovich Shekhtel and the local architect Fedor Nikitovich Kobyla.

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Within the limits of Morozov’s estate, she was hiding from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore, she did her best to improve and transform this delightful paradise. To do this, she often bought antiques, replenished antiquarian and architectural collections, and also acquired other pieces of art. For example, her most valuable copy was a collection of paintings from the 18th-20th centuries.

Later underwent a reconstruction and the main house of the complex. It has been complemented by a beautiful winter garden, a veranda and an incredibly spacious terrace. Its facades were decorated with bas-reliefs with traditional Greek motifs, columns and six-column porticos of the Ionic order appeared. In the spring of 1918 the estate was nationalized. And on its territory there was the first farm called "Slides". Morozova was forced to leave home and go to Moscow.

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How did the arrival of Lenin affect the estate?

Lenin Gorki is a museum-reserve (reviews can be found in this article), where V. Lenin often visited. According to many historians, it was the head of the once large Soviet state that influenced the further fate of the estate.He not only preserved the priceless collections collected by the Morozova forces, but even saved the entire cultural complex from ruin. By the way, about the reviews, many visitors emit an extraordinary collection of paintings, jewelry and other valuables that can be seen in the museum’s expositions.

Creating a museum house

Some time after the death of Lenin, a lot of people came to the Gorki. They all hoped to see the places where an eminent politician walked, lived and led. Therefore, on the territory of the complex, it was decided to open the Lenin Museum. It happened in the winter of 1949.

According to preliminary data, about 58,322 people attended the grand opening. This is how the modern “Lenin hills” (museum-reserve) appeared. Reviews of tourists about this place allow you to recreate the overall picture of the sights and cultural values ​​within the complex. In particular, the study, dining room and bedroom of the once famous national leader were preserved in its original form. It is noteworthy that, due to certain circumstances, it took about 15 years to complete the arrangement of the museum in Gorki.

National Reserve today

The modern cultural and historical complex is very popular today. It is open to locals and tourists. Every year, people from different countries come here to get acquainted with the modern expositions of the museum and appreciate the peculiarities of cultural, architectural and other monuments of deep antiquity. For example, the Ambassador of the Netherlands is a frequent guest of the estate.

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The Museum-Reserve has become for him one of the most favorite places. According to him, it is “Gorki” that are the perfect embodiment of the extraordinarily beautiful Russian nature, history, cultural and architectural values ​​of the country.

School students come here. According to their stories, visiting the "Gorky" allows them to improve their knowledge in the field of history. And the visual aid itself is much better than any books. Therefore, with its help, the assimilation of school material is much faster. Older visitors come here to experience the revolutionary spirit that they say is still in the air. Tourists are increasingly exploring history and enjoying the beautiful state of many architectural relics.According to their stories, there are many picturesque places, historical monuments and a lot of interesting things.

Leninsky Gorky - Museum-Reserve: how to get there

You can visit the complex on Friday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, on Saturday it is open from 9:00 to 19:00. For those who want to get into the estate as part of a tourist group, the doors of the museum are always open from Monday to Thursday. You can come here from 9:00 to 21:00, having previously made an appointment. Groups of 10 people are accepted. Here guests are always welcome.

Attention! Booking tickets must be done in advance, as the ticket office closes one hour earlier than the Leninsky Gorki Museum-Reserve itself.

The address where you can find the estate is known to most locals. It is located in the Moscow region, Leninsky district, r / p Gorki Leninsky. In order to reach this wonderful place, it is necessary to drive in the direction of Kashirskoye highway and turn right at the next turn. Also, the complex can be reached on the road next to the airport "Domodedovo". From here, follow the signs. It is not difficult to find it on public transport.This is the bus number 439, which follows to the "Experimental Base".

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