"Stalker: The True Path": passage. "Stalker: The True Path": codes

If you have already played the game "Stalker", but notenjoyed its magnificence in full, you can easily fix it. The fact is that to this project there is and still is produced quite an impressive number of mods that seriously change almost everything in the game. The simplest modifications add new weapons and other items, can supplement the game with several new characters and tasks from them. But it's much more interesting to download those modifications over which the fans worked for a year, or even more. In fact, these are original clones of this sensational project, made on the basis of "Stalker", but almost completely changed. Often in such modes the textures change, the graphics improve, much more impressive updates of game content are made - up to the addition of several new locations. However, the most interesting thing is that often the main plot of the game is cut out, and a new one is inserted, so that, in fact, you are already playing a completely different project. That is why it is worth considering the passage of "Stalker: The True Path" - in fact this mod refers to those who add a lot, and most importantly - a new story campaign.

Passing the first 5 missions

passing stalker is the true way

In total, the game has 28 missions, some extremelysimple and performed fairly quickly, some can even be divided into several stages. In general, the passage of "Stalker: The True Path" is not prolonged and is incredibly exciting. So, you start at the training camp, and the first task for you is to find the Wolf and talk to him. He takes you under his command, and together with the Military Stalkers you go to protect the village from the invasion of the zombies. Your goal - to kill all the attackers and prevent their own death (which is quite logical) and the death of the Wolf. Then go to the checkpoint - there you will have a conversation with Voronov, which will be interrupted by the sudden attack of the Monolith. You need to fight off the assault, while, as in the previous case, do not let your partner die. After that, you need to go to the ATP to get a military suit there, and then move to the bridge - there is an hedgehog artifact that will complete your fifth mission. As you can see, the passage of "Stalker: The True Path" is not very complicated, but it is fascinating and eventful.

Missions 6-10

walkthrough stalker

Gradually the passage of "Stalker: True path "becomes more and more saturated.When you find the necessary equipment, go on a signal for help to save Stalker.Unfortunately, you do not have time, and you will only have to search his corpse to collect useful items. you need to go to an abandoned truck, which you again have to search - from there you can take anything, but most importantly - to take out a flash drive .You have to go to the specified coordinates to help the detachment of stalkers, to The goal is to save as many stalkers as possible, and most importantly, the stalker in the exoskeleton, if he dies, the mission fails, it is counted when the stalker stops shooting, then you need to go to a more important part of the story - search for secret documents of the monolith, there are two of them, so you will find them quickly enough, after which you can go to Shugan, Barmen's assistant, who needs to transfer the papers. If you have problems with finding documents, here's a clue: the first is behind the sofa on the third floor in the first part of the Agroprom, and the second - in the second part of the Agroprom on the second floor right on the floor. Passage of the game "Stalker: The True Path" will often throw you similar tasks to find items in both the story campaign and side missions.

Missions 11-15

games stalker the true way

Passage of game "Stalker: True way "positions monoliths as the main opponents - with mutants you will have to fight much less often, as with gangsters, mercenaries and other negative characters.You need to eliminate the Monolith mentor, then go to the Amber location.There you have to start a fairly long First, find out about Sakharov's special suit, as well as his location, which will only become available after the next two quests. zombies to protect the stalkers, and immediately after that there will be a quest that will be the beginning of your way to the costume.You need to go to the bunker and destroy the zombies that attacked him and then go to the swamp that is behind the bunker - there you will find dead ecologists who have a flash drive with information on a suit on the body.You need it, then - go back to Sakharov, get all the necessary information and go for a suit. From this moment the passage of the game "Stalker: The True Path" will become even more interesting.

Missions 16-20

stalker of fashion the true way

So, you have a suit that protects against attackselectricity. Now you can go through the anomalies to get to the traitor. As you can see, "Stalker" -mod "True Way" offers you a story that captures no less than the original story. After you eliminate this scoundrel, you need to go to the next village, but this time you will need to eliminate Byurer. Then you will have the opportunity to join the group "Debt" to move forward in the story. Kill Lukash, communicate with Petrenko and go in search of the artifact Crystal, which you need to carry Voronin - here you are in the "Debt". There is another version of the development of events: you can join Freedom by talking to Lukash, killing Petrenko and presenting the artifact not to Voronin, but to Lukash himself. After that, go back to Shugan and get ready for the final part of the adventure in the game "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl - The True Way".

Missions 21-25

stalker shadow of the Chernobyl true path

Go to Pripyat in order to findsecret weapon of the Monolith. After this, there will be two missions to hold the position - the first will have to be done by yourself, and the second you will be given a powerful machine gun. After that, you should find an RPG and use it to destroy the BTR monolith. Then you will need to go to the reconnaissance to find the corpses of the military.

Recent missions

Here comes the tragic moment - if youtook the side of "Debt", you will find Voronov's corpse, if you took the side of "Freedom" - the corpse of Lukas. A minute later you will be able to discover the most secret weapon you need to pick up and take to scientists. That's all - now you know how to go through "Stalker: The True Way".

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