Potato variety "skarb": description, characteristics, yield

Potatoes have been known to man for more than a hundred years. And today, an incredible number of its varieties. Among the dozens of varieties of this vegetable, a special place is occupied by the potato variety "belongings", characteristics and reviews of which make it extremely popular. He received a high rating due to not only excellent taste, but also his unpretentiousness. In this article we have prepared the most valuable information on the basis of reviews on the characteristics of potato varieties "ware". There will also be given tips on planting and growing this potato.

Potato "skarb": description of the variety

type of potato belongingsThe potato bush of this variety grows rather sprawling and erect, reaching an average height level. Open leaves do not curl and have an average size and dark green color. During the flowering period, the bush is covered with white small flowers.The size of tubers "scar" is rather large: the weight of one fruit reaches 130 grams. Potato form oval or rounded. The skin is thin, but durable, covered with a few eyes, located almost on the surface. The flesh of yellow color is weakly amenable to cooking (only with long-term heat treatment). The description of a variety of potatoes "skarb" characterizes it as a universal product. It produces fries, chips and simply fried potatoes with high taste.fillet

History of origin

Potato varieties "belongings" - the result of the work of Belarusian breeders. It was the specialists of the Research Institute for Horticulture of Belarus who managed to create a medium early variety. In 1997, this variety was entered in the Belarusian registry. And after five years, he added to the register of the Russian Federation. In general, the variety is rated as very successful and promising among the rest.

general characteristics

potato variety belongings feature reviewsPotatoes "skarb" - this is one of the most high-yielding varieties. Average harvested yield per hectare of land ranges from 250 to 420 centners.In the Vologda Oblast, the maximum yield of potatoes "belongings" was recorded once - more than five hundred centners per hectare. The total yield of the variety, according to the manufacturer, is not less than six hundred thirty centners. In general, the volume of potatoes with commercial quality exceeds 85 percent of the total yield. The total ripening period is approximately 60-70 days from the time of planting.

Advantages and disadvantages

feces potatoes characteristic

According to its characteristics, potato "skarb" is one of the first places among other varieties. More than a third of Belarusian gardeners are choosing him for a reason. Indeed, among the main advantages:

  • Resistance to the golden nematode.
  • Immunity wrinkled and banded mosaic.
  • Medium resistance to blackleg and wet rot.
  • Prolonged storage of fruits after harvesting occurs due to a long state of physiological rest, which is at least 110 days. The harvest retains all its qualities throughout the year with proper storage.
  • Stability and high yield.
  • Resistance of tubers to damage of the mechanical genus.
  • Unpretentiousness in choosing the soil for planting and cultivation.
  • Low starch content.
  • Excellent taste, weak cooking and preservation of shape during heat treatment.

Unfortunately, the potato variety "skarb" has its drawbacks. These include susceptibility to late blight, slow and uneven development of seedlings, sensitivity to excessive soil moisture and reduced yields after the third reproduction. But some of the negative aspects can be avoided by careful care of plantings.


seed potatoesIf you are determined to get a rich harvest of delicious potatoes "belongings", then you should note for yourself a few important points. So:

  • Particular attention should be paid to the selection of seed potatoes. "Skarb" does not tolerate damaged and weak tubers for planting. Select only the strongest and most healthy potatoes ready for germination.
  • Before planting the tubers in open ground, prepare them. To do this, germinate them to a height of sprouts of no more than four centimeters in a warm and bright place. Longer sprouts will be too fragile and will simply break when planted.
  • Potato varieties have their own peculiarity: even the largest tubers with germinated sprouts should not be cut.Be sure to preserve the integrity of the potato - so you protect the plant from suspending development.
  • Planting of tubers is carried out in a well-heated, slightly moist soil. The temperature should not be below ten degrees. The best time for landing is the middle of May.
  • The depth of landing is about eight centimeters. The distance between the future bushes is not less than forty centimeters, between the rows is about sixty.

Cultivation and care

potato tuber size of tubersTo obtain a good harvest should take a whole range of measures for the care of plantings. Like any other cultivar, “debris” requires a certain watering, hilling, feeding and protection from pests and diseases. And now about everything in order.

So, you have the first shoots. Be sure to rustle the soil around the bushes and remove even the smallest weeds. This will not only enrich the soil with oxygen, but also retain the necessary humidity and temperature. Hilling of tops, loosening between rows - the necessary measures for growing excellent yield, which are produced after the appearance of the first shoots and at the very beginning of flowering.

Watering the bushes is carried out no more than once a month.If the season was rainy, then it is likely that watering will be reduced to 2 times during the whole season. Together with watering can be carried out and plant nutrition. About five kilograms of nitrate and three kilograms of phosphate fertilizers are enough. The best organic fertilizer is an infusion of chicken manure. Make it necessary in the amount of one liter per bush.

Another secret of getting high yield is early harvesting of the tops. Two to three weeks before digging potatoes, completely mow the tops. This will allow the fruit to ripen quickly and acquire all the necessary taste qualities.

In order for the harvest to be stored as long as possible, carefully dry the potatoes and prepare a dark and cool place to store it. It is very important to ensure adequate ventilation of the room and the temperature should not exceed five degrees.

Fight against diseases and pests

crop of potatoesPotato varieties "belongings" can be considered quite a strong variety, as many say its resistance to many diseases. But there are those who will have to fight.

One of these is late blight. It mainly affects only the leaves and appears as brownish spots.Fungicides, copper sulfate and Bordeaux mixture will help to escape from it. It is very important to detect lesions in a timely manner and take steps to cure the plant. Otherwise, you can lose the entire crop. After all, late blight applies to all bushes in almost a couple of weeks. And to prevent the development of the disease, it is necessary to sprinkle the bushes with ashes immediately after planting.

Skarb, like any other potato variety, is damaged by the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm. To fight the Colorado potato beetle today, you can with the help of a whole mass of drugs. For example, this means "Prestige", "Taboo" and "Bowerin". The preparation gets divorced in a certain concentration and all bushes are sprayed with it. The wireworm eats mostly potato tubers. Therefore, the main prevention is a thorough digging of the soil, weeding and processing with lime preparations.

Grade Reviews

The quality characteristics of the potatoes "belongings" allow many gardeners to speak about it only positively. Experienced vegetable growers are especially appreciated for a long time without darkening the flesh of potatoes after peeling and cutting and with long heat treatment.Many consumers appreciate the pleasant aroma and taste, as well as the preservation of the shape of potatoes after cooking, baking or roasting.

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