Sports corner for the house. Sports complex for children

For development, the child needs to jump, run,climb, play, and many parents, to direct this flow of energy in the right direction, begin to wonder: maybe you need a sports corner for the house? The sports complex for children will help to instill in the child interest in motor activity, endurance, coordination, quick reaction, balance, etc.

Among children's complexes there is a huge choice. Their difference in installation, fastening, production, purpose, number of elements, etc. Usually the sports complex includes 2-3 exercise shells, a Swedish wall, a ring, a rope ladder, a horizontal bar, a mat and sometimes a rope.for home sports complex for children

You can use the sports complex withearly age. A half-year-old kid can use handrails in order to get up and sit down. As a child grows sports structures can and need to be complicated for further physical development, additional elements will be needed here.


First of all, it is necessary to determine the material,from which the sports corner for the house is made. The sports complex for children must necessarily be either wooden or metal, especially for the main pillars of the structure. Additional projectiles can be plastic.

- Wooden sports complex for childrenis considered less traumatic and more diverse in construction. In the production of a sports complex of this material, a tree of strong breeds is used: oak, linden, pine, beech, birch. The tourniquet, crossbeams and supports are covered with a protective varnish, which is safe and has no unpleasant odor. An important point is the diameter of the crossbeams of the Swedish wall. Usually a wooden sports complex is purchased for older children, since it is very difficult for babies to grasp the small arms of the crossbar. The maximum load weight for such complexes is from 60 to 70 kg.home sports complexes for children

- Metal sports complex, in comparisonwith a wooden, more reliable and durable. In addition, children's sports corners for the house, made of metal, can withstand loads from 100 to 120 kg, and even an adult can perform exercises on it. The advantage is the possibility of optimal adjustment of the racks between the ceiling and the floor, which is quite difficult for wooden structures. When choosing a complex of this material, you should inspect the thickness of the bars (optimally 1.2-1.5 mm). If they are too thin, the tubes can bend. Pay attention to the paint, which is painted complex. It must be safe for the child and have a special certificate.children's sports center

Mobile sports complexes

An excellent option for small athleteswill be a mobile sports complex. This is the most simple sports and playing area, designed for children from one year to four years. It does not require any special fasteners and can be easily installed on the floor.children's sports corners for the house

The big plus is that such homeSports complexes for children are easily rearranged, assembled and disassembled. These corners, as a rule, are equipped with stairs, slides, swings, rings, mats and ropes. Depending on the model, equipment and material from which the sports complex is manufactured, the price for mobile corners ranges from 6,000 to 16,000 rubles.

Stationary hinged sports complexes

The corner is intended for children of school age. It is installed vertically to the wall with the help of anchor bolts and takes up little space. The complex is equipped with a horizontal bar, rings, rope, rope ladder, etc. The hanging corners do not have a Swedish wall, but as the child grows up, the children's sports complex can be supplemented with shells. Due to the design of the brackets, the load on the corner is evenly distributed. Mount the hinged sports complex only on strong walls. Partitions made of gypsum board, etc. can not withstand the load of the horizontal bar. The cost of such complexes is small, from about 2 000 to 4 000 rubles.wooden sports complex for children

Wall sporting angles

Despite the similarity with hinged complexes,wall - more functional. This home sports corner is mostly distinguished by the presence of the Swedish wall. The installation is also done with anchor bolts. All mounting elements are hidden in the body of the tube and exclude the possibility of obtaining occasional scratches, abrasions and cuts. There are models of L-shaped, non-standard, with the ability to hang a swing or grid and a T-shape. The latter give the opportunity to use the Swedish wall on both sides. The wall sports seats withstand loads of up to 200 kg. The staircases of modern models are covered with a polymer, which not only does not allow the hands to slide on them, but also gives a massage effect to the feet. Pristennye home sports complexes for children have at their disposal such additional shells: ropes, swings, rings, tarzanki, slides, basketball basket, rope ladder - and the price for them varies from 3 000 to 5 000 rubles.

Sports structures with spacers

Do not need attachment to the walls and areThe most multi-functional of all types of home gyms. The installation is carried out on any vacant part of the apartment by means of spacer screws on the corners of the corner. They are firmly fixed, resting on the ceiling and floor. Therefore, the reliability of the walls does not matter, but suspended ceilings are contraindicated. Although, if the ceiling is made of plasterboard, then the installation of the sports corner is made using an additional gasket between the fasteners and the ceiling. The installation options are T-shaped and L-shaped, as well as non-standard equipment of three or four supports. The complex, thanks to the fastenings from the struts, is very reliable, withstands high loads and allows you to engage even adults. The cost of the simplest two-foot corner is from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles and, depending on the number of racks and additional equipment, increases.

Sports corner-transformer

Uses the basis of the Swedish wall. Sports corner-transformer has 2 positions. The first is an ordinary Swedish wall, on which additional projectiles can be attached, such as ropes, rings, rope ladder, etc. The second position is a foldable lower part that allows you to perform exercises on the handle and climb the rope net.

Combined sports angles

A perfect solution for small apartments. Such complexes include both sports components and furniture elements (cabinets, bed, desk, etc.). They belong to a rather expensive price category, but fully justify it by saving space and bring to the full delight of children.sports corner transformer


First of all, parents care about safetychild when choosing a sporting corner for a house. The sports complex for children should be installed in an area where there are no sharp corners, easily beating objects or coverings, at a sufficient distance from the doors and windows. The area under the sports elements must be covered with mats, taking into account the rocking of the hanging shells. All corners of the complex must be rounded, and the split bushings are made of metal, not plastic. For bolts, the kit should include soft plugs. Acquiring a sports complex, you need to carefully inspect the quality of its processing. The lack of protruding parts of the fastening system will help the child avoid injuries. Among a huge assortment, it's better to look at the most popular companies. Ask for feedback from other parents.

Sports items

The availability of space in the sports area directly depends on the elements that will enter the children's sports complex. Below are the most popular among buyers.

- Gymnastic rings are attached with the help of ropes. Used for gymnastic exercises and pull-ups on the hands.

- Rope-ladder. Performing exercises on this element, the child improves coordination of movements and develops the vestibular apparatus.

- Rope. The exercises on it strengthen the muscles of the hands and feet.

- The tourniquet is designed for pull-ups and strengthens the muscles of the upper limbs.home sports corner

That the child had an opportunity physically anddevelop mentally, get a sports corner for the house. The sports complex for children today can be quite safe, multifunctional, compact and interesting.

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