Spirits, types of perfume for women - it's more than just fragrances

On the shelves of perfume shops there are allnew and new spirits. Types of spirits vary in concentration, composition, country of origin. This division is very important, but it is more like the technical characteristics of the operating instructions.

Magic scents

Spirits, especially women's spirits, are realworks of art. It is no accident that many well-known brands, producing a new perfume, do not take off old and long-loved aromas. These are such as Shalimar from Gerlen, Joy by Jean Patou, Youth Dew by Este Lauder, Chanel No. 5 and others. Vials are developed individually for each flavor. Their design anticipates the impression of the inhalation of ambrosia contained in them. Before going to the store, look at the catalog where the perfumes are presented. The photo will give the first idea of ​​the smell and its direction.perfume types of spirits

Aroma is an invisible clothing. Perception of a person is formed not only when considering its appearance, or from the sound of its voice, but also from the smell emanating from it. Spirits have a magical effect on a person, and here there is something to think about.

Types of perfume

A few people can understand the spirits. Nothing surprising, because their creation is a whole science. Where do you start by choosing perfume? Types of spirits are divided into day, evening and everyday. Since they consist of an aromatic composition of extracts and oils, water and alcohol, depending on the concentration, their purpose also changes. The gradation is rather conditional and changeable. However, there are also stable indicators. For example, toilet water has the lowest saturation, its aroma is kept on the skin for up to an hour and a half. It suits young girls and is quite versatile. Perfume water is more stable - up to about three hours, it can be selected for different situations of any age category. The most persistent option is, of course, perfume. They are not recommended to use every day. It's flavors for special occasions. Good perfumes deserve to spend money on it. The highest pedestal is perfume. The prices for them are set depending on the concentration and composition. The most expensive are made from natural raw materials.

perfume for women

Three waves

Expensive perfume has a hard-built wavearomas. The first is felt when the bottle is opened. These are the most volatile essential oils - rosemary, coriander, tarragon, thyme, rosewood, citrus. They seem to be preparing for the perception of the main wave, the "heart note", which, in fact, is individual and determining for each perfume. The third wave is the fixators of firmness. They can be plant (sandalwood, oak moss, sage, vetiver) or animal (amber, beaver sprout, musk, nibet) origin. Their synthetic analogues are also used.

Flower series

Smells come in several directions. Traditional "floral" series contain the smell of rose oil, jasmine, peony, lilac, violet, apple blossom. Men think that such smells most adorn women, for example, "J`Adore L`Absolu" ("I love without conditions") from Dior, smelling of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang or "Idylle" ("Idyll") from Guerlain.

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Spicy series

A series of spirits of spicy, oriental character with brighta distinct smell of carnation and pepper is suitable for business women, for example, "Oeillet Bengale" (Bengal Carnation) from Aedes de Venustast. And on a date with your loved one you can go, wrapped yourself in a veil of cinnamon and vanilla scents "Amouage" ("Waves of emotion") or "Ange ou Demon" ("Angel and demon") from Jiwanshi.

Chypre series

Chypre spirits contain notes of needles, woody bark, moss in combination with flavors of flowers, citrus, skin - these are, for example, "Agent Provocateur", "J" Aime "(" I love ") from La Pearl.

Ambreous series

Ambrovye perfumes are great for a coldtime of year and for special occasions. They absolutely do not go to young people. Gray, wax-like substance formed in the digestive tract of whales, very much appreciate the perfumers for its ability to maintain and enhance the volatile constituents of perfume compositions. "Magie Noire" ("Black Magic") from Lankom, "Salvador Dali" - the famous representatives of this group.series of perfume

Wood series

Wood is usually a man's perfume. Types of perfume of a universal type, that is, unisex, often belong to this series. In particular, the wood spirits "Un Jardin Sur Le Nil" ("Garden on the banks of the Nile") from Hermes. They fell in love with both men and women. The sharp smells of vetiver, juniper, sandalwood, patchouli are especially suitable for energetic, daring and unpredictable personalities.

Marine series

Marine, oceanic, water perfume. Female representatives of this series are also not very numerous. Issey Miyake, Versace, Kenzo created unique flavors that evoke a feeling of freshness of the sea breeze or coolness of the mountain waterfall. In them you do not seem scented, on the contrary, from you it breathes cleanliness and coolness. This is emphasized by the way the perfume is designed. Photographs of the bottles show a simple and laconic design. But this is only an appearance. This series has a great future, and, despite her youth, she has already formed a whole army of fans.perfume prices

On the dressing table of a woman who respects herself, there are always different spirits. Kinds of spirits are at her discretion, but there are necessarily fragrances for solemn occasions and for each day.

Perfume is usually applied to places where the skin is the thinnest - on the folds of elbows, wrists, near the collarbones, behind the ears, and also on the hair and over the upper lip.

The purchase of perfume should be particularlycarefully, because expensive perfume is often forged. One changed letter in the title may not be noticed by you, and the seller does not admit to cheating. The effect of such spirits is grieving. The smell does not turn beautifully from time to time, but, on the contrary, can cause nausea and headache. It will be extremely unpleasant to transform. The veil, which he envelops, can play with you a cruel joke.

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Spirits, types of perfume for women - its more than just fragrances Spirits, types of perfume for women - its more than just fragrances Spirits, types of perfume for women - its more than just fragrances Spirits, types of perfume for women - its more than just fragrances Spirits, types of perfume for women - its more than just fragrances