Soltsy (Novgorod region) - acquaintance with the city

Soltsy (Novgorod region) - smallHistorical town, located 80 km from the regional municipal center of the district, spreading its expanses on the bank of the Shelon River. The settlement is located at the intersection of the motorways: Novgorod-Porkhov-Pskov with the Volot highway. It also operates a railway service in the Vitebsk direction (St. Petersburg - Kiev, Chisinau, Pskov).

The population of the city is more than 10 thousand people. Most of the residents are quite friendly and hospitable to the numerous stream of visitors coming to see Soltsy (Novgorod region). The map will help to find this settlement, which is a fairly visited city of the area.

As for economic development,the city is well-developed manufacture of magnetic wires, gloves and mittens. There is a bakery and two food factories. The city produces brick clay, peat and limestone.solitcy Novgorod region

Historical background (beginning)

The first mention of the town of Soltsy (Novgorodregion) dates from the late 14th century. Since ancient times the settlement, and then the merchant's posad, was the main stop on the trade route from Novgorod to the Pskov region. In 1471 going on the right side of the river. Shelon troops of the ruler Ivan III crossed the riverbed and completely destroyed the troops of the Novgorodians. This battle was called Shelonsky and contributed to the history of this area a decisive factor in its accession to the Moscow Unified State.

At the end of 1579, by decree of Tsar Ivan the Terriblethe city of Soltsy (Novgorod region) was organized in the Wheeled Suburb. Kolesniki, exempt from taxes, were obliged to make gun carriages and wheels. Thus, for about 200 years the great army of Russia was supplied with wheels.

Over time, the managementthe position of the village, which passed into the village, and then to the village. In 1914, Soltsi was declared the city by the supreme council of ministers. In 1915, one of the merchant families (Bogovskoye) opened a sanatorium in its "mansions" for wounded officers, after which the city received the status of a resort. In the late 20-ies in its territory were already 3 sources of mineral water. At the same time, the mud and balneological resort begins functioning.The city of Soltsy Novgorod region

Development of the city: from 1927 to today

In 1927, the city was transformed into the center of the Solets district of the Leningrad region. But after the administrative division, he immediately submitted to the Lenoblispolkom.

During the Great Patriotic War,The majority of buildings and structures in Soltsy were destroyed by the fascist occupation. But after its end, the city was practically rebuilt, while restoring a large number of monuments of architecture and urban development. That's why Soltsy is considered a historical settlement.solitcy Novgorod region map

Soltsy landmarks (Novgorodskaya oblast)

Outstanding and unique chic to the city giveancient buildings of central areas: merchant houses, Pokrovskaya wooden church, Ilyinsky Cathedral of the 1920s. In the suburbs is the 840th Bomber Aviation Regiment, which became part of the 37th Strategic Air Army. In the former dwelling of the merchant Krasikov there is an interesting and unusual city museum, where you can admire the various works of local masters of painting and decorative art. The diverse buildings of the ancient manor house and the picturesque green park will amaze with its beauty and grandeur. Here it is offered to all wishing to visit the family estate of the Vasilkovs in the village of Vybuty, which is located 10 km from the considered settlement. That is why the city of Soltsy (Novgorod region) is so popular with tourists. Numerous cultural institutions make it a very curious area for visitors. Here you can visit the famous house of culture, the city leisure center, where there is a circle of weaving, an association of spiritual hymns, a drawing studio. It is also worth visiting the district library, which is active in reviving folk customs and maintaining crafts. The Novgorod branch of the regional philharmonic society works in the salt the Novgorod region


From modern buildings can be identified: plant "Ellipse", linen factory, district communication center, hospital, music school, several construction bases, lecture halls, kindergartens and modern buildings for residents.

In the city of Soltsy (Novgorod region) there ishotel, public and river transport, which helps any visitor to feel comfortable, without feeling any inconvenience when viewing local attractions.

The result

It is worth to visit this city. It is quite interesting and promising. Those travelers who did not ignore the settlement, never regretted that they looked here. The heat, a little rain, a rainbow - typical weather for this region. Soltsy (Novgorod region) is quite an interesting and prosperous city.

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