Skin What are skins?

How much importance do we attach to visual design? Fascinating graphic effects, computer graphics attract much more than the content of a project or document. Unprecedented scope visualization has reached in modern computer games.GO skinBeautiful textures have become not just an in-game interior, but a subject of individuality and even a symbol of success. Such a texture, bringing a touch of originality, is called a skin. What is it, we will try to find out.

Skins in the digital world

In general, in information technology and computer technology, the word "skin" means a data packet, the main purpose of which is to set up a graphical interface and visual design of a program. They serve mainly to change the color, widgets (buttons, lists, icons), geometric shapes, sounds, background images and other components of computer graphics.

Find out exactly the meaning of the word "skin", what is special it means by itself, you can only determine with which program this element of the decor is used.Thus, in Internet browsers, under the meaning of the word “skin”, a small addition is often hidden, making minor changes to the visual design of the program.

Do not confuse the terms "theme" and "skin" if they are used together. So, the theme is used for the global transformation of a graphical interface or a set of individual elements of a program. Skin in this case plays the role of a small modifier.

Skins in the global Internet

For the rapid transformation of the appearance of the Internet portal, increasing its uniqueness, the same skin is often used. What is he like in this case? At this time, the proposed term implies a bunch of files that control the visual design of the information contained on the page.

Having implemented a similar element in the source code of your page, the developer will be able with one click to change the “appearance” of the site - the font type and text color, layout, frames and other elements. However, it should be remembered that the more elements a modifier transforms, the more it will “weigh”, thereby increasing the load on the Internet portal.

If you go further, then all visitors can be given the opportunity to change the skin. What is special they will get from this? A change at the whim of the page design will make the information more pleasant for perception, will allow to keep and expand the audience, which will make the site even more popular.

Skins in computer games

Skins in computer games, as already mentioned, are not just a transformed graphic component, but something more. On online sites, similar modifiers players buy for real currency. And their cost can reach several thousand rubles.skins ks

The most "unhealthy" can be considered a stir on the skins of the COP - a new unique type of machine or a new knife texture costs at least five thousand rubles. For their sale, enterprising gamers create special stores in the network. In addition, skins from CS can be "from the factory", "after the field tests" and "worn".

New clothes for the hero of Minecraft

In the popular computer game Minecraft, the situation with skins is completely different. Here, this term refers to the appearance of the character, his gender and face.Here, unlike any other game, the skins are absolutely free. In addition, you can create new skins yourself. "Minecraft" allows anyone to do this, you just need a desire.Skins by nicknamesIn Minecraft, similar "appearance modifiers" are most often set for playing in multiplayer mode. So, if you dress your hero in a particular costume, your friends will always be able to know you in a crowd of other players. In addition, you emphasize your individuality.

Types of skins for Minecraft

Minecraft SkinsThe standard “clothing” for the character has a resolution of 64x32 pixels, which is extremely small to give the hero a really beautiful and individual appearance (the drawn image will be “ribbed” due to the small number of points). For the realization of the most unusual visual ideas enthusiasts have developed skins in high resolution, the so-called Hd-skins. They have a resolution of 1024x512 pixels. This is enough for a clear display of all lines, shades of colors and graphic effects. It can be great to diversify the game such skins. Minecraft also allows you to use skins by nickname. Their exclusive feature is the installation method.All you need to do to give your hero a unique look is to copy the nickname assigned to “clothes” on the developer’s website, and paste it into the “Login” field of the game.

I must say that skins by nicknames have one major drawback - you will not be able to independently invent a name for your hero. Here either you choose a beautiful look, or a unique name - there is no third one.

Installing skins

Methods for installing skins depends on your preferred game. So, the GO skin should not be installed. All you need to do is buy it or win it, get it as a gift and select it in the appropriate menu before the next what isWith the game "Minecraft" like to turn it will not work. If you are the owner of the licensed version, then the sequence of your actions should be as follows:

  1. Download the vending skin.
  2. Authorize on the official site of the game
  3. In your account, install new "clothes".

After that, your hero will look in a new way on all servers of the multi-user mode. You already know how to install skins by nicknames.

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