Sitting bath

Currently, traditional baths have lostits relevance. They are replaced by shower cabins, sedentary baths. The main thing that captivates in their design is compactness. After all, often lie in the bathroom, and even with foam, not always enough time, and many and health does not allow. And the saved extra square meters will allow to install still some useful thing, for example, a laundry basket or a washing machine.

Over the past decade, manyI liked the sitting bath, the main advantage of which is its size. In comparison with a shower booth, it has a low cost, and it attracts even more. The models of such baths are very diverse, and some of them occupy less space than showers. A modern sitting bath with a door creates a great convenience for the elderly and disabled. These categories of the population have appreciated all the advantages of such a bath. Particular comfort was felt by people with disabilities with musculoskeletal disorders, because without the help of strangers in the usual bath they could not climb. There is, however, a minor disadvantage: in order to get out of it, you have to wait until the water has gone completely into the drain, and then you already open the door.

Sitting bath, with all the pros and cons, has andtheir shortcomings. Shower, for example, in a bath is not very convenient, compared with the shower. Well, water procedures, of course, it is more pleasant to enjoy lying down than sitting.

It should be taken into account that because of the small area of ​​the bath, the spray will fall on the floor and on a nearby environment, so when installing it you need to take care of a good curtain or special door.

Just like an ordinary one, a sedentary bath canbe cast iron, steel, plastic, acrylic. Each of these materials has its advantages, so that the buyer has a large selection of the most suitable option for himself.

For those who value simplicity, reliability and convenience, an excellent choice will be a cast-iron bath.

The only room undergoingperiodic change of humidity and temperature, is the bathroom. Therefore, the quality of materials used for its equipment must be highly durable. A convenient place where you can truly relax and pay attention to pleasant procedures for your body is a sedentary cast-iron bath.

Compared with their acrylic and steelcompetitors, the cast iron bath has a number of advantages. First of all, it has enough weight, which allows it to maintain its most stable position. Installed tightly to the wall, steel or acrylic baths for water or bathing create a constant vibration, which can eventually lead to a drop in the tiles. Cast iron bath, due to its stability, does not create any problems.

Another advantage is its polymeric coating, the high strength of which ensures the durability of the product. This bath with good care can last up to fifty years.

The bath is cast-iron, in comparison with acrylic orsteel, has very good noise insulation. When water is poured, it does not make a lot of noise, unlike baths made from other materials. A very important advantage of a cast iron bath is the preservation of heat for a long time. Water here keeps high temperature for a long time, while steel or acrylic baths need constant pouring of hot water.

Due to the high quality of the enamel used to cover the cast-iron bath, it is very convenient and easy to care for.

Many people are trying to get a cast iron product. Bath seat, made of cast iron, has acquired an even longer life as a result of the use of more advanced technologies in its production.

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