"Sinekod" (drops for children): instructions, price

How I want the children not to get sick, or at least it happens as little as possible! Sometimes it is very difficult to do without complications in the treatment of colds or infectious diseases. In particular, if a child has an intense cough that is not accompanied by sputum separation, then there is no antitussive syrups, tablets and other forms of drugs used to treat the respiratory system.Sinekod instruction drops for childrenA common drug in this group is the drug Sinekod (drops). Consider the main advantages, the average cost and instructions for use of this tool.

The composition of the drug

Being a preparation of an antitussive action from the group of bronchodilators, the drug Sinekod (drops) contains in its composition the active substance butamiraty dihydrogen cylate in an amount of 10 mg per 2 ml of solution. After ingestion, this substance is rapidly and completely absorbed and reaches a maximum plasma concentration after about 2 hours.Among the auxiliary components of the drug can be listed:

  • sorbitol solution;
  • glycerol;
  • benzoic acid;
  • sodium saccharin;
  • ethanol;
  • purified water;
  • vanillin.

Release form

The drug "Sinekod" (drops for children for oral administration) is available in bottles of tinted glass of 20 ml. This is a clear solution with no color or with a slightly yellowish tinge. There is a smell of vanilla.

Bluecode drops

pharmachologic effect

The medicine "Sinekod" (drops) describes the instruction in sufficient detail: the drug has a bronchodilating effect, making it easier to breathe during the cough reflex. By acting on the cough center, the drug reduces its effect. After taking the drug, the spirometric parameters of respiration are improved. It is also important that the drug "Sinekod" has some anti-inflammatory properties. It is also suitable for the treatment of dry cough.

Since butamirath has the ability to suppress cough, it is necessary to exclude the simultaneous use of the expectorant drug with the drug "Sinekod". If you do not follow this rule, there is a risk of spasm of the bronchi and infection of the respiratory tract, as a result, accumulation of sputum in them.

Indications for use

There are some diseases and conditions in which they prescribe the drug "Sinekod" (drops). Instructionon application indicates that the use of medication is necessary for such diseases of the respiratory system as:

- whooping cough;
- laryngitis;
- tracheitis;
- other infectious diseases, the symptoms of which is a dry cough.

Sinekod drops for children

In addition, to suppress the cough reflex, the drug Sinekod is often prescribed before the bronchial endoscopy procedure (bronchoscopy), as well as before and after surgery.


The drug "Sinekod" should be taken orally before meals. The dosage regimen of the drug depends on the age of the patient:

  • children from two months to one year - 10 drops 3 times a day;
  • from one to three years - 15 drops 3 times a day;
  • from three years and older - 25 drops 3 times a day.

    Sinekod dosage

Before taking the Sinekod product (drops), the instruction is obligatory for familiarization. If your child is not yet 2 years old, be sure to consult with a specialist about the need to use the medicine.

Drug "Sinekod" children

Dry cough is often the result of allergic manifestations and swelling of the respiratory tract, which is very dangerous, especially in the case of small children.You must first determine the nature of the disease: bacterial viral, obstructive, or caused by mechanical irritation when foreign objects enter the respiratory system. Do not rush to immediately give the child medication just because he coughed up after drinking or liquid in the respiratory tract.

Use of the drug "Sinekod" for children is possible only after the appointment of the treating pediatrician, it is not necessary to self-medicate. The physician must take into account the characteristics of the small patient, his reactions to medications, as well as the degree of damage to the bronchopulmonary system. Only after an accurate diagnosis is prescribed, the drug Sinekod is prescribed. The dosage of the drug may vary depending on the state and general well-being of the baby. The specialist determines which dosage form of Sinekod is more appropriate for this case (syrup, drops or pills), and how many times a day to take the medicine.

The use of drops and syrup is justified with a long, prolonged cough with a bacterial and viral nature of the disease, according to instructions attached to the drug "Sinekod".Drops for infants can be diluted with warm boiled water. Do not leave a small child for a long time alone without supervision, because breathing becomes difficult when sputum is discharged. After the baby has taken the medicine, it should be placed on its side or raised on its arms in an upright position. For a better separation of the accumulated mucus, tilt the baby forward, tapping him on the back or making massage movements.

Contraindications and side effects

Of all the forms of the drug "Sinekod" -drops children give the most logical, they are the safest and do not cause side effects. However, there are a number of contraindications that need to be read:

  • increased individual sensitivity to the composition of the drug;
  • pulmonary hemorrhage;
  • children up to two months.

    Sinekod drops instruction

The drug can not be taken in women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

According to the instructions attached to the drug Sinekod, drops for children can cause side effects in the form of:

  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • sleepiness;
  • various allergic reactions.

If one or more symptoms appear, stop the treatment with the drug and seek help from a specialist.To stop the symptoms of allergies, you can take antihistamines, such as "Diazolin", "Suprastin", "Fenistil".

Use during pregnancy

Unambiguous clinical studies on this topic have not been conducted, so the drug "Sinekod" during pregnancy is not prescribed only in the first trimester. In the second and third trimesters, the use of medication is possible, but taking into account the beneficial effects on the mother's body and the potential threat to the child.

Sinekod during pregnancy

Doctors advise taking the drug "Sinekod" during pregnancy in case of such inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract as bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis and other conditions accompanied by a debilitating dry cough.

Analogues of the drug "Sinekod"

In those cases when after the use of the drug side effects occur or if there is an individual intolerance of its components, it is possible to choose analogues of the drug "Sinekod", which are the medicines:

  • "Ascoril"
  • "Stoptussin"
  • "Erespal"
  • "Flyuditek"
  • Omnitus

All these medications have properties similar to the drug and pharmacological action.The cost of analogs is about the same, the only exception is the Erespal tool, the price of which is much higher than the others. Unfortunately, there are no Russian-made analogues in pharmacies yet.

Cost of the drug

The product has three different dosage forms, in this case, the drug "Sinekod" (drops for children) is being considered. The average price for them in Russia ranges from 150 to 280 rubles per pack.

Sinekod drops for children price

Drug reviews

It is impossible to say unequivocally that all the reviews about the means of a positive nature, or vice versa - are negative. Opinions are divided here: some advise the Sinekod (drops) remedy and praise it, others confirm the absolute lack of effect, while others report a negative effect of the medicine.

It was reported on improving the well-being of patients after several applications in obstructive, allergic forms of the disease. In this case, the drug "Sinekod" suppresses paroxysmal cough reflex. But when a long-term cough is caused by a cold with a viral or bacterial origin, treatment should be based on anti-inflammatory drugs.

General tips

Diseases of the respiratory system, in particular the bronchi and lungs, are most common in children of very different ages. The causes may be of a different nature, but most often it is a cold disease with a bacterial and viral etiology. In some cases, the disease is very difficult to treat, even with the use of antibiotics and general therapy.

To eliminate complications and serious consequences of diseases, pediatricians recommend taking measures to prevent them: frequent walks in the fresh air, hardening, taking immunostimulants, etc.

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