Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk is the capital of Karelia. The city is located on the shore of the picturesque Onega Lake, which stretches along the coast for a whole 22 km. This town has a rich history and amazing architecture. Attractions of Petrozavodsk attract hundreds of tourists here annually.attractions of Petrozavodsk

Historical essay

Until the end of the XVI century on the site where thecity, there was a small settlement of Onegaborg. Petrozavodsk was founded in 1703. By order of Peter I, a cannon-foundry ironworks was built here, named after Petrovsky in honor of the emperor. It produced ship rigging, shells, cannons, and cold and firearms. Later, around the enterprise, a settlement called Petrovskaya Sloboda was established.

When the Northern War was over, the plant was closed. However, already during the war with the Ottoman Empire in the region was built Alexander cannon plant. This enterprise was considered one of the best defense plants in the country. In 1777 the settlement was called Petrozavodsk, and already in 1784 it was proclaimed a provincial town.Attractions of Petrozavodsk and its surroundings

At the beginning of the XIX century between Petrozavodsk andSt. Petersburg established steamship service. In the XX century. From the city they carried the railway north to Murmansk. During the Patriotic War, Petrozavodsk suffered greatly as a result of the occupation by the Finns. On the territory of the settlement, 7 concentration camps were organized, where a large number of civilians were imprisoned and shot. In 2007, the city was given the official name of Petrozavodsk city district.

The main sights of Petrozavodsk

The city is adorned with the ancient Lenin square (XVIII).century). Before the revolution, it was called the Round, and then - the area on October 25. It received its current name only in 1960. The ensemble is made in the style of early classicism and is considered the only surviving architectural monument of the XVIII century in the city. In honor of the celebration of the centenary of the Alexandrovsky plant on the square, they decided to erect a monument to Peter I. Later the monument was moved to the city embankment, and in its old place from 1933 a granite monument to Lenin flaunts.

What to see in Petrozavodsk on Round Square yet? Near it are various administrative buildings: the residence of the governor, former attendance places and two outbuildings.Petrozavodsk sightseeings

The Karelian Museum

In one of the buildings on the square there is the KarelianThe museum of local lore, which was founded in the distant 1871. His expositions tell about the history and nature of the region, as well as about the culture of the multiethnic people of Karelia - Karelians, Russians and Vepps. Here you can see unique archaeological finds: rock petroglyphs that give an idea of ​​the spiritual culture of primitive people, as well as various objects on the fauna and flora of this region. The interior of one of the ceremonial halls of the governor's house of the middle of the XIX century is presented in the museum.

The greatest interest in the museum is represented byarchaeological and geological collections, as well as an exposition of products from Karelian birch, printed and manuscript books of the 16th-19th centuries, folk costumes and headdresses of the 10th-20th centuries. The institution also stores old spinning wheels from Zaonezhie, Pudozhye, Pomorie, young and middle Karelia. There are also military products and art castings of the Alexander Plant, photographs of the XIX-XX centuries, portraits of merchants and governors of Olonets province, household furnishings, shoes and clothes of prisoners of Finnish concentration camps, a collection of weapons, various folklore elements, etc.

The Governor's Park

Not far from Lenin Square you can see othersights of Petrozavodsk. The Governor's Park is very popular. Near its entrance there is a collection of items that are associated with the mining business in Karelia, and the products that were produced at the Alexandrovsky plant. In the central part of the park stands a monument to Gavrila Derzhavin. It should be noted that this famous poet was the first Olonets governor. The height of the sculpture is 4.5 meters, and the last is mounted on a pedestal made of granite.

Kirov Square

Kirov Square is another amazingan architectural monument that adorns Petrozavodsk. The sights of the city directly indicate the difficult history of this region. Before the revolution, this area was called Cathedral, because it was surrounded by several cathedrals. Later all of them were destroyed by the Soviet authorities, and on the square itself was erected a monument to Kirov, in connection with which it received its modern name.museums of Petrozavodsk

Art Museum

In the northern part of the square there are buildingsthe former men's and women's gymnasium, nearby - the House of the City Administration. In the building of the male gymnasium at the moment is the Republican Museum of Fine Arts. This institution was opened in 1960 with the aim of preserving the artistic heritage of Karelia. The collection consists of exhibits of the local history museum, as well as various donated works of art from the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the State Hermitage. To date, there are exhibits of folk art, many works of Karelian masters, samples of Western European art, ancient Russian painting, collections of icon paintings and works of Russian masters of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

The Kizhi Museum

In the southern part of the square is a two-story building,where the mining school was located. Today it is occupied by the exhibition hall of the museum "Kizhi". By the way, its branches, which are called visit-centers, are literally strewn all over Petrozavodsk (photo-sights are presented below).Petrozavodsk photo sightseeing places

Between the visiting centers the mainexcursion routes of the city. Every day the exposition areas of the museum-reserve on the island of Kizhi, which is located on Lake Onega, is visited by many tourists. According to legend, all the buildings built here were made with an ax, without using any other tools. The Kirov square also houses the House of Culture and the National Theater.

Old Quarter

Studying unique sightsPetrozavodsk, it is worth a look in the old quarter. Walk the streets of Kuibyshev, Malaya Slobodskaya, Neglinka and Fedosova. Here are preserved the first buildings erected during the construction of the city (XIX century). True, in its original form to this day only the house of Lazorev, the house of Kuchersky, the building of the provincial hospital with a chapel and a blacksmith shop have been preserved.

Religious monumentswhere to go in Petrozavodsk

In the Zarechny district of the city there is a templeAlexander Nevsky. This building was erected in 1832 near the Alexander Plant. During the years of Soviet rule, it did not function and was only opened in 1993. At the same time, large-scale works began to restore the appearance of the church, and in 2002 it was again consecrated. The building is made in the spirit of late classicism. Near the temple there is a belfry with 8 bells.

Where to go to Petrozavodsk to see religious relics? In addition to the Alexander Cathedral in the capital of Karelia, the Cathedral of the Cross Exaltation of 1852 and the Catherine Church of 1878 were preserved.

Onega Embankment

Local residents and tourists are very fond ofwalk on the Onega embankment. It consists of two lines. The first one was built in 1994. Along it are installed various original sculptures, which the city was presented with foreign sister cities. For example, the Germans presented the sculptural composition "Tubinskoye Panorama", the Americans - the steel construction "Fishermen", the Finns - the sculpture "The Wave of Love", and the Swedes - the composition "Tree of Desires". In a small square on the embankment stands a monument to Peter I. The second line runs along the quarter of the historical buildings of the city.

what to see in Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk: sights in winter

Fans of outdoor activities are invited to visita sports and entertainment center "Gorka", where a large ski center is located. There are two ski runs that have a length of 200 and 250 meters. Mini-resort is equipped with lifts, lighting, snowboarding tracks and a skating rink. Center "Gorka" is open from December to March. Those who prefer water sports, can visit the sports center "Aquatic", where a wide range of water activities is expected.Petrozavodsk sightseeing in winter

The sights of Petrozavodsk and its surroundings impress the imagination with their diversity. Visit this amazing region - and once and for all you will fall in love with the amazing and hospitable Karelia.

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Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk Sights of Petrozavodsk. To tourists on a note: what to see in Petrozavodsk