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Omsk is one of the major cities of the Russian Federation. It is the largest industrial center located in the southern part of the West Siberian Plain. This is where Om merge. It is the capital of the Siberian Cossack troops. The founder of the city was Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Dmitrievich Buchholz. In 1714, by order of Peter the Great I. D. Buchholz went on an expedition to Siberia. The purpose of the expedition was the extraction of gold and the foundation of the fortress. The lieutenant colonel did not find gold, but he laid the foundation of the first construction. In honor of Ivan Dmitrievich and named the central square of Omsk.

sights of Omsk

90% of the population (about 1,200,000 people) are Russians, 3.5% are Kazakhs, 2% are Ukrainians, 1.9% are Germans and 1.3% are Tatars. Many tourists are attracted by the sights of Omsk, of which there are about 130.The styles of architectural buildings are diverse, even baroque is represented.

Here are described the most popular attractions of the city with their brief history. The rating is based on feedback from tourists and visitors to the city.

About Omsk fortress

Omsk fortress

One of the famous landmarks of the city is the Omsk fortress. In 1716 the first building was built. As mentioned above, the foundation of the fortress was laid by Lt. Col. I. Buchholz. But in 1768 it was necessary to build a new one, 6 times more than the original. It is located on the right bank of the river Om, in the place where Om and Irtysh merge. This fortress was a military operations center and the residence of the chief commander of the Siberian forces. The founder of the new Omsk fortress was the German I. I. Springer. Perhaps for this reason Omsk fortress- A favorite place for Russian Germans.

Since 2010, reconstruction work began on this landmark of the city. The work is expected to be completed by the 300th anniversary of Omsk, in 2016.

About the Tara Gate

An integral part of the legendary Omsk fortress is the Tara Gate, which is considered a symbol of the city as well as the Kremlin for Moscow.

Unfortunately, as far back as 1959, by mistake of higher Omsk officials, the Tarsk gates were destroyed. In 1991 they were restored on the former basis. Although if they were not destroyed, but simply underwent a restoration process, the value of this attraction would be much higher.

The walking alley, which originates from the Tara gates and stretches to the monument to FM Dostoevsky, is very popular and loved by the townspeople and tourists.

About the famous park called Bird Harbor

By the anniversary of the city is also being landscaped unique natural park Bird Harbor.The park lays new alleys: rowan and coniferous, which was called the Family. By the 70th anniversary of the Victory, it is planned to plant the Alley of Veterans, and directly by the anniversary - the Youth. The green part of the city promises to be a favorite place for guests of Omsk thanks to these avenues.

The bird’s harbor is home to about 155 species of birds, among them there are many that are listed in the Red Book. 1/3 species nest and hatch nestlings here. The park is inhabited by moor frogs and fast lizards, as well as about 20 species of mammals.

About the Park of Culture and Rest named after the 30th anniversary of Victory

Victory ParkThe next attraction of the city of Omsk is the Park of Culture and Rest named after the 30th anniversary of the Victory, which covers an area of ​​214 hectares. Originally it was called the Kirov garden. Victory Parkhas the shape of a triangle. Thanks to several highways, access to the park from various points of the city is facilitated.

The compositional center of the Victory Memorial is a sculpture of the Soldier of the winner, 14 meters high. There is also a 9-meter sculpture of a Siberian with her son. The connecting rod of Victory Park is the 230-meter “Road of War” from paving stones. On the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory, a memorial dedicated to the Omsk soldiers was opened. Tourists and guests are most impressed by the patriotic spirit of the Russian people, which is filled with the atmosphere of the park.

About musical theater

Omsk is considered the theater capital of Siberia. There are frequent theater festivals and tours of famous troupes from all over Russia. Omsk State Musical Theater received its status in 1981. The exterior of the building is an image of a sail, with an audience of 1200 people. Here are put opera and ballet, musicals and operettas. During this time, more than 70 premiere performances of various genres took place.A large ballet troupe, orchestra, choir, and a group of solo vocalists were created.

The Musical Theater is the founder of the All-Russian Competition of Operetta and Musical Artists, as well as the founder of the International Competition of Opera Singers. Artists of the musical theater go on tour both to the countries of near and far abroad.

Fire Tower

About the fire tower

One of the symbols of the city is also the Fire Tower, built in 1915. The architect of the project is I. G. Khvorinov. Kalancha lined with red brick, in place of the former, wooden. Its height reaches 32 m. This building was to become the highest structure of the city, so that from its height smoke could be seen from a fire in every corner of the city. Exterior decoration patterns are made in the Russian style of the 17th century.

The building served only 25 years. They wanted to demolish it, but it holds to this day, even declared a monument of architecture and continues to amaze visitors of the city with its grace. In 2002, a fireman dummy was installed on the observation deck of the Fire Tower, dressed in a modern uniform.

Eclectic Mansion

Sights of Omsk are not limited to parks and theaters.For example, on the bank of the Irtysh River there is a mansion from the beginning of the last century, in eclectic style. It was built by a certain merchant K. A. Batiushkin, after whom the House of Batiushkin is called so. In 1918, the Supreme Ruler of Russia Admiral A. V. Kolchak settled here. During this one year of the admiral’s stay in Omsk, the city was called the capital of white Russia. But literally a year later, an attempt was made on AV Kolchak, and the house was noticeably damaged as a result of the explosion.

The House of Batyushkin did not serve as anything after the Bolsheviks came to Omsk: the Siberian Administration of educational institutions, the children's home, the tuberculosis sanatorium, and the workshop. And now there is a registry office, ceremonial hall, wedding salon and shop.

Another architectural monument of the last century is the House with dragons. Its singularity lies in the fact that the usual Russian carved skates were replaced by the master of the house, a carpenter, in the overseas dragons. The house is located on Michurin Street. These dragons resemble the Russian fairytale character Snake-Gorynych.

City of Sculptures: "Luba"

Omsk is rich in parks and architectural masterpieces not only.Sights that characterize the city, can be found in the form of sculptures.

In 1999, to the day of the celebration of the Day of the city of Omsk, a monument was opened on Lubinsky Prospect dedicated to the wife of the governor of Omsk Gustav von Gasford - Lyubov Feodorovna.

sculpture of love

Lyuba, the second wife of the governor, was 30 years younger. Upon arrival in Omsk, a young woman fell ill with tuberculosis (consumption) and died within a year. It is said that Lyuba was withering before her eyes, and every day she was getting worse and worse. She could not take long walks and therefore the only thing that her health allowed was to sit on a bench.

It was the image of a sit woman on a carved bench with a book in her hands that sculptor S. Noryshev and architect I. Vakhinov embodied in another symbol of Omsk.

The sculpture "Luba" is a true work of art and one of the favorite sights of the inhabitants of Omsk. Tourists have a special love for Lyubasha. There is a special sign associated with this statue: if a visitor sits next to her on a bench, he will definitely visit the city again.

"Plumber Stepanych"

Another unique work by S. Noryshev is not far from Lyuba. This is a very funny sculpture.Plumber Stepanychin a working helmet, as if greeting the townspeople, looks out of the sewer. Locals passing by him are unwittingly smiling, and tourists are certainly being photographed with an iron master.sculpture plumber Stepanych


Very popular is another attraction of Omsk.-Monument to the city, who closely follows order. Omsk citizens and tourists see in this priestess, twisting his mustache, not so much the strict and formidable peace officer, as the well-dressed, romantic-minded citizen-countryman.

Sculptural works of A. N. Kapralova

Sights of Omsk complement the work of sculptor A. N. Kapralova. In addition, they give a modern touch to the city.

Opposite the Theater of the Young Spectator is a monument to Don Quixote. The sculpture is made in Art Nouveau style by the famous local master A. N. Kapralov. Its opening took place in 2000, to the Day of the city.

On Lenin Street there is a restaurant Bevitore, which in Italian means “Drunkard”. The owner of the restaurant ordered a sculpture for Kapralov at the entrance to the restaurant. She depicts Van Gogh, a famous Dutch artist, representative of post-impressionism.Sitting on the steps of the restaurant, Van Gogh is working on his famous painting “Sunflowers”. Nearby, in harmony with the name of the restaurant, there is an open bottle of absinthe. The monument to Van Gogh is cast of ferrous metal and weighs about 200 kilograms.monument to van gogh

It is impossible to ignore the monument to F. Dostoevsky of the same A. Kapralov, called “Carrying Cross”. This is a graduate work of the sculptor. It is known that Fyodor Mikhailovich spent the most difficult years of his life in Omsk, where he was sent to penal servitude. Here the writer is depicted with his shoulder lowered from the weight of the cross. And the cross is inseparable from the body, than the author of the sculpture shows that this is the personal cross of the writer. The monument expresses the whole tragedy of the works of F. M. Dostoevsky.

Another work by A. N. Kapralova - the sculpture "Dynamic Equilibrium, or Scales of Being" - was established in 1999 near the Museum of Fine Arts. M.A. Vrubel. This is the master's first park sculpture, and it was he who presented it to his city. The meaning of the work is very deep and expresses the constant desire of a person for harmony and balance between spiritual and material. Scales are made in the form of a cross, where the vertical axis is a ladder, at the end of which is set a shaky throne. The scales are in balance.On one bowl are images of people and animals, but the other bowl is empty. Various figures are recognized on the horizontal bar. Often, tourists linger for a while before this work and reflect on its meaning.

About "Stainless"

In the Central Square named after I. Buchholz in 1997 a new monument was installed - “Power”. The monument is dedicated to the discovery and development of the southern territories of Siberia by the Russians. The author of the sculpture V. Trokhimchuk built a ball with a diameter of 15 meters, with vertical and horizontal panels.

monument powerHistorical events are presented on the horizontal panels, and three very important people are presented on each of the three verticals, which made a huge contribution and played an important role in the discovery, exploration and development of Omsk.

On the first vertical - I. Buchholz himself is represented.

On the second - S. Remezov, artist, writer, historian, builder and architect. But in Siberia, he became more famous as a cartographer. They created three atlases of great value in Russian cartography: "The Service Book of Siberia", "The Drawing Book of Siberia" and "The Horographic Book of Siberia."

On the third panel presents G.Potanin is a Russian geographer, ethnographer, folklorist and botanist. He is one of the founders of the Siberian region. He led two major expeditions to northwestern Mongolia. The whole country was covered, and valuable data on all branches of geography were collected, processed and published by Potanin.

It is significant that during the days of bourgeois Russia it was here that the radio tower operated by Zvorykin, who invented television in the future, was located here. But as the inventor of television, he became famous in the United States, as he was forced to flee through Chukotka after the arrival of the Bolsheviks. Many tourists are simply amazed to learn that the creator of what is in every home across the planet comes from this city.

And in the end

This is an incomplete list of all the memorable masterpieces of architecture and sculpture that symbolize this beautiful city. But they also cause a special interest in the history and culture of Omsk. And they express openness, sincerity and at the same time, the depth of the inner experiences of the city itself, and of each resident separately.

Omsk city sights

How do many visitors to the city, the sights of Omskhave a special power and ability to bind to themselves anyone who ever visits this city. Yes, of course, this is not a metropolis. There is no metro here. Few nightclubs, cafes and modern entertainment facilities. Most likely, this is a cultural city, this is the theater capital of Western Siberia. And of course, this is a city where you think and think about the high and the spiritual more than the material.

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