Sidewalk in private yard

We live in a private house. We drove into the courtyard to the garage and the tracks were filled with a simple concrete solution many years ago. Over the years it has collapsed. We want to redo it. What is better to put instead of concrete? And where better to buy in Ufa?
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Answered on March 30, 00:02
Lay paving slabs. A modern assortment of hardware stores allows you to pick it up of any shape, size and color. Properly combine it - you can get the original patterns and lay it is not difficult
Answered on March 30 00:09
My parents in the village, too, are flooded with a solution of concrete. It has been lying for about fifteen years and does not collapse. Only you need to use high-grade cement, preferably 400 or even 500 And do not need to use gravel. Only cement + sand and water.
Answered on March 30 00:39
Asphalt is what is being done for years. Need brother good materials, preferably of natural origin. You did not think about putting the granite paving, you can buy it here. Just check with the seller how to put it, perhaps the substrate needs to be made for it.
Answered on April 12 02:42
I honestly do not understand the rush of many people to roll everything in the asphalt. Asphalt is what spoils the look of your house for years. Better make a budget landscape design and enjoy your yard for many years.
Answered on April 12 02:49
Just roll the entire yard in the asphalt and there is no great need. It is possible to allocate part of the territory for greenery. And if there is no one to do this, then just sow the lawn, which is not at all whimsical in care.

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