The series "Melrose Place": actors, roles, plot

The nineties were crucial for television. Previously, it was not very popular with the mass audience. It was connected with rather low-quality products, which could be interesting only to those who have to stay at home for whole days. The production of serials in those years did not spend a lot of money, since the ratings were not the highest. Yes, and the actors are not particularly keen to get the role in some regular third-grade soap opera.

And only in the early 90s the situation finally changed. Directors and producers began to actively explore the television ground and produce series, shot in a variety of genres. In particular, the Americans succeeded. It was during this period of time that such cult TV series came out that changed TV forever, like Twin Peaks, The X-Files, The Knight of the Roads and many, many others. In some, emphasis was placed on a serious detective story, while others focused more on young people.Comedy romantic stories also found a response from the audience. Television masterpieces such as the Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, which will be discussed in this article, have achieved particular success around the world.

This series had huge ratings and a fan audience around the world. It is thanks to this that Melrose Place (1992) was able to go on the air for more than five years. It was created as many as seven seasons, each of which definitely deserves attention. He watched everything, from young to old. Unlike many other TV shows, Melrose Place, whose actors did an excellent job with their task, kept the bar high throughout the entire period.

Melrose Place Actors

The plot of the series "Melrose Place"

The action of this series unfolds in a small place called Melrose Place. Far from so many people live there, so many are familiar with each other quite well. As elsewhere, there are married couples who have far from the most favorable relationships within the family. Weddings, divorces and many other familiar events take place on a regular basis. In general, the series "Melrose Place" shows life as it is.

In the center of the plot - the doctor Michael and his wife Jane, who is a designer and dreams of taking a high position. Also in the series "Melrose Place" there is a character named Allison. She works in an advertising agency. She has a neighbor Matt - an ordinary young student who is used to get the most out of life.

Melrose Place: Actors

Throughout the series, there was a huge number of main characters. In total, they can be counted about 25. This is quite a rare phenomenon for the popular series. In addition to them, also full of secondary characters and guest stars. Next, we will talk about what actors were shot in "Melrose Place".

Thomas Calabro

T. Calabro

Thomas Calabro is an American actor who, apart from this series, could not get anywhere. However, in the 90s he had a serious popularity. In "Melrose Place" he got the main male role - Michael Mancini. Thomas Calabro - one of the few who managed to hold out in the series from beginning to end. Among other things, he also personally directed several episodes.

In addition to this series by Thomas Calabro, you could also see in one of the episodes of the most popular TV series "Colombo", called "Once Die".So his career can hardly be called bright and memorable.

ami lockane

E. Lochain

Amy Lokain - a much more famous person, who began her acting career at the age of twelve. Then she managed to get a permanent role in the popular sitcom called "Spencer". So it is not surprising that at that time Amy Lokain was considered one of the most promising young actresses in America. In the cinema, she first noted in 1990. She got the role in the popular musical John Waters "Crybaby." Together with her there also starred young Johnny Depp, who was just starting his acting career.

And only then followed the role in the series "Melrose Place" (1992). But she lasted in it not so long - only thirteen episodes. After that, Lokene left the project. Subsequently, she played several significant roles in major Hollywood films. But in 2010 an event occurred that had a serious response in the press. The actress, being intoxicated, got into a car accident, as a result of which a man died. As a result, she was sentenced to three years in prison. We think there is no doubt that this will put an end to her acting career.

Dag Sevant


Not the most famous person on American television.Doug Sevant played the minor role of Matt Fielding. Not the brightest character in the series. This role, in fact, became the only more or less significant in the career of Sevant. Doug Sevant also appeared in the popular Desperate Housewives sitcom.

G. Shaw

Grant Shaw appeared in the series until 1997 and played one of the rather prominent roles. He played Jake Hanson. He started acting in TV shows long before Melrose Place. For example, in the eighties, you could see him in the series Nadezhda Ryan. But the real breakthrough Grant happened precisely in “Melrose Place”. Unlike the rest, he got the role of a bad guy with a difficult character. This allowed the actor to become one of the most recognizable personalities in his country. Among other things, he also starred in the spin-off called "Model Agency". With the advent of the 21st century, Grant Show continued to appear in various popular TV shows of those years. But he did not succeed in achieving serious success. Like all the above actors, his career began to decline. Now Grant Shaw is unlikely anyone will remember.

grant show

L. Leighton

Laura Leighton starred in the series, since 1993.She performed the role of Sydney Andrews and was also nominated for a Golden Globe. Not every star of melodramatic series has managed to reach such peaks. In this case, "Melrose Place" - not the only serious project with the participation of this actress. Also, you could see her in the series "Pretty cheat" in the period from 2010 to 2017. Laura Leighton also appeared in six episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210".

J. Bissett

Josie Bissett - another very prominent figure in this series. Jane Andrews - a key character, which we simply could not mention. She starred in “Melrose Place” almost to the very end. Other more or less prominent roles, unfortunately, this actress does not have a piggy bank.

Laura Leyton

Awards for the series "Melrose Place"

Despite the fact that initially the series did not have big ratings, because of what they even wanted to cover it after the release of the first season, then, with a change in the general concept of what was happening, its popularity soared to unattainable heights. Moreover, he enjoyed popularity not only among ordinary viewers, but also among film industry professionals. Tom will add proof to a huge number of nominations for various prestigious awards.In particular, Heather Locklear was nominated four times for Golden Globe as the best actress on television. But, unfortunately for Heather, the victory again and again went into the hands of other people.

Melrose Place 1992

Reviews of the previously popular TV series "Melrose Place"

It is easy to guess that the target audience of this series were girls and women. And this is not surprising: romantic stories have always enjoyed success with the beautiful half of humanity. But in our country, this series looked all without exception. There was a period of time when STS broadcast Melrose Place on an ongoing basis. All this led to a serious popularity and the highest positions in the ratings. At one time or another, this American series gained a cult status among both young people and a more adult audience. But, unfortunately, the success did not last so long. Ratings began to fall, and new, much more expensive and versatile projects replaced. Nevertheless, many viewers noted the presence of excellent humor (often black and quite caustic). Also, the directors managed to find harmony between a typical love story and comedy, thanks to which there was such a motley audience all over the world at the series "Melrose Place". Actors by the standards of the genre quite well fit into their roles.The main advantage, which is noted by many viewers, is that there are a lot of protagonists. So the characters do not have time to get bored for such a number of seasons, and the fate of each was the same interesting to the viewer.


Nowadays, this series, for obvious reasons, no longer enjoys its former success. In some ways, it is seriously outdated, and even in its normal quality, “Melrose Place” was never reprinted. But the older generation still remembers this story, which went into golden time for television. So if you have a feeling of nostalgia for the 90th and you are tolerating melodrama normally, then Melrose Place is definitely recommended for viewing. It seems that you can feel the atmosphere of those years, as well as enjoy a really high-quality and fairly intriguing storyline. Moreover, all the seasons of this series in the Internet era will not be difficult for anyone to find. Well, we would advise the rest to turn our attention to some more modern series. The benefit of them now produced a lot. Enjoy watching!

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