Biography of Sergei Sitnikov

Sergey Konstantinovich Sitnikov is a Russian statesman, in the past he was the deputy head of the Rossvyazkhrankultury (2007-2008) and the Rossvyazkomnadzor (2008). Sitnikov served as head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications for 4 years, and in April 2012, Sergei Konstantinovich took the chair of the Kostroma Region Governor.
Kostroma Region Governor Sergey SitnikovKostroma Region Governor Sergey Sitnikov

The beginning of the career of Sergei Sitnikov

Sergey Sitnikov was born in Kostroma on January 18, 1963. He received a pedagogical education at the history department of the Kostroma Pedagogical Institute. After graduation, Sergei Konstantinovich was drafted into the army. After demobilization in 1987, Sergei Sitnikov began working in the Kostroma regional council of the Komsomol as a secretary, where he worked until 1991.
In 1991, Sitnikov was in the state of the media - he was the editor of the youth newspaper "Young Leninist". A little later, the publication was renamed in accordance with the requirements of the new time, having received the name “Youth Line”.
Being an active social and political figure, as well as having a pedagogical education in the arsenal, in 1992 Sergey Sitnikov was appointed the head of the Committee on Youth, Family and Childhood Affairs of the Kostroma Regional Administration. After Vladimir Shershunov was appointed governor, Sitnikov kept his seat on the committee and worked in this position until 1998. The most outstanding event during his time as head of the committee on youth affairs was the holding of the art song festival in 1996.

Sergey Sitnikov in the field of broadcasting

In 1998, Sitnikov took the leading post of director of the Kostroma State Television and Radio Company. Over the 4 years of his tenure, Sergey Konstantinovich was able to bring the company to a new, professional level: the amount of funding provided to the television and radio company has significantly increased, and the quality of the broadcast content has increased.
Career growth of Sergei Sitnikov began with the Kostroma GTRKCareer growth of Sergei Sitnikov began with the Kostroma GTRK
Significant career growth was expected for Sergey Konstantinovich in 2002, when he was appointed head of the Yantar state television and radio company in the Kaliningrad region, as well as, concurrently, deputy general director of the St. Petersburg Radio Baltika.At the same time, Sitnikov did not leave his post as head of the Kostroma GTRK.
In 2004, Sergey Konstantinovich became the head of the St. Petersburg media holding Baltic Media Group, which included the publications Vecherny Peterburg, Smena and Radio Baltika. During the reign of the holding Sitnikov became one of the organizers of the All-Russian festival of Orthodox television "Family of Russia".
The program “Davydov. Index ": Sergey Sitnikov in the studio
Sitnikov's career as a head of the holding ended in the same 2004, when he was forced to return to his native Kostroma and take the former place of the head of the Kostroma GTRK. The press does not have information on what prompted Sergei Konstantinovich to this decision. According to some data, Sitnikov left St. Petersburg for family reasons, according to others - as a result of a decision by the leadership of the All-Russian GTRK.

Sergey Sitnikov and Roskomnadzor

In 2005, Sergei Konstantinovich began a political career, having nominated deputies of the regional duma of the Kostroma region on the party list of United Russia. Work in the regional duma began with Sitnikov joining the Rules Committee.
In 2007, Sitnikov was forced to lay down his parliamentary powers in connection with the appointment of Boris Boyarskov to the post of deputy head of Rossvyazokhrankultura. The new position assumed the immediate relocation of Sergey Konstantinovich to Moscow.
In the photo: Sergey SitnikovIn the photo: Sergey Sitnikov
In 2008, the service was transformed into a new department - Rossvyazkomnadzor. After the restructuring, Sergei Sitnikov was still the deputy head. Within a few months, the department has undergone new changes. By the decree of Dmitry Medvedev, the Rossvyazkomnadzor was again renamed - this time into Roskomnadzor.
In December 2008, Sergei Sitnikov took over as head of Roskomnadzor. This appointment caused a wide resonance in the press, because earlier supervision in the sphere of mass communications assumed mainly technical control. Sergey Sitnikov with his experience in managing a media holding was a professional in another field - in the field of media content. This means that with the advent of him as head of Roskomnadzor, a new era of media has begun.
Working meeting of Vladimir Putin and Sergey Sitnikov
In 2009, Sitnikov was mentioned in the press as a fighter for maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.During his leadership, the department actively fought the sites that were involved in the dissemination of personal information about citizens of the Russian Federation.
Sergey Sitnikov conducts personal reception of the populationSergey Sitnikov conducts personal reception of the population
Later, Sergei Sitnikov made another statement, which caused a storm of discontent among Internet users. The head of Roskomnadzor said that the site administration should be responsible not only for the information contained on the Internet resource, but also for the comments of all readers. Sitnikov meant that all comments should be carefully moderated for the presence of “abuse of freedom of the media”, and comments that have not been censored should be removed.
In the photo: Sergey Sitnikov and Sports Minister Vitaly MutkoIn the photo: Sergey Sitnikov and Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko
In 2010, the agency under the leadership of Sergey Konstantinovich developed an algorithm for moderating sites, according to which Roskomnadzor should check comments for the presence of unlawful statements, and the site administration was obliged to delete or edit these comments within 24 hours after detection.
2012: Sergey Sitnikov appointed governor of the Kostroma region2012: Sergey Sitnikov appointed governor of the Kostroma region
Sitnikov resigned from Roskomnadzor in 2012, due to the fact that the governor of the Kostroma region, Igor Slyunyaev, was early dismissed by President Dmitry Medvedev. There were several candidates for the vacant position, but the president chose Sitnikov. So that Sergey Konstantinovich could begin his new duties, the decision of the president had to be approved by the deputies of the regional duma. The deputies supported the candidacy of Sitnikov, and on April 28, 2012 he officially entered into the authority of the head of the Kostroma region.
Inauguration of Sergei Sitnikov
On the eve of the elections in May 2015, Sitnikov appealed to Vladimir Putin to sign his resignation to participate in the upcoming September elections. The president signed his resignation, appointing Sitnikov as interim governor of the region. According to the results of the election, Sergei Sitnikov won 65.62% of the vote and again became governor.

The personal life of Sergei Sitnikov

Little is known about Sitnikov's personal life. Sergei Konstantinovich has repeatedly mentioned that his family does not like publicity, therefore his spouse, sister, and son with their family very rarely appear in press reports or at social events in the company of the governor.
Sergey Sitnikov inspects medical institutions of KostromaSergey Sitnikov inspects medical institutions of Kostroma
Many members of the Sitnikov family, in particular his spouse, are successfully building a career in the medical industry. The son of Sergei Konstantinovich, Konstantin Sitnikov, followed in the footsteps of his mother and graduated from the biological faculty of Kostroma State University. During the passage of the graduate school, the young man worked as a scientific secretary of the Kostroma Museum of Nature. According to his father, he likes to do science and research, not administrative activities. Despite this, Sitnikov Jr. served as temporary head of the museum for some time.
It was this appointment that led to a major corruption scandal around Sergey Sitnikov. The Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiatives Transparency International-R saw a violation in that the governor’s son works in a public office, which means he is subordinate to his father. Such a state of affairs can be used to conduct corruption schemes, so the governor is prohibited to have relatives in any, even indirectly subordinate.

Sergey Sitnikov today

In 2016, Sergey Sitnikov was active in improving the standard of living of citizens of the Kostroma region. He paid much attention to the development of infrastructure and road construction. In particular, an important section of the road from the border of the Kady district to the city of Makaryev was repaired.
In the rating of governors in the Central Federal District Sergei Sitnikov - in last placeIn the rating of governors in the Central Federal District Sergei Sitnikov - in last place
Sitnikov was closely involved in establishing trade and economic ties with other subjects of the Russian Federation. Since there is a large auto component plant located on the territory of the Kostroma region, the governor offered to cooperate with the head of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhamnov, in Naberezhnye Chelny there is a production of KamAZ.
Sergey Sitnikov is a man with big ambitions. In 2016, he was one of the leaders of the primaries of the party "United Russia".

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