Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes

Fish dishes today are very popularin all the cuisines of the world. This is not surprising, because such a product contains many useful substances that are so necessary for the human body. Recipes for their preparation are the same as for fish species. For example, fish-needles, whose useful properties are undeniable, are nowadays very often used in cooking, because its taste qualities perfectly complement the mullet, rock perch, sardines or fish-lionfish.

fish needle cooking recipes

Description and distribution of fish-needles

Such a fish, being a representative of the familyneedle, lives in the open seas of India, Thailand, Burma, and very often it is met in the mouths of rivers and lakes, the Black and Azov Seas. Some representatives have a length of more than thirty-eight centimeters, they are endowed with a cylindrical body of a silvery hue, a narrow jaw with sharp teeth. There are several species of this fish: serpentine and common. Hunting for such a fish is best in winter. The meat is white and juicy, it tastes like pike or pike perch, so it is often used in cooking for cooking various dishes. Knowing what the fish-needle is, the recipes for cooking it will be considered further.

Fish-needle on a vegetable cushion

Ingredients: two fish, three carrots, seventy grams of vegetable oil, six bulbs, eight tomatoes, salt, red hot pepper and paprika to taste.


fish needle useful properties

First you need to cut the fish. To do this, cut off the head and tail, remove the fins, cleanse the viscera, wash and cut into portions. Thus, there should be only eight pieces. Then the vegetable oil is poured into the frying pan, the fish-needle will be roasted there. How to prepare further, we now consider. So, the fish is fried from all sides to a golden color. Then they begin to prepare a vegetable pillow. For this, carrots are rubbed on a grater, it will serve as a substrate. Then onion and tomatoes cut into rings. Carrots and onions are sent to a pan and stew for a few minutes. Separately fry tomatoes, adding a little water.

On a large frying pan lay a layer of onions withcarrots, then - tomatoes and a fish needle is placed on top, recipes of which we will consider. In this case, each piece is sprinkled with hot pepper. Next, the fish are covered with vegetables in the opposite order. Frying pan cover and put on the fire, stew for twenty minutes, sprinkling more salt and paprika to taste. The prepared dish is laid out on plates and served to the table. The taste of the product is very interesting.

French soup "Bouillabaisse"

fish needle how to cook

This dish is the most popular among the Marseilles sailors. It includes a needle fish, recipes of which are very diverse, as well as lobsters and other seafood.

Ingredients: one kilogram of fish-needles, half a kilogram of salmon fillet, stingray or paw-paw, two hundred grams of squid, two hundred grams of shrimp, one hundred grams of mussels, one hundred grams of scallops, two onions, six cloves of garlic, one pot of tomatoes in own juice or three fresh tomatoes, as well as two hundred grams of white dry wine, two stalks of celery, two leeks, six laurel leaves, a peel of one orange, a half-pint of greens, black pepper and spices to taste.


First a fish-needle, whose cooking recipesvery simple, salmon or other fish washed and poured cold water, put on a small fire. Meanwhile, in the kazanok in vegetable oil roast chopped onion, crushed garlic, crushed tomatoes, adding white wine. Then add the filtered broth.

Making a fragrant bouquet

In the cheesecloth wrap the rind of the orange, cutting itlarge pieces, bay leaf, seasonings for fish, peas of black pepper. Prepared in this way, the gauze pouch is tied and put in a vegetable mixture, which is located in the Kazanka. This makes it possible not to catch spices from the soup, so it will turn out to be transparent and beautiful.

fish needle how to cook

Fish cut into pieces and put into a cauldron,cook for twenty minutes. After a while, a bag of spices is pulled out. Seafood is cleaned, washed and placed in soup, boiled for five minutes. In the ready dish put greens. Traditional soup is served with croutons (bread crumbs) and "Rui" sauce.

Preparation of Rui sauce

Garlic cloves, a paprika of hot pepper, pinchsea ​​salt, ground cayenne pepper let through the press, add four eggs, a small amount of olive oil, a pinch of saffron and mix everything.

Finally ...

Fish-needle (how to cook it, we already know)very often used in world cooking. It is fried, stewed, boiled, dried and so on. To your liking it resembles pike or pike-perch meat. Dishes from it turn out to be full, appetizing and useful.

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Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes Seafood: fish-needle, cooking recipes