Sauerkraut - calorie, good and harm

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Cabbage at all times, until the advent of potatoes (in Russia - with the filing of Peter I at the end of the XVII century), was one of the main food products of the indigenous population. She was eaten with pleasure in raw, boiled, baked and salted foods. People liked cabbage and sauerkraut, whose caloric content in those days, for obvious reasons, could not be the subject of discussion.sauerkraut cabbage


It turns out that ordinary sauerkraut contains many vitamins, is rich in easily digestible micro and macro elements, includes useful organic acids and fiber. Of particular value are its constituent vitamins A, C, E and a number of vitamins of group B (in particular biotin), as well as minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Calorie sauerkraut is about 20 kcal per 100 grams. Because of this, you can rightly be considered its dietary product. Interestingly, in the old days, when the vegetable we were considering took one of the decisive places in the diet of Europeans, no one even tried to figure out what makes sauerkraut.Calorie, chemical and vitamin composition also no one was interested, but much was known about its properties. We will talk about them.


Due to the abundance of lactic acid bacteria, sauerkraut strengthens the immune system. In addition, it contains essential amino acids, allowing to manifest a number of unique qualities. Of these, valine and lysine normalize metabolic processes, increase immunity and help fight stress. The histidine amino acid is a component of hemoglobin, therefore it contributes to hematopoietic function and rejuvenation of the body. Our ancestors combined these and many other useful properties of the product into a concise conclusion: people who regularly use sauerkraut have good health. The fact of improving well-being can be confirmed by everyone who, one way or another, paid tribute to this product: from those who need an urgent amendment to their condition after the “yesterday” and to the Epicurean life-loving people, who suddenly decided to reduce their body weight. After all, sauerkraut, calorie is negligible, as if specially created to solve such problems.

Cookingcalorie salted cabbage

There are several basic recipes for cabbage. We can not describe everything. But we offer to familiarize yourself with the main principles of cabbage fermentation. The fermentation process begins due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria on the surface of its leaves. In order for the fermentation to begin immediately and proceed evenly, the cabbage leaves are crushed. They are usually chopped, followed by kneading and adding salt, which is needed not only as a preservative, but also for the cabbage to make juice. The calorie content of salted cabbage is so small that the body requires more energy for its splitting than it receives as a result of its absorption. For fermentation, cabbage is compactly placed in a container made of relatively inert materials — in order to avoid reacting with the material of the container, and placed under pressure (weight). The latter is necessary because the cabbage must be completely immersed in the solution to reduce the reaction rate by reducing additional gas formation. After fermentation is completed (several days - depending on tº), the finished product is taken out in the cold so that it does not turn sour.


Despite the fact that sauerkraut in general has a beneficial effect on the body, there are exceptions. It turns out that there are people for whom not only is not useful, but even, on the contrary, sauerkraut is harmful. The caloric content of the product in these cases, alas, does not matter. The essential point is the large amount of organic acids. This leads to the fact that it is contraindicated for people with high acidity. It should be avoided in cases of renal failure, hypertension, and pancreatic disease.

Slimming cabbagesauerkraut cabbage

In addition to the traditional culinary use, you can find a whole trend in dietetics under the slogan "sauerkraut". Calorie cabbage at this time is crucial. In addition to the traditional methods of application of the product, mention should be made of the ubiquitous “popular” cosmetologists who successfully combat excessive skin pigmentation with the help of sauerkraut gruel, used in the form of a mask. Still, the greatest beneficial effect for the body should be expected when a useful product regularly appears on your dining table.

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