Salad with pineapples - plenty of options!

With this once inaccessible (even in a canned form) exotic fruit, you can cook everything: from kebab to salad. Moreover, a salad with pineapples can be easily picked up for a meat-eater and a vegetarian, which is very important. By the complexity of cooking, they also vary greatly. There are recipes for a festive feast, and for a romantic dinner, and for Sunday lunch in the family circle. They can cook as a young, inept, and wise culinary experience hostess.

Simplest Pineapple Salad

pineapple saladEven a child can cook this Indian dish, for example, on March 8, surprise mother and grandmother, and on February 23, the male part of the family. The set of products is minimal, but the taste is original and pleasant. You need to prepare 300 grams of apples and pineapple, 200 potatoes and sour cream. Cut apples and pineapples into slices. Do not peel potatoes, cook whole, let cool, peel and cut into cubes. For convenience and speed, you can use a metal mesh for cutting vegetables.Put everything in a beautiful salad bowl, and pour the sour cream mixed with a small amount of turmeric and a couple of pinch of nutmeg on top. You can use sour cream and without additives.

Salad with pineapples and tomatoes

salad with pineapple layers

This simple salad with an unusually bold combination of products is able to surprise anyone, and is prepared super fast. Buy lettuce and celery (greens) 100 grams, tomatoes fleshy and well ripened 5-6 pieces, pineapple (200 grams) and mayonnaise for dressing (3 tbsp). Peel tomatoes and pass through a sieve, finely chop celery leaves, cut pineapple into cubes. Mix everything, add a little salt, season with pepper, pour in mayonnaise and gently knead, decorate with lettuce leaves.

Salad with pineapples and partridge

salad with pineapples and cornEat pineapples, chew grouse ... Of course, we are not bourgeois, a partridge is not a grouse, but it is possible to skip it. For a "luxurious life" you will need about a pound of partridges and pineapples (canned), for refueling a 200-gram pack of mayonnaise. Boil the birds, cut the meat into small pieces. Pineapples are the same. Put this salad with pineapple layers: pineapples - meat - mayonnaise. Let it stand (better in the fridge) for impregnation.

Salad with pineapples and corn with the addition of mushrooms

For this dish, no overseas products are required, everything can be bought at the nearest store. Stock a jar of canned corn (only half is needed), a jar of pickled champignons per 300 ml, half a small fork of cabbage, a 200-gram pack of mayonnaise, pineapple, green onions (half a small bunch), vinegar (1 tsp). Now we are fully armed, you can proceed directly to the preparation. Cut the washed cabbage into strips, add a little salt, add vinegar, mash it with your hands. Separate the corn from the liquid, mix with the cabbage and pineapple cut into cubes. Pour the sliced ​​marinated champignons and chopped green onion feathers there. Pour mayonnaise evenly on top, knead gently, slide into a salad bowl, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds or chopped yolks.

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