We are building the house in Irpen, in a couple of weeks we will block the roof. With a tile like decided, advise where to buy steam and waterproofing.
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Answered 15 May 10:08
We bought in the Ground Zero on Berkovtsy, there just passed the action, it turned out quite profitable. But it was still in the winter, obviously not the most popular product in this season. By the way, from Irpin to Ashan and Epicenter free shuttle bus goes, if you are relevant.
Answered on May 15, 11:04
You can take a look at the roofing films in this online store. Everything is there for arranging the vapor insulation and waterproofing of the roof: vapor barrier, hydro-barrier, membranes, tape, etc. Look, if you are satisfied with the prices, it will be more convenient than searching for all the necessary materials separately. By the way, maybe you will need an epoxy filing, look at it too.
Answered 15 May 11:17
If you do not want to deal with this issue, you can order materials through those guys who will block your roof. True, with a high probability you will have to overpay.

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