Riddle about spring and everything connected with it

All seasons are beautiful in their own way. Spring is the most special among them, the most beautiful, exciting and amazing. This is the time when everything is blooming, bird trills are heard from everywhere, and the air is filled with a intoxicating scent of freshness that makes your head spin. But we understand this, and our children may not fully realize the arrival of this season, therefore, they need a riddle about spring and not even one where its features, characteristics and signs will be revealed. And most importantly, these puzzles will allow children and their parents to have fun and get even closer to each other.

"Spring" puzzles for the little ones

Having decided to play a guessing game with children, it is very important to remember that all children are different, so the puzzles that will be easy for schoolchildren will seem to kids only as a collection of strange words. Therefore, choosing what to think of a child should be guided by his age, and the smallest children should make short riddles about spring,so that they immediately grasp their essence and be able to guess the answer.

mystery about spring

  1. The snow is growing, the meadow comes to life, the day is also coming ... When does it happen? (In the spring).
  2. The sun plays with a ray, the snow melts from this! Birds again not to sleep ... Who came to us? (Spring).
  3. I turn the buds into green leaves. Then I dress the trees, plus the crops I water. I'm full of traffic! What is my name? (Spring).

And so that even the smallest child not only understands what spring is, but also remembers that it follows winter, he thinks of the following short mystery about spring and winter:

  • White, gray left - green and young came!

Riddles about the most beautiful time of year in verses

It is very important, offering the child to solve all new and new puzzles on the spring theme, to do it in a playful way so that he does not get bored. How to do it? Yes, just guessing to him beautiful, funny and entertaining riddles about spring for children in verses that will enthrall and interest him like favorite fairy tales. Here is an example of poetic riddles:

The sky is clear, the lilac smells,
Herbalist is green and tender.
And in a cute dress bright red
Already rushing on the ground ... SPRING.

The snow quickly melts in the sun,
A breeze in the branches plays,
Louder birdies voices
This came to us ... SPRING.

She came to us with flowers
In a motley, bright sundress.
And blusher, and red,
And her name is ... SPRING.

"Spring" puzzles for older children

spring puzzles

If it is enough for very small children to understand what spring is and what time of year it is, then children 6 years and older should already understand that it consists of three months - March, April and May. So, if you need to remember the names, sequence and features of these months, we will come to the aid of riddles about spring for schoolchildren, who will be slightly more difficult than charades for the little ones.

Brooks run faster,
The sun is warming
Sparrow weather happy
After all, the month has come ... MARCH!

Bear crawled out of his den,
Solid puddles on the road,
Look at the skylark trill,
After all, I knocked on our door ... APRIL.

The garden is covered in bright color,
And the greens gushing over the edge.
Birds sing their song, -
It's all about the month ... MAY.

Riddles about returning birds home

puzzles about spring for schoolchildren

If you think about it, then not a single mystery about spring includes the mention of bird trills. And this is no accident, because it is at this time of year that the birds return home from the southern countries, and again we can hear their beautiful melodious songs.And so that the children learn what kind of birds herald the coming of spring, they can guess the following riddles:

Who is without notes and without flute
The coolest ones will be announced?
Who is the voice of all, more tender?
Of course it is ... NIGHTINGLE.

The guest returned to us from a distant land,
He flew to us, singing about spring ...
He is such a clever fellow!
What is his name? ... STARLING.

A wedge, a kurlycha flies, to the south,
Avoiding a vicious blizzard ...
But, having flown around at least half the land,
To us again will return ... CRANKS.

Riddles about flowers that bloom in spring

Also, not a single mystery about spring includes the mention of flowering, brightness of colors, a riot of greenery and flowers. Therefore, speaking with children about this time of the year, it is simply impossible not to tell them about which flowers begin to grow and bloom in spring. And of course, the best way to memorize their names will help exactly the riddles in verses.

spring puzzles for kids

Thin long stalk
Crowned with scarlet light.
It burns like a beacon
Bright red, important ... MAC.

It will be yellow while young
And as it becomes old, it will be gray (Dandelion).

Flower handsome poet
In a yellow hat fashionably dressed.
And about spring your verse for an encore
Who reads us? ... NARCISS.

Appearing from under the snow,
He saw a piece of the sky ...
He is the very first, most gentle,
Innocent little ... SCREEN.

"Spring" puzzles about everything in the world

But spring is not only flowers and migratory birds. Many other phenomena and processes are associated with spring, which our children need to remember and know. And in this we will find useful riddles about the spring complex and more "puzzling", over which you have to work a little bit in order to achieve the right result. However, it is important not to overdo it with complexity, because if the puzzle is too complicated, then the child will simply get tired of thinking and switching to another matter. And we don't want that, right?

short puzzles about spring

Look, on a branch someone's house,
But there are no doors there, no windows ...
It’s warm for the chicks to live there,
And this house is called ... NEST.

On a warm day out of the ice
Rushing water melt.
Who makes all the birds noisier?
Of course, a mischievous ... STRANDS.

Hanging under the roof of the bag ice.
All full of dripping and smells of spring (icicle).

As you can see, the riddles about the spring and about everything connected with it are the most diverse. Simple and complex, they will surely carry away the children and give them a lot of fun and interesting knowledge, which then will be useful to them in school or kindergarten.

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