Reviews of TVs "Samsung": characteristics, the best models. Comparison with competitors

In this review material will be considered technical specifications, lists of integrated tuners and reviews of Samsung TVs. In addition, a typical communication list of such a device will be provided and the purpose of each such port or wireless interface will be indicated. It will also set out the algorithm for connecting and setting up the TV.

samsung tv reviews

Distribution of Samsung TVs by market segment

Modern models of Samsung TVs are divided as follows:

  • Entry-level solutions include TVs with a matrix diagonal of less than 30 ”. In this case, the technical specifications are quite modest, but the cost is really minimal. The screen resolution is 1366X768. That is, the picture is displayed in HD-format.Also, the software implements only the main and most popular functions, but in this case there can be no talk about the Android and Smart TV OS.

  • The middle class products include televisions with diagonals from 32 to 49 inches. In this case, the resolution of the image is increased to 1080 pixels. Also in most cases there is support for such important and highly sought-after software features like Smart-TV, and even in some cases there is support for the Android operating system.

  • Premium TVs currently have a diagonal in excess of 50 inches. Their key difference from the previous class of devices is the screen matrix. It already has a 4K resolution and is manufactured using quantum dot technology. All previous products are equipped with IPS or even TN + Film matrices. Due to this important feature, the picture quality is much better in such premium solutions.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that there are some of the most recent models of Samsung TVs, in which the display is bent. So far, such a constructive decision has not gained much acceptance, but it is very likely that this South Korean TV maker is ahead of its time.

List of picking

The package bundle in this case is typical, it includes the following:

  • TV itself and stand for it.
  • The instruction of the Samsung TV and the operation manual is a complete set of documentation.
  • Power cord.
  • Remote control and, of course, a set of batteries for it.

On 3D-enabled TVs, the delivery list also includes two pairs of special glasses. Some of the most expensive products by the manufacturer are equipped with various communication wires.

Wireless connectivity

An excellent set of wireless information transfer methods can boast of medium and premium levels from this manufacturer. Reviews of TVs "Samsung" is really confirmed. The main interface in this case is Wi-Fi. It allows you to exchange data and information with a computer network. The second wireless connection method is Bluetooth. Its main purpose is to connect external acoustics (for example, headphones).

lcd tv samsung

Wired interface set

Reviews of TVs "Samsung" also highlight the excellent set of wired ways to connect to them.In it, as a rule, the manufacturer includes the following:

  • Standard antenna connector from which the signal is fed to all built-in tuners and receivers.
  • To organize a wired connection to a computer network, such products are equipped with an RJ-45 port.
  • HDMI ports allow you to display a picture and sound from various external devices (for example, a computer, laptop or even a DVD player).
  • Another important connection method is the USB ports. You can install any flash drive in them and display information from it on the screen. This can be a photo, video or music.
  • A possible alternative to the HDMI ports are SCART or RCA connectors. With their help, you can output a signal from the outdated to the present day modifications of satellite receivers.

Screen specifications

The strength of the TVs of this manufacturer is image quality. And a solid basis for this is the constant innovative developments of this South Korean manufacturer. That pixel density increases, then a new type of matrix is ​​used, then curved screens are produced, which allow such a device to be turned into a full-fledged I-MAX cinema.But this innovation leads to higher cost solutions.

The most affordable products under this brand with diagonals of less than 28 "are equipped with an LCD-matrix and have a resolution of HD or even FullHD. More expensive mid-level TVs with screen sizes from 32 to 49 inches are equipped with a similar matrix, but the resolution will always be FullHD only. It should be noted that in the same class of devices it is already possible to meet matrices manufactured according to the technology based on quantum dots and having a resolution of 4K. Therefore, before buying it is necessary to study in detail the specifications for the Samsung TV purchased. 40 inches is the minimum diagonal length of such a TV. Premium TVs with a diagonal of over 50 inches have a resolution of 4K, and the matrix in them is already based on quantum dots.

samsung tv models

Acoustic system

LCD TVs "Samsung" have a standard integrated speaker system. As a rule, it consists of 2 speakers, the power of each of them is 20 watts. In this case, the sound is output in stereo format, and such a constructive solution is quite enough for comfortable viewing of any television program.If you want to turn the TV into a home theater, you can connect an external sound system with a SAB buffer and an increased number of speakers. The corresponding connectors are in all television solutions released under this brand.

Power Specifications

LCD TVs "Samsung" regarding energy consumption are classified as "A" and even "A +". For example, a TV with a diagonal of 40 inches in the mode of maximum consumption uses only 95 watts. For comparison: its predecessors based on cathode-ray tubes with almost 2 times smaller diagonal consumed about 150-170 watts. In turn, a TV with a diagonal size of 78 inches consumes about 240 watts.

samsung tv 40 inch

List of integrated tuners

An impressive set of built-in tuners can boast the best Samsung TVs. This list includes the following:

  • Analog tuner with support for all possible meter and decimeter channels. In total, it can show up to 60 channels.
  • Two digital tuners. One of them - DVB-T - is capable of receiving digital transmissions of the first generation, and the second - DVB-T2 - of the second.
  • Also in such devices is a digital cable receiver DVB-C. It allows you to play already cable TV channels.
  • Some of the most expensive TVs of this manufacturer have integrated satellite receivers. Such an engineering solution makes it possible to reproduce the signal of satellite transmissions at no additional cost.

The control panel and everything connected with it

Remote control for the TV "Samsung" is included in its original configuration. Also, it necessarily includes a set of batteries. On the remote there are the following buttons to control the TV:

  • Number buttons for channel selection.
  • Navigation buttons, with which you can make the transition between adjacent channels, increase or decrease the volume of the device, as well as move between menu items.
  • Separately, it is necessary to note the button on and select the source of the signal.
  • In addition to this, there are also function buttons, the purpose of which varies depending on the open menu item.

In most cases, the remote control for the Samsung TV is quite a simple device; it’s not so difficult to figure out the algorithm of its operation.

remote for tv samsung


Under control of various system program control the TV "Samsung" can function. The characteristics of the most accessible devices indicate that they have a built-in shell with minimal functionality. It allows you to perform TV functions as a multimedia center. The devices of the middle and premium level most often work under the control of the Tizen operating systems (a proprietary development of the South Korean company, which so far, unfortunately, has not received much distribution) and the well-known Android. Also, such solutions support "Smart-TV".

Setup order

Now let's deal with the order of how to set up a Samsung TV. It is detailed in the operating instructions for this device and includes the following steps:

  • Removing from the packaging of the device, the dismantling of transport fixtures
  • Installation support or installation of the TV on the wall, depending on the chosen method of attachment.
  • Connecting the power supply cable and TV cable.
  • Voltage supply by pressing the "Power" button.
  • Go to the TV menu and search for all available channels in automatic mode. Save the results.

It is this short tuning algorithm that contains the typical Samsung TV instruction manual. Using the other functions of the TV requires advanced settings, and this operation is not so easy to perform.

tv samsung instruction

Cost of

The key factor that increases or decreases the price of a particular Samsung TV is the diagonal of the screen. Solutions of the initial class with a size of 19 inches are currently available for 8500-9000 rubles. The most expensive representative of this class with a screen size of 28 inches will already cost 14,000 rubles. Their technical specifications are almost identical.

The most affordable products with an average price range are 32-inch TVs. They can be purchased for 16,000 rubles. In this case, support for Smart TV is already required. The most expensive representatives of the middle class with a diagonal of 49 inches cost 30,000 rubles. The most accessible representatives of the premium segment already with 4K resolution, a matrix on quantum dots and a curved display are estimated to be at least 70,000 rubles. The size of the diagonal in this case is 55 inches.

Reviews, comparison with competitors

As noted earlier, the majority of owners of such devices have the following advantages:

  • High quality and impeccable reliability.
  • Excellent functionality.
  • Reasonable power consumption.

Even the algorithm of how to set up a Samsung TV, which is not so complicated, can be done by almost everyone. The minus of products manufactured under this brand is only one: high cost. For example, a 40-inch Samsung TV will cost about 25,000 rubles. In turn, its direct competitors in the face of Philips or LG will cost 3000-4000 rubles cheaper. But at the same time and their characteristics will be worse. This is a higher power consumption, and not such an image quality (the screen on quantum dots still makes itself felt). Therefore, the TVs of this South Korean manufacturer is really out of competition.

how to set up samsung tv


Reviews of TVs "Samsung" indicate their best technical characteristics, phenomenal quality and excessive functionality. They have only one minus - this is a high cost. Although some experts believe that this is an overpayment for the brand, but in fact this difference in price is due to the higher quality of the products being purchased.Therefore, it is the products of this South Korean manufacturer that occupies a leading position in this class of devices.

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