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The restaurant "Empire" in Ufa is one of the favorite catering establishments of not only city residents, but also its guests. Here, visitors often gather with their families or in the company of friends. The staff that works in the restaurant, rather attentive to each guest, here they try to make the stay of visitors as comfortable as possible.

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"Empire" - a restaurant in Ufa, striking in its luxury. Within its walls there is a huge space designed for both daily reception of guests, and for holding banquets of different scales. Here, the attention of visitors represented 12 beautiful rooms, striking their interior. In the rating of restaurants in the city, “Imperia” occupies a leading position along with such institutions as Sliver, Noisy Bar & Kitchen, as well as Sherlock Holmes.

The guests themselves often characterize it as an institution, ideal for even the most large-scale celebrations. They also note that it is not for nothing that “Empire” heads the rating of restaurants in Ufa - it fully corresponds to its status.


This institution is located a short distance from the central part of the city - they are separated by 5.2 km. You can find it at the intersection of ul. Sophia Perovskoy and Aurora. Next to the place of its location is the Republican Social Center and the Yablochko Group of Companies.

The guests of the restaurant note in their comments that while staying here, visitors can admire the beauty of green spaces and breathe in the fresh air. It is very beautiful nature and not busy streets, which favorably affects the rest of the guests.


The restaurant "Empire" in Ufa has a fairly large size, it offers its customers 12 luxurious rooms, perfectly suitable for banquets with the participation of different numbers of guests: from 30 to 700. The halls have different sizes and equally beautiful interior.


This room is relatively small in size. Its interior is dominated by a harmonious combination of white and gold colors. Many details here resemble the times of antiquity. As a decor, large columns are provided on the site, as well as white furniture. In addition, there is a lot of textile in the hall, which gives the overall picture a certain ease.


This space is designed for a small number of guests - up to 90. The design is also dominated in white and golden color. On the walls of the hall there is a small amount of stucco, decorated with it flows. At the entrance, guests can observe the original fresco with the image of the Moscow Kremlin.

Guests who come here can sit in high chairs at large tables covered with long tablecloths. Here in the interior there are several arches, which are an excellent decor.


The original hall, visually divided into two spaces, is presented in a harmonious combination of white and turquoise. Here are beautifully held proms and weddings. Guests often note in their reviews that they receive excellent photos and videos, as the lighting in the Madonna is simply amazing. The smooth white ceilings of the hall are decorated with elegant hanging chandeliers encrusted with crystal, and on the walls you can see pictures of biblical themes. The windows of the hall are covered with dense textiles of bright turquoise color.restaurants in Ufa


The large hall, decorated with huge columns of red and white color is perfect for holding wedding parties with a large number of invited guests.Here in the interior you can see a beautiful combination of white and red with gold trim in some places. Guests are very pleased after visiting this hall - according to them, he looks like a king.

Here, visitors sit on beautiful large chairs, decorated with voluminous red-and-white capes, at round tables decorated with white tablecloths.rating of restaurants


The large hall, made in the shape of a circle, can become an ideal venue for a small banquet with up to 100 invited guests. It is made in a harmonious combination of white and blue shades. Here the ceilings are decorated with artistic stucco and decorated with small hanging chandeliers. Guests staying here can enjoy a beautiful interior in which round columns of white color harmoniously blend in.

Textiles on the windows of the "Marble" hall is quite light. It is represented by fabrics of blue and white colors that blend perfectly with each other.

St. Sofia Perovskaya


This hall is often mentioned in the description of the restaurant "Empire" (Ufa). It is small in size and, according to guests, is perfect for proms or a small banquet in honor of celebrating a birthday in a quiet family circle.

Its interior features details made in two colors: white and gold. The main decor here is a fireplace. The walls of the room are painted with beautiful patterns, on the huge windows the size of the entire wall are decorated with transparent fabrics. In their reviews of the hall, guests often mention that it has the ideal climatic equipment, which allows guests to feel comfortable in hot weather.empire restaurant ufa average bill

"The Emperor"

The huge hall in the restaurant "Empire" (Ufa) is able to become an original platform for a mass celebration. Here everything is presented in an interesting combination of white and pink colors, which are complemented by decorative objects on the walls. The interior has a huge amount of parts painted in gold, the columns are decorated with original and very high stucco moldings. The ceilings of this space are decorated with huge chandeliers that adorn the entire room.empire restaurant menu


In the restaurant "Empire" (Ufa) there is one small hall, named after the great ruler of antiquity. According to the guests, it is very convenient to organize weddings with a small number of invited guests.The interior of this space is all decorated in a combination of red and white colors. On the walls you can observe a huge number of images of the ruler, as well as other objects that are somehow connected with the history of ancient Egypt.

In the hall there is a pair of large plasma TVs, which can be broadcast.Restaurant Empire Ufa Description


Small in size, the hall "Green" is decorated in color, fully consistent with its name. It is the smallest of all the proposed options and often becomes the venue for small celebrations.

Traditionally, as in all other halls of the restaurant "Empire" (Ufa), there are several columns that serve as a successful decorative addition to the interior. On the walls here you can watch a couple of TVs, and on the ceilings - small, but very elegant chandeliers.


In the reviews about the restaurant "Empire" in Ufa, you can often find a lot of positive comments about the impressions received as a result of staying in the "Golden" Hall. According to visitors, everything here is decorated in the most luxurious form. The interior of the hall is dominated by a huge amount of gold parts, which are harmoniously combined with the white color of furniture.

This space is the largest in the whole "Empire" (restaurant in Ufa) and is two-tier. There are several balconies that are decorated with beautiful decorative stucco, the interior is decorated with luxurious white columns, and there are several huge paintings.

empire restaurant ufa

"The Empress"

If you wish to relax in the atmosphere of continuous luxury, the client is invited to hold a banquet in the "Empress" hall. In the restaurant of Ufa, it is a medium-sized space, perfectly suited for wedding ceremonies - the interior has a large luxurious place to accommodate the newlyweds.

The interior is completely made in combination of milk and peach shades, which are complemented by a large number of light textiles, as well as elegant lighting fixtures.


For each banquet, a special menu is offered. In the restaurant "Empire" it is represented by a combination of a huge number of appetizers, salads and desserts, designed, mainly for large companies. In addition, there are several options for first courses, as well as side dishes.Often, during banquets, many dishes of fish and meat, cooked on a grill and an open fire, are ordered.

The bar menu offers a wide selection of different types of alcohol: from elite to the cheapest. There are several types of soft drinks, many of which are prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant.

As for the cost, the average bill in the restaurant "Empire" (Ufa) is about 1500-2000 rubles per person.


You can visit the restaurant any day from 11 am to one in the morning. The administration recommends booking in advance for yourself a table before visiting it. You can always do this by phone number, which is listed in its official group on social networks or on the website. This can also be done electronically by filling out a special online form. In the case of a banquet, here are offered the services of a professional organizational group, where there is a photographer, videographer, presenters, best chefs, waiters and responsible administrators.

Restaurant address: Ufa, st. Sofya Perovskoy, 29 V.

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