Resort city Morshin: health resorts

In the world-famous gastroenterologicalresort Morshin all year round there are several sanatoriums and resorts in this direction. The very location of the city, near the slopes of the Carpathian mountain range at an altitude of 340 meters above sea level, among the thousands of square kilometers of pure forest, ideal for healing and for relaxation, complementing the healing process.

Morshin - resort

The effectiveness of treatment in the sanatoriums of the cityhas been confirmed for almost 140 years. During this time, hundreds of thousands of vacationers from all over the former Soviet Union and the near abroad visited the sanatoriums of Morshin. The first holiday season here was opened in 1878, as a climatic one. People came to the resort to treat respiratory organs. The mineral springs discovered in Morshin and the study of water properties allowed medical scientists to conclude that the increased content of sulphate-magnesium salts in the waters makes it possible to use them in various gastroenterological diseases. From this moment the construction of sanatoriums begins.Morshin resort health resort

Since the beginning of the 20th century Morshin with sanatoriums and health resortscalled the Galician Karlsbad or Ukrainian Karlovy Vary. Over the years, popularity in Europe is growing, as the medical base of Morshyn is not inferior to the famous resorts of Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden and Karlovy Vary. Europeans were satisfied with everything: medical procedures, picturesqueness of nature, medicinal air, prices in the sanatoriums of Morshin. And now the activity of visiting resorts and sanatoriums has not decreased. Ukrainians and their neighboring countries guests are completely satisfied with the pricing policy of the sanatoriums and treatment in them.

Infrastructure of the city

You can arrive in the city by bus, train orby private transport. There are automobile and railway stations and all communication services - communication, internet, banks, ATMs. There are outdoor areas with billiards, mini-pool, outdoor swimming pools, bars, cafes, tennis courts, salt cave and gyms. The city has a tour desk that offers excursions from a variety of topics, from ski resort Bukovel to pilgrimage to Maniavsky Skete and Pochaev Lavra. Near the city there are lakes, very popular among visitors to rest and treatment of people. The water is clean, as well as in the sources, medical, that's why the sanatorium doctors recommend bathing in them.morshin saturator

Morshin: a resort and a sanatorium

There are severalboarding houses. The most famous are the "Marble Palace", "Kiev Plus", "Morshinsky", "Dniester". All these sanatoriums have one focus - healing with the help of mineral waters, mud treatment and natural climate. The only thing that distinguishes these sanatoriums is the level of comfort of living. This is reflected in the cost of permits. To more comfortable and modern with a high level of service can be attributed, as patients write in reviews, Morshin's sanatorium "Marble Palace" and "Morshinsky". The procedures in all the sanatoriums of the city listed above are almost the same, that is, the passage of treatment in these sanatoriums will satisfy patients who have come to get better and receive treatment.

Sanatoriums "The Marble Palace" and "Morshinsky"

The oldest of them is "Marblepalace ", located in the center of the city, but surrounded on all sides by a picturesque forest park.In the square in front of the building of the health resort there is a pump-room of mineral waters.With the construction of the sanatorium building, various grades of marble were used, which is why this Morshin sanatorium is called the" Marble Palace ". And the sanatorium "Morshinsky" is located in a vast landscaped park with giant oaks.Morshin sanatorium prices

Basic treatment, which is prescribed by doctorssanatoria, is aimed at improving: digestive organs (liver, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas), endocrine system (thyroid and diabetes), kidneys, urinary system, male genital area, respiratory organs (ENT, asthma, bronchitis). Patients with gynecological problems and musculoskeletal system are being treated here. The modern medical base of sanatoriums provides a complete diagnosis of patients who arrived for recovery. There are several general health programs for health promotion. For accommodation we offer rooms that meet different needs of visitors.

In the sanatoriums "Marble Palace" and "Morshinsky"there are standard, luxury, junior suites, luxury with balustrade, exclusive and improved. Naturally, the cost of a trip to a sanatorium will depend on the choice of the category of accommodation. On average, accommodation in a double standard room with 3-a-day meals and procedures per day costs between $ 58 and $ resort morshina reviews

Sanatoriums Morshin "Kiev Plus" and "Dniester"

These two sanatoriums practically do not differ in any wayon provision with treatment and health improvement, arrived under the permits to patients. This is a multidisciplinary health-improving sanatorium. They, like the previous ones, are located within the city and surrounded by forest parks. The equipment of the sanatoriums is modern. The trips to Dniester and Kyiv Plus are sold in the all inclusive format, that is, the entire treatment and recreation organization is included in the cost. It remains to be surprised that the prices in these sanatoriums are moderate. So, for the same apartments in the above-mentioned sanatoriums here will pay 37 dollars.

Leaving sanatoriums, people write reviews about treatmentand rest. With words of gratitude, those who leave for the medical staff and the maid serving them live. I like food, especially Ukrainian cuisine, and organization of rest. That's why grateful patients come here every year to improve their health.

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