Resort "Arshan", Buryatia: how to get to the sanatorium, reviews of treatment

“Arshan” in Buryat means “healing water”. The wonderful resort of the same name is located in the Tunkinsky district of the republic. Over the past few years, Buryatia has become a competitive tourist region due to its natural, historical and cultural attractions, and well-established service. Arshan resort is one of the most popular in the region and is second only to Lake Baikal in attendance. The beauty of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, at the foot of which there is a balneo-hospital, as well as the picturesque gorge of the River Kyngarga with 12 waterfalls among the coniferous forest annually attract numerous tourists wishing to undergo a wellness treatment.

general information

The village of the same name is located at an altitude of slightly more than 890 m above sea level. Nature has endowed this land with various healing springs that come to the surface of the earth.

The first mineral spring was discovered at the end of the 19th century, and received the status of state resort Arshan in 1920. After 8 years, they began construction of sanatoriums.

Today, the resort Arshan (in the photo below) consists of two year-round sanatoriums, a children's camp, and several dozen boarding houses. Medical and health procedures in sanatoriums are carried out with the use of mineral water, balneotherapy, mud treatments, etc. Vacationers who have repeatedly visited this resort, have a strong therapeutic effect.

Resort Arshan photo

Tourists here attracts not only water, but also natural, historical and cultural sights. Waterfalls, lakes, extinct volcanoes, most interesting datsans - this is not a complete list of interesting places in the resort.

When is the best time to visit Arshan?

According to numerous reviews, the best time to visit the resort of Arshan in Buryatia is the beginning of summer (first half of June). During this period there is no frequent rain and the climatic conditions are very comfortable. Nature flourishes with a riot of colors: lush-green shrubs and medicinal herbs, wild rosemary on the mountain slopes in a delicate pink pattern.

Resort Arshan Buryatia

In July and August there is cool, rainy weather. In the high season (September - October), when it is sunny and calm, there are a lot of tourists here. At the end of September, snow is already lying on the tops of the Sayans; against the background of fallen yellow-red leaves, an incomparable landscape is obtained.

Tunkinsky valley with magical waters

This area is called "East-Siberian Switzerland", "one of the pearls of Buryatia" for the beauty of meadows and lakes, beautiful gorges of rivers flowing in the mountains, and other natural splendor.

Since ancient times, the Tunkinskaya valley is famous for its healing springs, which, according to many legends of the region, possess magical powers. Perhaps Genghis Khan himself with his army drank water from spouting sources along the way, which is why his horde had such invincible power. Fabulous comparison is understandable, because the regular consumption of such water, especially fresh (not bottled), has a strong therapeutic effect.

Arshan resort

In total, there are about 400 mineral springs in the valley, which have different degrees of mineralization, acid-base composition, temperature, radon, carbon dioxide and fluorine content.

Treatment at the spa Arshan

Many people who had a rest in this area and underwent health courses say that after the holidays they felt renewed, "born again." This is due to the complex beneficial effect on the body not only from mineral water sources, but also from mountainous ionized air mixed with pine needles, a special energy-clean area, saturated with Buddhist prayers.

Spa Arshan treatment

The main indications for complex treatment in the resort of Arshan are the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic diseases, the musculoskeletal system, genitourinary, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Preventive courses outside the period of exacerbation are also conducted.

Mineral water is used for drinking, bathing and showering, irrigation and inhalation. Mud therapy is performed using sulphide silt mud. In addition, hydromassage is done at the resort, they offer courses of hirudo and phytotherapy, visits to the sauna and swimming pool, various types of instrumental examinations.

Accommodation in sanatoriums

"Arshan" and "Sayan" are slightly different in terms of comfort.Sanatorium resort "Arshan" is represented by several residential buildings with 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-bed accommodation. There is a dining room, an indoor pool, a club, a sanitary building, a children's room, a library, and an equipment rental room.

Arshan resort sanatorium

“Sayan” is bigger and ready to receive 400 guests in a 6-storey building with well-equipped rooms, more comfortable and modern. The infrastructure is about the same. In the evenings there are also discos and concert and entertainment events.


The canteens of both sanatoriums provide guests with a balanced dietary five meals a day, which is included in the price of trips to the resort of Arshan. Meals and fish, dairy products, cereals, fresh juices, fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities are necessarily included in the diet of the guests.

If necessary, food or snacks can be purchased additionally in canteens. In the resort there are several grocery stores with drinks and other goods.

The approximate cost of a weekly rest with treatment will cost 10,000–12,000 rubles. The price of tickets to the sanatorium "Sayany" is slightly higher, this is due to the more comfortable accommodation conditions for guests.

How to brighten up leisure in sanatoriums

In addition to the wellness program and treatment courses, vacationers can enjoy a calm, measured rest. In health resorts, they usually walk a lot in a beautiful area, breathe in fresh air, sit in gazebos or on benches. You can take a fascinating novel from the library and spend your time with more benefit.

Popular among tourists enjoys a billiard room, where especially a lot of players and fans going in the evenings. For lovers of sports activities a gym is provided. After swimming in the pool there is an opportunity to visit the sauna and relax.

After dinner, the club begins entertainment shows, concert performances, smoothly turning into dancing and a disco.

Arshan: natural attractions

Sights, which are advised to visit tourists who had a rest in these parts, are a short distance from the sanatoriums. You can arrange a route on your own or contact the tour desk, where you will be taken to the most interesting places and told by exciting legends.

Resort Arshan vouchers

Of great interest is visiting the waterfalls of the mountain river Kıngargi.The water course itself is very clean, the water is cold and clear. Most often, tourists climb to the first and second waterfalls on the left bank. The trodden trail (11 km long) gradually narrows and becomes less passable. But only going further, you can see a waterfall of almost 10 m. The bottom of the river in these places is lined with polished marble of yellow and pink shades. On the way to the waterfalls, tourists pass by the Eye Spring and the Sacred Alley.

The park on the territory of the sanatorium "Arshan" is remarkable, the first plantings in it appeared in the XVIII century. Here grows the famous larch, the diameter of its trunk is more than a meter, and the age of the tree is about 5 centuries. Around numerous mineral springs with water temperature from 11aboutC to 44aboutC grow trees tied with colorful ribbons. Thus, it is customary to thank nature for its gifts in this area.

Fans of mysterious tales, as well as those who wish to wander along the shallowed Bukhota creek and through the coniferous forest, can go in search of the virgin's cup. According to legend, plunging into the water from this cup is doomed to a happy marriage and mutual love.Interesting trips to extinct volcanoes, mountain climbing to a height of more than 2000 m above sea level are organized.

Expanding horizons: cultural and historical objects

First of all, you should look at the local datsans. There are two of them: the old and the new, both are called the Highmore. New is located near the entrance to the sanatorium "Sayany", on its roof is placed the wheel of Samsara and the first listener of the Buddha - the roe deer. The old datsan is located behind the village of Arshan. Another cult "construction" of Buryats is the glade obo. People come here to worship the spirits of nature and, before they say a prayer, lay down a small hill of pebbles. Glade dotted with such small pyramids.

Recently, the Mongolian market of the resort of Arshan, where tourists are actively buying up handmade cedar souvenirs, elegant knitted cashmere products, unusual leather wallets, herbal gatherings, etc., has become very popular.

The territory of the resort can be viewed from a height of 600-700 m from the observation deck. Climbing the stairs takes about half an hour, but the magnificent panorama that opens to the gaze is worth the effort.

How to get to the resort Arshan? Guest reviews

The starting point to the destination is Irkutsk. How to get to the resort of Arshan from the city? You can do this by bus, which departs every morning from the Irkutsk bus station. Travel time is about 5 hours. To reduce the road to 3.5 hours, it is possible to go by taxi.

By train, by train, coming from Irkutsk, you need to get off at the Slyudyanka station, transfer to a public bus and travel 125 km The journey time will be 2 hours 15 minutes by train and 1 hour and 40 minutes by bus.

Resort Arshan reviews

Vacationers leave only positive reviews about the resort Arshan. On arrival home, people say that "they rested in body and soul, and nature was pleasing to the eye." Many liked organized excursions in coniferous and deciduous forests, climbing to the peak of Love and visiting the White Elder.

Absolutely everyone was pleased with their time, took with them warm memories of water, mountains, air and wonderful people of this extraordinary resort.

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