Recipe for tarragon. Tonic drink

Virtually all from childhood remember the drink tarragon. Even in modern sweet soda, which has a poisonous tinge, there is something attractive. There is always hope to feel that unforgettable taste. Well, in this regard, we are waiting for complete disappointment. However, there is a chance to make homemade tarragon. In fact, everything is very simple and takes a minimum of time. The most important thing is to find fresh grass, which is the main component. This is a tarragon, or tarragon. Alas, in our country, this plant does not grow. However, it can be purchased at the store.tarragon recipe

Basic rule

Far from everybody knows the recipe for tarragon. And very often when choosing a method of cooking make a lot of mistakes. It is necessary to immediately abandon those recipes where the grass needs to be brewed with boiling water or boil for some time. The result is tea incomprehensible brown. Even to taste it does not resemble that bright green drink. This recipe for tarragon is wrong.After such experiments it is difficult to believe that in the manufacture of the drink, you can not use dyes. However, there is still a way to make a tasty tarragon in a pleasant green color.

Just look at the leaves of the plant. They will give their flavor and juice at a temperature that is slightly higher than the temperature of the human body. But with solid stems, the situation is a little different. With this part of the plant can not stand on ceremony. Stems can boil a little, and then leave to infuse. This will make the drink more aromatic. Also worth connecting infusion of stems and infusion of leaves. The resulting drink should be placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. So the raw material will give the water more aromatic and flavoring substances.tarkhun drink

Classic Tarragon Recipe

First you need to collect all the necessary components. To prepare you will need:

  1. 200 grams of tarragon. The plant must be taken fresh.
  2. Lime - 1 pc.
  3. Lemon - 1 pc.
  4. Sugar - to taste.
  5. Boiled water - ½ cup.
  6. Boiled water - for cultivation of juice.

Cooking process

So how to cook tarragon? Tarragon must be thoroughly washed, and then sufficiently coarsely chopped. To the finished raw materials should add the juice of one lime and one lemon.The resulting composition must be diluted with boiled water, preferably at room temperature. Just half a glass of liquid is enough.

After that, the mixture must be crushed. This is best done with a blender. Now the liquid must be separated from the crushed greens. To do this, squeeze the grass and strain the resulting drink. It is best to use gauze, shifted several times.tarragon useful properties

Ready juice should be diluted with boiled water. At the same time it is necessary to observe certain proportions. For one part of the juice you need to take 4 parts of boiled water. After that you can add some sugar to the drink. That's all. Homemade tarragon - a drink that will appeal to both adults and children. Such a lemonade in the heat perfectly quenches thirst. And if you add a couple of pieces of ice to a glass, the effect will be simply unforgettable.

The composition of the tarragon

The drink is made from tarragon. In the people this plant is called tarhun. The eponymous drink made from this plant has many beneficial properties. This is due to the chemical composition of the main component - tarragon. The plant contains a huge amount of essential oil.Most of all it is in the young shoots. The percentage of essential oil is from 0.1 to 0.4%. It is worth noting that thanks to this component, the tarragon drink has such a piquant aroma and taste. The tarragon essential oil contains various compounds, including the sesquiterpene fraction, methylchavicol, p-methoxycinnamic aldehyde, otsimen, sabinen, phellandrene, myrcene. These components have a positive effect on the human body.homemade tarragon

In addition, the plant contains sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, selenium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, phytosterols, and ash. It is worth noting that the stems and leaves of tarragon are composed of many vitamins. Among them, pyridoxine - B6, niacin - PP, B3, riboflavin - B2, thiamine - B1, as well as derivatives of carotene and folic acid, ascorbic acid and others. All these beneficial substances plant gives lemonade, prepared on its basis. Therefore, tarragon is a drink not only tasty, but also useful. Drinking lemonade has a positive effect on health.

Estragon: useful properties

The drink made on the basis of tarragon has many useful properties. It contains a huge amount of vitamin C.Thanks to this component, the drink has a tonic, antiscorbutic and tonic effect. When consuming lemonade, normalization of digestion is observed, as well as stabilization of the work of the entire nervous system. It is for this reason, experts recommend to use home-made tarragon for seasonal vitamin deficiency.

It is worth noting that tarragon infusions in traditional medicine are used as an anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, antispasmodic and wound-healing agent. These qualities can be attributed to the tarragon. After all, the drink is infusion of the herb to cook tarragon

Who should not drink tarragon

Everyone can master the recipe for tarragon. However, this drink is prepared from a fresh plant, which cannot be consumed in certain cases. It is not necessary to drink tarragon for those who have peptic ulcer and stomach ulcer, gastritis with high acidity. Also, do not recommend drinking lemonade pregnant, as the infusion of tarragon can cause spontaneous abortion.


Estragon, the beneficial properties of which are determined by its main components, can be prepared at home if you wish.Of course, this requires fresh green tarragon. Find it on store shelves is not so easy. However, if desired, the plant can grow on their own. For some, it will seem a difficult process. But you can enjoy your favorite drink, which will not include synthetic components, but only natural healthy products.

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