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Reach the thought of God

This is all experience, he tells you, as the best sincere adviser: “Open your eyes, you start as always. What new do you expect to get? Wait ... wait ... don't go into it. "

My life is too cyclical and monotonous in some of the events. New job - layoff at the peak.New relationship with a quick start and a quick finish.

And now the next round. New job. And the former, who are simultaneously activated in order to communicate more closely and start something like communication, at a short distance without specific goals. Well, I, however, washed and thought for a long time, and met, and went to visit, keeping a distance. I realized that the distance is harder and harder to keep, but I don’t need it, becauseif the goals are different, then again a disaster.

But life is such that at each moment in time you weigh on the scales. More precisely, before you did not hesitate to do, and now you have started to think.This is all experience, he tells you, as the best sincere adviser: “Open your eyes, you start as always.What new do you expect to get? Wait ... wait ... don't go into it. " These spiritual wounds and traces that each left are still too clear and do not allow to forget. If you do action A, then you only get B. There is nothing new to expect. It's like in chemistry, by mixing 2 components, you already know what you can get. thereforeone should not cloud one's mind with emotions and wait for some miracle where it cannot be.

I have not run for a long time. Today, finally, yes. And what did my self tell me? It told me to let my ex-goers say to them: “You shouldn't try. It won't work. ” And it is true. I do not want to deceive myself. But I realized that I was already cheating. I do not want to be with them for fear of being alone. There is no such fear. I imposed it. I know that I still need to work on myself, andwhen the moment is right, and I will be ready, my soul will surely meet the soulmate.

And further. The spirituality that came to me with God (I hope I let him into my life, I feel and try to be truthful) helps me not to make sudden movements that will drop me several levels down.

By the way, the question of religion is ambiguous. It can not be imposed, openly teach someone and point out flaws,religion is very personalwhat you don’t always need to talk about even to your close ones, because if they haven’t reached it yet, I won’t be able to understand your thoughts of actions and your life in general. Rather, they will mourn your life and lament the fact that you could not achieve what they expected of you, they will consider you miserable, weak and lost.

People like to attribute their illnesses to others. It is their nature and the main thing for me personallylisten to God in yourself.People often try to influence the direction of your thoughts and actions, pursue their goals and have their own motives, without knowing it. Especially parents, often they are the closest and loudest of all of you, “heal” and “maim”.

But now it helps me, including sports,come to your thoughts, to come to the thoughts that the light forces reveal to me for the fact that I search for them and do not buy at affordable prices.

I am learning to face it. This truth, it does not have to be beautiful and sweet.It is like nature itself, with rain, snow, frost and sun, and blue skies, sunsets and sunrises.

The world is the ability to accept all the weather of your soul and the world around.Only with people, I still do not understand how to be. What can I give them, what should I take from them.It is not always when they give, need or want to take. And if a person offers a relationship at a low level, because he himself still does not reach a higher level, then he will not be raised to his higher level, because you accept the rules of the game of his lower level. From your rules, he can not get satisfaction, because the frequencies of your world will not coincide with his personal ones. Two such people, again crippled by rupture and loss of energy, will disperse in different directions with another coin of sin in the piggy bank of their lives. I took a break.I need to understand God.

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