Radio Jazz: frequency and features

There are several radio stations that broadcast only in selected cities of our country, although they could have fans in any corner of it. The most striking example of this is Radio Jazz, the frequency of its broadcasting for Moscow is 89.1 FM, but it’s pointless to try to tune it in Khabarovsk or Chita.

Station start up

radio jazz frequencyThis radio was conceived for those who prefer classic jazz and want to learn more about this direction. The station began broadcasting in 2002, but since then it has had to go through difficulties. Today, every fifteenth resident of Moscow and the region knows the frequency of Radio Jazz. It is very popular, because only high-quality jazz music is played on it. At the same time, the air is replenished daily with new compositions, which are selected by the program director and editor. They have to recycle a lot of material in order to choose decent tracks.

Now in several cities you can listen to the radio "Jazz", you need to adjust the frequency for this: for Moscow and the region - 89.1, in Dimitrovgrad of the Ulyanovsk region - 99.1, in Tomsk - 99.6, in Veliky Novgorod - 100.0 FM.If you live in another corner of our country, you can listen to the station’s programs via the Internet.

Change of copyright holder

radio jazz what frequencyIn 2014, the radio passed to the new copyright holder. In connection with this, there were a lot of rumors about changing the format, canceling favorite programs. But representatives of the company Multimedia Holding were quick to reassure the station fans. The frequency of the radio "Jazz" has remained unchanged, but nothing has changed in the air. As before, the listeners are selected compositions that are recorded qualitatively and are suitable for topics.

According to the new owners, it is important to preserve the legacy of the station. Modern jazz compositions are added to the air smoothly, in the framework of thematic programs. Additionally, on the air you can hear songs in styles: funk, soul, rhythm and blues. For those who want to listen to quiet music, the program "Time for Blues" is launched. They do not need the fans to ask about the frequency of the radio "Jazz", so the broadcast is in the same range as before.

For what category of people does the station broadcast

First of all, the radio "Jazz" will appeal to those who prefer this genre of music and follow the concerts that are held in Moscow and other cities of our country.The programs of the radio station allow you to know the venue of events and the release of new albums of modern jazz artists.

Employees of the station name representatives of intelligent and creative professions aged from 25 to 65 years old as their target audience. Mostly radio "Jazz" like men. They listen to him on the road, in the car and in the office. Not so long ago, the monthly audience coverage exceeded 1.7 million people (this was the figure for the Moscow region).

Development prospects

frequency radio jazz fmUnlike many other stations, this radio does not plan to switch completely to Internet broadcasting. The frequency of the radio "Jazz" (FM) does not become empty over time. In the coming years, it is planned to launch broadcasting in new cities: in Sevastopol, Samara and Arkhangelsk. There, students will also be able to no longer use the Internet to enjoy jazz compositions. The choice of cities is not accidental. According to surveys conducted by the station management staff, it is the listeners from these localities who have an interest in jazz music. They often attend concerts and listen to the station's programs via the Internet.

Since 2014, the radio station annually hosts a concert “All the colors of jazz”. This is a very significant event, which means a lot to representatives of the jazz scene. Both stage masters and young performers who are just taking the first steps in music come to the concert concert. Those who managed to prove themselves during the year are given the same-name award.

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