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One of the most visited places in Canada is Quebec. The city, which is so called, is located in the province of the same name. For its history and sights that can be visited within this site, read the article.


Many words have multiple meanings. The same happened with the word "Quebec". The city is just one of two places on the map that have the same name. The province in which the French have lived since ancient times is also known as "Quebec".

A similar fate befell a lot of geographical names. For example, Moscow is not only a large city-capital of Russia, but also a famous river.


Both the province and the city are located in Canada. To be precise, in the northeastern part of the continent called North America. Interestingly, France occupies an area three times smaller than Quebec.

Where is the city of Quebec

The province includes such regions as Charlevoix, Lawrence and Estri.They are a huge number of stunningly beautiful lakes and mountains. The valleys and plains near the St. Lawrence River and Lake Saint-Jean attract many tourists with their views.

Where is the city of Quebec? On the territory of the province of the same name, which is famous for its landscape. So, the fascinating coast of Sagene and Gaspezi are very popular places that are valued for peace and comfort.


There are a large number of large provinces and colonies. So, one of them is three times larger than France, and this is Quebec. This province lies on the territory of one and a half million square kilometers. It borders with other similar regions, such as New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Ontario. In addition, some states of America are also "neighbors" of Quebec. These are Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Maine.

Cities Quebec

The province includes a large number of fairly large cities. Of course, there are small ones. However, some localities are considered the most important. So, here are the cities of Quebec:

  • Montreal - the largest settlement outside France, which is spoken in French.
  • Actually Quebec - the capital of the province.It is about this city will be discussed in this article.

Of course, this is not all cities that are part of the province of Quebec. In fact, they are much more. Québec and Montreal are simply considered the most important for the area, that's all.


By the adjective "French", which is often used next to the words "Province of Quebec", it is possible to understand in which language all the conversations in this place are conducted. Indeed, French is the official language of the province. In general, only Quebec is a city in Canada where the use of this language is fixed by law. French is used in everyday communication, on television and in cinemas, in shops and restaurants.

However, it is interesting that the native French do not consider the language spoken by the inhabitants of the province of Quebec to be correct. They are convinced that it was still influenced, because of which some aspects of it were changed. So people from France prefer to stay in Toronto.

Quebec City

Canada - a country in which there are many cities rich in history. Quebec in translation from the Indian language means "the place where the river narrows."This town appeared on the map in 1608, not far from the settlement of the Iroquois tribe. Then it became the capital of the French province and became the cradle of North America.


As it was said earlier, Quebec (a photo of the city is presented in the article) appeared in 1608. The development of the village went fast. So, in 1688 a church was built here called Notre-Dame de Victoire. It is currently known for being the oldest stone church in North America.

Quebec City Photos

Subsequently, the French began to come here. They built the city with new houses. It so happened that the territories belonging to the Indians were given over to the possession of the European nation. They were called New France - a colony of the ruler of the state of Louis XIV. To protect the province, European warriors were sent to its territory, and with them came the missionaries who dreamed of converting the Indians to their faith. That is how Christianity came to Quebec.

Despite the fact that the British did not once attempt to seize the settlement, they succeeded only in 1759.It was then that the French colony turned into a powerful fortress.

What did the city look like before?

Quebec is a city with a rich (by the standards of North America) history. It has been performing its function for the past four centuries. Initially, it was small, but very quickly thousands of people moved into the settlement, who decided to build a “new” France.

Quebec City

Since the inhabitants of the city were often attacked by the British, its upper part was enclosed by a stone wall capable of withstanding the onslaught of the enemy. Inside the fortress looked very nice and cozy: small houses nestled to each other. The streets squirmed heavily, leading ordinary citizens to the majestic castles. Interestingly, Old Quebec is a city included in the list of cultural heritage, which is compiled by UNESCO.


Many people from all over the world visit Quebec - a city whose attractions are known all over the world. For example, an altar made in an elaborate baroque style was previously used in the Ursuline monastery. Marie de l’Incarnacion, a Frenchwoman and a colonist, founded it. Until now, it has a special school of Ursulines.In parallel, the monastery with the altar is a very popular place in Quebec.

Another famous point on the map of the city is, of course, the Hotel Chateau-Frontenac. It was built in the late 19th century, not far from the local cathedral. The castle complex includes an alley called Dufferin, on which many people recognize Quebec city in their photos.

Quebec City Canada photo

Canada (the country’s photo on the map is presented in this article) has its own symbols, and the capital of the French province is no exception. One of the most famous emblems of the city is Château-Frontenac Castle, which has become an expensive hotel. It is easily recognized by tourists, because this place is constantly becoming an object for photography.

Of course, this is not all the sights of Quebec. However, these places are the most visited among tourists who come here annually.

The cultural program

Any self-respecting tourist must make a list in advance of the places he wants to visit. It is also necessary to make notes about those events and festivals in which I want to take part.

This article describes the sights and cultural buildings that can be included in the list of places to visit.

  • Aquarium. Its area is 16 hectares.It was founded almost fifty years ago, at the same time when a biological center appeared in Quebec. Here are collected three hundred species of animals that live in the sea. And near the zoo.
  • Museums. Since Quebec is a city with a rich history, there are a large number of museums on its territory. There are so many of them that three days are not enough to visit them all.
  • Parc de Shan de Bataille. This place is used as a venue for open-air concerts, that is, those that are organized in the open air. In addition, there are many monuments, fountains. Even the Museum of Quebec is in this park. And also, by going to the Parc de Champ de Bataille, you can visit Paul Abraham - the place where the battle once took place, which put an end to the domination of France over the province of Quebec.

City districts

Interesting, but the capital of Quebec is a significant city, but small. It is one of the oldest settlements in North America. This can be understood by the narrow steep streets, a powerful fortress wall, which is still preserved. The Latin Quarter and the Jesuit monasteries also suggest that this city has a long history.

Quebec City Canada

It is divided into two parts - Upper and Lower. They separate new, more modern places from pure medieval buildings. So, in Upper Quebec, you can ride on these carts, see the horses that pull the carts. Here is the historical heart of the city. Lower Quebec is a place that would be familiar to modern man. The bulk of boutiques, restaurants, shops and cafes are concentrated here.


In both areas of the city, it is customary to travel by bicycle. There is a well-developed network of bicycle paths through which you can easily get to any attraction or get into a quiet and cozy park. Such popularity of cycling is due to the fact that the Old Town is almost not suitable for driving by car, because its roads are paved with cobblestones, and the movement here is one-way. In narrow streets it is very difficult to find a parking place.

In New, Lower Quebec, it is quite convenient to move by car. However, people are constantly torn between the Upper and Lower parts of the city, so almost every day it is not very comfortable to change transport. That is why in New Quebec it is customary to ride bicycles.

How to get there?

Quebec is not the city where you can fly direct from Russia. However, it can be reached with transfers. They will be made in Paris, Frankfurt am Main, Warsaw or New York (the city, of course, and not the state). This way will take about 17 hours.

Jean Lesange Airport is located 11 kilometers from the city. It was built in ten years, in the interval between 1929 and 1939. The first flight here was made in 1941. Since then, it has functioned smoothly, and in 2008 it was reconstructed, as a result of which it acquired a new, modern look.

Quebec City in Canada photo

The journey by car from the airport to Quebec takes less than half an hour, or to be more precise - 20 minutes. It can also be done on a city bus, which regularly brings tourists directly to the city center.

Trails for cars are a link between many large cities that are located near Quebec. For example, from New York or Toronto can be reached here in just a quarter of a day, that is, in six hours. There are intercity trains. The local railway station is very unusual, which attracts the attention of many tourists.

In the summer, ferries operate, which in seven hours can take everyone to a place called Quebec. The city in Canada, the photo of which is presented in the article, is very often visited by tourists, so it is easy to get to it. One has only to want!

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