The drug "Pulmobriz": instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Bronchopulmonary diseases occupy the highest percentage among all the others. Especially people are exposed to them in the cold season. There are many drugs to cure these ailments. One of these drugs is “Pulmobriz”. Instructions for use to it describes in detail all the nuances of admission.

Composition and release form

The drug "Pulmobiz" contains in its composition two active substances - acetylcysteine ​​and ambroxol hydrochloride. Even when creating dosage forms, a number of auxiliary components were involved. The medicine is produced in the form of tablets and powder, packed in sachets. The drug is enclosed in a cardboard box, where there may be 10, 20 sachets or 20 tablets of the drug "Pulmoriz." Instructions for use are in the box with the medicine.

Pharmacological properties

The action of the drug "Pulmobiz"Instructions for use of which should be pre-read, based on the combined effects of two active substances.

pulmobriz instructions for use

Ambroxol hydrochloride in the composition of the preparation has expectorant and mucolytic activity, has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immunostimulating effects, helps fight cough activates serous cells mucosal respiratory system, increases the production of secretions, changes the proportionality serous cells, leads to normal rheological quality sputum reduces the viscosity .

The tool activates the activity of the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi, prevents it from sticking together, and accelerates mucociliary sputum release. In addition, the active component increases the content of surfactant in the pulmonary system, prevents its destruction in the pneumocytes, does not provoke bronchial obstruction and improves the work of external respiration. The action of the drug reduces the hyperreactivity of the bronchial muscle tissue in patients with asthma. During the use of the drug cough decreases and sputum decreases.

Acetylcysteine ​​in the composition of the drug exhibits expectorant and mucolytic action.By means of the free sulfhydryl group, the sputum mucopolysaccharides bisulfide compounds are interrupted. Reduces viscosity of bronchial secretions and increases mucociliary clearance. It has antioxidant properties and binds free radicals together. It increases the synthesis of glutathione, which is manifested as a result of detoxification, therefore acetylcysteine ​​is often used in therapy for acute poisoning with medical devices such as paracetamol, aldehyde, and phenol.

Indications for use of medication

The drug "Pulmobriz" instructions for use is recommended to use only after consulting a doctor. The drug is used in the treatment of acute and chronic pathologies of the bronchopulmonary system, the occurrence of which is due to a violation of the production of bronchial secretion and its withdrawal. Prescribe medication for bronchitis in the acute and chronic stages of development.

pulmoriz tablets instructions for use

The indications for use are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, bronchiectasis. Doctors prescribe medication for bronchial asthma, laryngitis, cystic fibrosis and tracheitis.Use the drug in the syndrome of "shock lung" in the adult population. Applied with surgery on the lung, during the care of a tracheostomy both before the procedure of bronchoscopy, and after it.


Details describes all the contraindications to taking the drug "Pulmoriz" (pills) instructions for use. Thus, the drug should not be taken in case of hypersensitivity to ambroxol, acetylcysteine, or additional elements that are part of the drug. A ban to receive is a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, which is in the acute stage. Do not prescribe a drug for hemoptysis, as well as for pulmonary hemorrhage. Do not take the tool to children under twelve years of age.

Data on the effects of active substances on the development of the fetus is not. Therefore, it is not recommended to use Pulmobriz for pregnant women in the first trimester, and in the second and third trimesters, the drug is used only with the permission of the doctor if the benefits to the mother are several times greater than the potential risk for the unborn child.

The active components of the drug penetrate into breast milk. Because of this, you should refrain from treatment with this agent during lactation, and it is better to stop breastfeeding for the duration of therapy.

Dosage and administration

It should be taken orally after meals powder in sachet bags or Pulmobriz pills. Tablets instructions for use recommends drinking three times a day, one at a time. Do not exceed the specified dose. Without a prescription, the drug "Pulmobriz" is consumed for no more than 5-7 days.

pill pulmoriz instruction

Powder instructions for use advises diluted in half a glass of water and immediately drink. Adults and children are prescribed one sachet package three times a day. To rule out overdose symptoms, do not exceed the indicated dose. The duration of therapy without consulting a doctor should not exceed 5 days.

Side effects

Powder and tablets "Pulmobriz" instruction recommends using only after reading the contraindications and side effects. So, during treatment, the symptoms of the body’s defense system may experience hypersensitivity, which is expressed in anaphylactic manifestations, including shock. Manifestation of urticaria, rash on the skin, various reactions on mucous membranes. Patients had angioedema, fever, itching and dyspnea, as well as other body reactions.

On the skin during treatment, eczema and erythema are manifested; severe lesions of the dermis, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and Lyell's syndrome, are not excluded. When using the drug, malfunctions on the part of the digestive system were sometimes noted: dryness in the oral cavity, copious saliva, heartburn, nausea. Some patients were bothered by the gag reflex, dyspepsia, and abdominal pain. Sometimes there was stomatitis, diarrhea and constipation, there was an unpleasant smell from the mouth.

pulmoriz guide

During therapy, the respiratory system may be affected. In rare cases, worries rhinorrhea, increased dryness of the respiratory tract, there are lung spasms. Even among the side effects was recorded dysuria, ringing in the auricles, headache, arterial hypotension, tachycardia.

The use of acetylcysteine ​​rarely provoked bleeding, and if they did occur, then with hypersensitivity to the drug. In rare cases, hemorrhage and anemia are possible, as well as a decrease in the level of platelet aggregation, but this reaction has not been clinically confirmed in the study of the drug Pulmoriz.Instructions for the use of sachets warns that the powder can cause a mild laxative effect due to the presence of mannitol.

special instructions

You should immediately stop taking the medication "Pulmobiz" (the instruction warns about this) if Stevens-Johnson and Lyell syndromes have appeared. The occurrence of this symptom is associated with the reaction of the skin and mucous membranes to taking Ambroxol hydrochloride or acetylcysteine. Since Ambroxol increases mucus production, the drug should be used with extreme caution if there is a violation of bronchial motility and excessive mucus production occurs. Acetylcysteinum dilutes a bronchial secret. If the patient cannot cough up the sputum that will be formed, then postural drainage is needed, as well as bronchoaspiration.

pulmobreeze instructions for use reviews analogs

The drug should be used with caution by people suffering from bronchial asthma, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, in history. This also applies to patients with severe kidney and liver diseases. In individuals with renal insufficiency, metabolites formed in the liver organ may be collected.Powder Pulmobriz contains aspartame related to the source of phenylalanine, therefore, the drug can not be used in patients with phenylketonuria.


There is no information about an overdose of acetylcysteine ​​intended for oral use. Ambroxol is well tolerated by patients after parenteral administration, if the dosage does not exceed 15 mg / kg / day. This substance does not cause symptoms of overdose and when taken orally up to 25 mg / kg / day. In the event of an overdose reaction with ambroxol, severe intoxication does not occur. There is a short-term unreasonable anxiety, hypersalivation and diarrhea. In children, hypersecretion is possible.

Interaction with other drugs

"Pulmobiz" enhances the effect of other bronchodilators. Acetylcysteine ​​in the composition of this drug reduces the hepatotoxic properties of paracetamol. May act as a cysteine ​​donor. Increases the amount of glutathione responsible for the removal of toxins from the body.

With the use of ambroxol, the saturation in the sputum and bronchi of antibiotics increases.The use of several cough preparations at once often causes excessive accumulation of mucus due to the inhibition of the cough reflex. Consequently, the combination of such drugs should be prescribed and monitored by a doctor, applied only after assessing the expected benefits and possible harm to health.

The simultaneous use of the drug with antibiotics tetracycline reduces the effective effects of both funds. In this case, it is necessary to maintain the interval between the use of these drugs for at least two hours. This applies to antibiotics from other groups.

pulmoriz sachet instruction manual

Acceptance of activated carbon lowers the action of acetylcysteine. Nitroglycerin, taken along with acetylcysteine, increases the vasodilating properties of the first.
Acetylcysteine ​​affects histamine metabolism. Prolonged treatment should not be prescribed to patients with histamine intolerance, since an intolerance reaction in the form of headache, rhinitis or itching may occur.

Warns that sulphides may form when metal utensils come into contact with Pulmobriz (powder), instructions. These formations have an unpleasant odor.To prevent this from happening, the powder should be dissolved only in glassware.

Shelf life and storage rules

The shelf life of the drug is 3 years from the date of its production. The drug is stored in its original packaging in a dry and cool place, protected from children, at a temperature of not more than 25 ° C.


It draws attention to the fact that in the event of side effects it is necessary to replace the tool “Pulmobriz”, instructions for use. Analogs will always help pick a doctor. There are a lot of medicines similar in their action to Pulmobiz. The following are the most popular ones:

  • "Helpex Breeze."
  • Milistan.
  • "Ambrobene".
  • "Ambrosan".
  • "ACC".
  • "Bromhexine".
  • "Lasolvan".
  • "Flyudithek."
  • Abrol.
  • "Bronchoval."
  • "Pectolvan C."

pulmobriz instructions for use analogues

The names of the above preparations are given solely for information, but not for the purpose of self-administration.

Patient Reviews

Subject to mandatory familiarization before taking the drug "Pulmobriz" instructions for use. Reviews note that the drug gives a good effect both in complex treatment of the upper respiratory tract and in case of individual use.On the third day, the cough becomes wet, and the phlegm goes away. After five days of use, the cough disappears completely.

Some believe that the medicine should be taken immediately, at the first sign of a cold, and in a neglected state it gives a weak effect. Says that you can not take more than seven days means "Pulmobriz", instructions for use. Reviews analogues of this drug are considered less effective. Buyers claim they are more expensive.

There are negative opinions that the medicine does not help cure the common cold and cough, but only aggravates the disease, makes the cough heavier and dry, thickens the sputum, does not allow it to leave, has an unpleasant smell.

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