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Irina Mlodik - psychologist and psychotherapist in the regionchild-parent relations. The basis of its activities are practical studies of the interaction of an adult with a child. Irina Mladik conducts individual and group classes with children, advises parents on the upbringing and development of toddlers, and creates educational programs. It is often asked for help when the situation is already out of control. Mlodik can always give useful advice, help to find a constructive solution.

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The inner world of a small person isa special dimension that Irina considers extremely important for the formation of the personality as a whole. The psychologist has repeatedly voiced the idea that as a child is treated as a child, what emotions he is experiencing, so further this person will go through life. Hence, from the parents, educators and teachers, it depends on how the child will grow up. Will he be cheerful, cheerful, or withdrawn, sullen?

Irina Mladik. Biography

Was born on November 6, 1966. Since childhood, she was very calm, but she was a very painful girl. Irina Mlodik for a long time was in the inner search and could not decide which profession to choose. She wanted to learn a lot, try her hand at various fields. By education she is a chemical engineer, however, while studying at the institute, in the future profession the girl herself imagined little. She always liked to develop her thoughts in writing, she dreamed of creating books and helping people.

irina molodik biography

Years later her youthful dreams were fulfilled: there was an opportunity to publish, publish available manuscripts, work as a psychotherapist. Irina Mladik came to psychology at a fairly mature age. The choice was conscious and wise. Today she is a very famous person and a sought-after professional with a world-wide reputation. I would like to note to curious readers that Vitorgan's wife has nothing to do with her. Irina Mlodik is a talented specialist working in the field of Gestalt therapy. In this article, the main topics and directions will be considered, within the framework of which consultations, seminars and lectures on family psychology are held with her participation.

The right to emotions

As already mentioned, in the center of the wholeIrina's activities are the relationship of the parent with the child. The interaction of such a plan can not be simple, it necessarily implies the existence of specific conflicts, clashes and significant contradictions.

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First of all, a parent needs to understand onething: everyone has the right to experience emotions, including negative ones. In this there is nothing strange and reprehensible. You can not scold children just because they are annoyed or make them play a role. Such a kid simply ceases to adequately perceive himself, he may have a low self-esteem. This is what Irina Mlodik says. Children very thinly feel falsity, but because of their age they can not yet resist the aggressive manifestations that they meet on their way. They become unwitting witnesses to the relationship between parents, participants in those events, which can not be influenced.

How to deal with anger?

If the mother is irritated by her sonor daughter, she needs to realize that these are just feelings that you need to work with. There is no use in blaming and scolding yourself, you need to start looking for the root of the problem. This is the only way to eliminate the available voltage. Forgive yourself - this is the first step to internal healing.

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Very often the conflict arises because,that mother devotes much time to her husband and child, thereby forgetting about their own needs and needs. As a result, she becomes irritable and unnecessarily emotional. Otherwise, it could not happen: the woman gave all attention to close people. Find the source of the problem and try to resolve the conflict better than constantly living in accusations and aggression.

Family conflicts and child

Often a little man becomes a witnessparents quarrel. He absorbs their model of behavior and in the future copies the heard phrases, the manner to behave. Many couples who are married try to hide a bad mood from the child, but this is also an incorrect behavior. The best way to maintain trust within the family is to talk about your feelings. The child will still notice changes in the state of mind of the mother and father, and if they pretend that everything is in order, then this will lead him to the idea of ​​deception.

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Family conflicts should not be addressed in a child,but you do not need to create an unnecessarily artificial atmosphere when whole "performances" are played out with the aim of diverting attention from the main thing, from the very essence of what is happening. The kid should understand that mom can experience pain, joy, anger, surprise, disappointment.

Parental manipulation

How often does the mother and father resort toa child to a conscious or unconscious way to get from him a certain result. Manipulation is a very fast and effective method to influence what you want to change. Parents often affect such feelings of the child as fear, shame, guilt.

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Say, if the son or daughter did not clean uptoys or refuse to dress, the father can say: "Good, obedient children do not do that!" We must understand that the baby does not want to feel bad, and he is capable of much, just to justify the trust in the eyes of the closest people. You can not manipulate the feelings of your own child. After all, this means traumatizing his psyche, breaking already established ideas about the world and himself.


Unfortunately, the conditions of modern realitysuch that educational institutions are not always a safe and comfortable place. A child who is offended at school can be recognized immediately. However, teachers often pretend that nothing serious is happening. Parents should pay attention to the alarming "bells", when the kid does not tell anything about what is happening in the classroom, does not want to go to school in the morning, refuses from unscheduled activities. All these signs may indicate deep personal experiences. Rarely, anyone immediately confesses to parents that they are being bullied by classmates. Children are afraid that they will be considered incapable of independently influencing the situation.

What is the best way to proceed? First of all, to understand the origins of the conflict. It is extremely necessary to bring the child to a personal confidential conversation, to provide him with timely support. Parents need to show special vigilance and protect their child in a difficult situation. You can not leave everything to itself, otherwise the consequences can be unpredictable.

Mladik Irina. Reviews

Parents, with whom the psychologist worked, noteher natural gift to help people overcome difficulties. Many who have passed her consultations and seminars, realize the reasons for their hidden feelings and radically change their behavior. Without a doubt, Irina approaches her activities with her soul, she does a lot of self-education, she constantly improves her work. She is sure that if everyone starts with an analysis of their feelings, then life will become much easier.

Instead of concluding

Irina Mlodik is a talented specialist of her ownaffairs, the author of several popular and useful books, effective methods of self-development. She should learn how to build a harmonious and trusting relationship with herself, children and family.

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