Drug "Avodart": reviews. Who was treated with Avodart? Indications, instructions for use, analogues

One of the most frequent problems that men face is prostate adenoma. Doctors call this disease also "benign hyperplasia." Medication is often successful. But only when using good effective drugs.

For example, Avodart medicine has received very good reviews from patients. Who was treated with this remedy and how effective is it? Such a question at various kinds of specialized forums can be heard quite often. Further in the article we will consider what, in fact, represents this means, how to take it and what opinion about it has developed among patients and doctors.

Composition and release form

Quite good reviews of consumers drug "Avodart" deserved primarily for the convenience of reception. It is supplied to pharmacies most often in soft gelatin capsules.The main active ingredient of the drug "Avodart" is the enzyme dutasteride. The latter blocks the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, androgen, which stimulates the growth of the prostate gland.

Each capsule of this medication contains 500 µg of active ingredient. In addition to dutasteride, the Avodart preparation includes such components as butylhydroxytoluene and capric / caprylic acid di-and monoglycerides. The capsule shell consists of gelatin, titanium dioxide, glycerol, iron oxide and some other substances.

Avodart reviews who were treated

The international name of this medicine is “Dutasterid”. Currently, the drug Avodart is supplied to the Russian market mainly from France. The manufacturer of this medication is the widely known pharmaceutical company "Cardinal Health".

In what cases is assigned

Doctors to their patients are prescribed this remedy for the treatment of mainly severe and moderate benign hyperplasia. Also, Avodart deserved good reviews and as a prophylactic agent at risk of acute urinary retention.

Very often, this medication is prescribed simultaneously with alpha1-blockers.This combination effectively stops the progression of hyperplasia. Usually, Tamsulosin is used in such cases with Avodarta.

The advantages of “Avodarta” patients and doctors include the fact that in its application:

  • inflammatory processes are blocked;
  • pain disappears;
  • other symptoms are alleviated.

The possibility of appointment to older people is also something for which the good Avodart tool has earned feedback. Those who have already been treated with this drug, note the fact that it does not have any negative effect on the general state of the body.


An excellent opinion about this modern drug in patients suffering from prostate adenoma has also been formed because it can be taken by almost all men. A contraindication to its use is only intolerance to the constituent components.

Avodart instructions for use

Men who suffer from diseases of the liver, this medicine should be drunk with caution. The fact is that the agent is metabolized in this organ. And the time of its half-life is as much as five weeks.

Women and children can not take this medication. After all, the remedy is hormonal.Pregnant women are not recommended even to take it in hand. The fact is that the medicine "Avodart" is able to penetrate the body including through the skin. It also passes through the placenta quite easily. Getting it into the body of the fetus can lead to disruption of the development of the genital organs.

What side effects can cause

To take the drug "Avodart" should only be prescribed by a doctor. The fact is that this medicine in some cases may have a negative effect on the patient's body. Cause "Avodart" side effects may include:

  • decreased libido;
  • pruritus, urticaria (with allergies);
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • testicular pain;
  • localized swelling;
  • gynecomastia;
  • hypertrichosis and alopecia;
  • depression.

The list of side effects of the drug "Avodart" is quite wide. However, there are any negative symptoms when using this drug quite rarely. Avodart medicine is not suitable for only about 1 patient out of 10,000. Thanks to this feature, this tool also, of course, deserved excellent reviews from patients and doctors.

Avodart analogues

Consumers have a good opinion about this medicine also because it can be drunk even in case of kidney failure. Moreover, the dose adjustment in this case is not required.This drug also has no negative effect on attention concentration. Driving a car, for example, when taking Avodarta is allowed.


Of course, it is necessary to drink this drug, strictly following the recommendations of the doctor. However, one of the features of this medication is that overdosing it does not increase the side effects. Including for this, there are mostly only good reviews about the drug "Avodart". Who was treated with Avodart is usually noted in terms of an accidental overdose of his almost complete safety. The fact is that even, for example, a long-term intake of this medication in an amount 10 times higher than the permissible norm practically does not affect the health of patients.

Medication Avodart: instructions for use

The recommended dosage of this drug is 1 capsule 0.5 mg once a day. Swallow gelatinous "shell" put entirely. Chew or open it can not be. The contents of the capsule can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx.

Drinking medicine "Avodart" is allowed at any time of the day. It does not depend on food in any way.A positive effect in patients drinking it can be observed within a few days after the start of treatment. However, the symptoms of prostate adenoma disappear when using this medication no earlier than after 6 months.

special instructions

That such exists for the drug "Avodart" instructions for use. A special indication to its use is also the fact that before starting treatment the patient must undergo a full examination. The fact is that it is possible to take Avodart medication only with the benign nature of a prostate tumor.

It is imperative to undergo examinations during the course using this tool. Indeed, sometimes benign formations can be transformed into malignant ones. If this happens, the Avodart medication should be stopped immediately.

avodart medicine

Interaction with other drugs

The possibility of using it simultaneously with any other medicines is also something for which Avodart has earned reviews that are different from patients. Who was treated with the use of modern medicine "Avodart"? Such a question, since the drug is new, on the Web, patients are asked quite often.And responding to it, those patients with whom he had already been prescribed by doctors noted that they were allowed to take it in parallel with any other therapy. In clinical trials of this drug, it was revealed only that its action is capable of enhancing inhibitors of CYP 3A4. However, it is believed that this does not have special clinical significance due to the wide range of safety of dutasteride.

The drug "Avodart": analogues and price

A rather high cost is, in the opinion of many patients, perhaps the biggest minus of this medicine. Avodart capsules can be supplied to pharmacies packaged in 30 or 90 pieces. In the first case, the cost of the drug is about 1500-2000 p. depending on the supplier. Over 90 capsules will need to give about 3500-4000 p.

how to take avodart

Thus, far from all patients can take Avodart. Its cost is high, and therefore many patients are interested in including whether there are any inexpensive analogues of this drug available today. Such drugs in pharmacies today, fortunately, are sold. Synods of Avodarta does not offer a modern pharmaceutical market. No other drugs based on dutasteride are currently supplied to Russia.However, drugs with similar pharmacological effects are still available on the market.

What can you replace, if necessary, "Avodart"? Analogues of cheap it on the market are, for example, such:

  • "Penester" (450 p. For 30 pieces);
  • "Alfinale" (360 p. For 30 pieces);
  • "Prosterid" (760 r for 28 capsules).

Drug reviews

How to take "Avodart" and what its analogues are on the market, we found out. The drug is, as you can see, quite effective. This fact and the testimony of many patients about it confirm this. Most patients noted the normalization of the state after a few days of taking the drug Avodart. After prolonged treatment, judging by the reviews, the PSA (tumor marker) indicator in patients is significantly reduced. Urine, as noted by many patients, when taking this medication begins to go completely free and on time.

Avodart doctors reviews

Many patients believe that a weakness of this medication is that it reduces erection. However, this basically happens only in the first months of taking Avodarta. Usually after 60-90 days, the life of patients is fully normalized.

Doctors themselves also mostly praise the drug Avodart. Reviews of doctors about him are, at most, quite good.According to experts, this medicine is much more effective than many other modern medicines used in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland.

The disadvantages of this medication patients primarily include its high cost. By the effectiveness of this drug is superior to many others with the same pharmacological appointment. Cheap generics, however, since the tool is relatively new, in the domestic market, as already mentioned, does not exist.

Instead of conclusion

The conclusion from the above can be made as follows. Avodart medicine is really very effective. Judging by the reviews, sometimes it even helps to avoid surgery. In any case, the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate this remedy relieves just fine. The undoubted advantages of this medication include the fact that it has practically no contraindications and rarely causes side effects. That is, use it in the treatment of the prostate is definitely.

avodart side effects

It is believed that it is undesirable to take this tool only when planning a child. Also, when using this drug, a man should exclude sex with pregnant women.The rest of the reception of this modern effective medicine on the patient does not impose any restrictions.

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