Pomegranate Juicer: Which is Better?

Almost all people know how extraordinarily useful He has an unusual tart and pleasant taste. But the trouble is that due to the presence in the fruit of a large number of small bones, it is very difficult to get the juice. A pomegranate juicer comes to the rescue.

Manual Juicer

As a budget option for a healthy drink, they often use the usual citrus juicer. You just need to cut the grenade with a sharp knife in half and put it on the cone of the device. Then you should press on the fruit, applying physical force, and twist it slightly from side to side. Also, the manual grenade juicer may have the appearance of a press. Fruit is laid in it and crushed between two lobes.pomegranate juice extractor

Juice extractor for pomegranate of an average price category

Another great way to get a drink is a screw juicer. The device looks like a meat grinder: it is necessary to put fruit into the socket and, having twisted the handle, to let it through the auger. Do not forget to peel the fruit and white partitions, if you do not want to get too bitter juice.

In the middle price range you will find improved juice extractor presses. Juice will turn out pure and almost without pulp. Such a device looks like a microscope. You put a half of the fruit on its cone, lower the lever (without the use of physical force), and the juice calmly flows into the container below. But you should know that you can not lower the lever very sharply, otherwise you risk splashing the whole kitchen with bright red and badly rubbed spots. Also, when buying, pay attention to the stability of the bed juicers.

Electric Juicers

This device, although much more expensive than its manual and mechanical counterparts, has a huge number of advantages. Such a pomegranate juice extractor has only admired reviews. After all, she can prepare a large amount of juice very quickly, and you will not apply your physical strength to the cause at all. Electric juicer is the same press, but it has an engine. It is the engine that will make not your hands work, but the cone head. The power of the devices is small - from 20 to 100 watts.pomegranate juicer reviewsThe owner needs to cut the fruit, attach it to the cone and press the button.Many models have a reverse function - this means that the nozzle changes its direction from time to time. Electric pomegranate juice extractor can be easily found in any home appliance store, because such models are produced by almost all world famous brands. If you can not find the right device, feel free to buy a citrus juicer. It copes well with juicy pomegranate seeds. Many models are completely identical in technical characteristics and properties.

How to keep the vitamins in the juice?

As much as possible to preserve the usefulness of the unique juice during the spin will help you with our advice.

  1. The rind of the fruit should not be shrunken, not damaged or cracked.
  2. Roll the fruit on the table, gently pressing on it, or just wrinkle it in your hands.
  3. Continue the manipulations until all the grains inside the pomegranate have burst. You will understand that the process is complete when you see that the fruit has become like a deflated ball.
  4. Just bite or slit the peel and drink the freshest and healthiest pomegranate juice. This method of squeezing the juice will help keep all the vitamins inside.

 manual grenade juicer

Do not limit yourself, make more natural, fresh and tasty juices at home.Pomegranate will not only please you and your family with a great taste, but also give your body a chance to replenish the supply of missing vitamins. A pomegranate juice extractor can be a constant companion to your breakfast, dinner and even a festive feast.

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