Poisoning during pregnancy: what to do? Food poisoning: treatment

Pregnancy is a special, quivering condition of a woman’s body. The origin of a new life, the birth of a baby - all this is fascinating. However, it should be said that the period of carrying a baby is very important for his life. And at this time, the expectant mother should be especially careful. Poisoning during pregnancy: what to do and how to avoid it - this will be discussed in this article.

poisoning during pregnancy

Main hazards

Every woman should understand that any painful condition of the body is harmful not only for her own health, but also for the intrauterine development of the future baby. The main risks posed by poisoning are:

  1. Dehydration of the body. If the poisoning of the future mother is accompanied by vomiting, there is a risk of disruption of the water-salt balance in the body. And this is quite dangerous, considering that all this affects the child.
  2. Pathogenic bacteria.They are dangerous for the baby, because there is a risk that, due to severe poisoning, the mother may even lose the child.


So, food poisoning during pregnancy. What are the causes of its occurrence? This, of course, food.

  1. Consumption of substandard food.
  2. Consumption of expired food.
  3. Consumption of foodstuffs that were stored at the wrong temperatures (especially during the summer period).
  4. Overeating (the desire to eat as much as possible, because often the body of a pregnant woman requires it).
  5. The emergence of new tastes: a pregnant woman may want a salted cucumber, then drink it with milk.

In addition, a woman can poison herself with chemicals (for example, cleaning houses and using too toxic chemicals for this). Therefore, during pregnancy, each woman should be as attentive as possible to the health of her body.

early pregnancy poisoning


What are the symptoms of poisoning during pregnancy? First of all, it must be said that they are very similar to the symptoms of toxicosis. However, the differences are still there. With the usual poisoning, a pregnant woman will first have a weakness, then nausea. Then vomiting and / or diarrhea.If the poisoning is severe, there may also be a chill, the temperature will rise. It is important to say that these symptoms can be observed both in the complex and separately each. It all depends on the work of the liver of a woman, as well as the degree of intoxication. If the poisoning is mild, only nausea and weakness can appear (these symptoms, however, will disappear rather quickly). Severe poisoning can even last several days.

Toxicosis and poisoning: the differences

It is also worth telling about the difference between ordinary toxicosis, which can torment a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy, and poisoning during pregnancy.

Toxicosis. It appears smoothly, it is characterized by morning hours. Never accompanied by fever, chills, diarrhea. Only vomiting is possible as a reaction even to a fresh food product.

Poisoning. It comes suddenly (a few minutes it was still good and then it suddenly became bad). Other symptoms may also be observed, such as dizziness, weakness, diarrhea.

Late terms of pregnancy. There is also possible loose stools, vomiting, and headaches. However, this may be due to the natural preparation of the body for childbirth, and not with poisoning.

It is important to say that in the early stages of pregnancy it will not be different from poisoning at another time when the baby is born. It is also important to remind that the future mother will not be able to diagnose independently the correct diagnosis. At the first symptoms of poisoning or any doubt, it is better to seek help from a doctor and get competent advice. After all, the period of carrying a baby is the time when a mother is responsible not only for herself, but also for the health of her child.

food poisoning during pregnancy

Hazardous products

What foods can cause poisoning during pregnancy? So, the list of them is quite large:

  1. Soft cheeses.
  2. Seafood.
  3. Eggs
  4. Fish and meat.
  5. Sour milk and dairy products.
  6. Sauces, mayonnaise.
  7. Pate.
  8. Conservation.

Particular attention during pregnancy should be given to mushrooms. They are also dangerous for an ordinary person, since they can produce harmful additives during their preparation. The consumption of improperly cooked mushrooms can be fatal to the mother, the loss of the child. Well, it should be said that during the carrying of the baby, special attention should be paid to the consumption of watermelon.It is best to buy this berry closer to September, to store after cutting only in the refrigerator. And fear pesticides, which watermelons can be filled for the speedy and better ripening.

poisoning during pregnancy what to do


To a woman not overtaken by poisoning during pregnancy, you need to follow certain preventive measures. What to do?

  1. Wash hands with soap and water after walks, as well as before each preparation and meal.
  2. Properly store food.
  3. Remember that you can not keep near raw foods and cooked food.
  4. The place of preparation and consumption of food must be kept clean.

It is also best for pregnant women to avoid certain foods that may contain such a harmful bacterium as Listeria. And if it may not cause any reactions in an ordinary person, then a pregnant woman will most likely get better. What are these products?

  1. Soft cheeses (brie, feta, roquefort, camembert, etc.).
  2. Pate
  3. Raw fish (respectively, sushi and some rolls).
  4. Unpasteurized milk.

What to do: the main rule!

If you suddenly overtook poisoning during pregnancy, what to do in this situation? This is a question that interests many women.The most important thing you need to say: be sure to seek medical help. After all, an ordinary person, far from medicine, is unlikely to be able to independently diagnose the diagnosis. And, of course, it is worth remembering that the expectant mother during pregnancy is responsible not only for herself, but also for the baby. This is not to be forgotten. And it is better to be safe and seek medical help.

food poisoning temperature

What does not harm

If you are convinced or even simply suspected that a woman has food poisoning during pregnancy, there are several steps, the observance of which will definitely not harm even before the arrival of an ambulance or a trip to the clinic.

  1. Liquid. During the poisoning you need to drink plenty of fluids. This should be done in small sips and as often as possible. After all, the liquid will come out and poor-quality food.
  2. It is necessary to completely abandon the food. After the remaining symptoms of poisoning disappear, you need to follow a gentle diet for several days.
  3. Do not get involved in chicken broth. He is too fat in this situation. It is better to eat porridge cooked in water, crackers, as well as light vegetable soups.
  4. If there are diarrhea among the symptoms, you can also make thick rice water. He will help to cope with the problem and does not harm either the mother or the baby.

poisoning during pregnancy treatment

What will the doctor advise

It must be remembered that if a woman has poisoning during pregnancy, only a doctor should prescribe treatment. What can he recommend?

  1. You need to take a drug like "Regidron." It is needed to restore the water-salt balance at the cellular level. And this is very important. You can even apply it to pregnant women, but the dosage should be properly followed.
  2. As soon as the emetic urges cease, sorbents will need to be taken, i.e. drugs that will remove harmful substances from the body. What kind of drugs can be taken pregnant? These are "Smekta", "Activated carbon", "Enterosgel".
  3. After complete recovery, you will need to drink a vitamin-mineral complex, so that the baby can get all the necessary nutrients he needs.

If a pregnant woman has severe food poisoning, a temperature that is most likely hospitalized, treatment will take place within the walls of a medical institution.

poisoning during pregnancy consequences

The consequences of poisoning for the child

So, consider further the topic "Poisoning during pregnancy." Consequences - this is something else to tell. If the poisoning was easy, and the woman coped with all the symptoms without any problems, then the child will not be affected.Otherwise, however, the following situations are possible:

  1. Dehydration of the body. Occurs as a result of diarrhea and vomiting. If time does not cope with this problem, there may be a so-called blood clotting. And this will lead to the fact that the body will begin to produce such a hormone as oxytocin, which is very harmful for pregnant women and is useful during delivery. Therefore, this condition is fraught with miscarriage.
  2. Decreased blood volume (as a result of dehydration). It will lead to the fact that the child will not receive enough oxygen, which will lead to oxygen starvation and the possible development of various pathologies.

Reducing the number of nutrients that are so important for the child's growth and development.

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