Plastic Bottle Ornament: Butterfly

Love new ideas? Want to make an unusual gift of "waste"? Perhaps you did not even know what a beautiful decoration you can create from a plastic bottle. A butterfly made using simple technology is very effective. It is easy to apply it as an independent gift, curtain decoration, bouquet or gift wrapping decoration.

Butterflies from plastic bottles do it yourself: features and technology options

This beautiful souvenir can be made in several ways, which differ in the sequence of actions, as well as the materials used. The general meaning of the work is that an outline of an insect is applied to the surface of the bottle, and then it is painted with stained glass paints or nail polish and decorated with sparkles, sequins and other small details.

from a plastic bottle butterfly

The differences in working methods are as follows:

  • the application of the contour of the imaged object is done in different ways: on a cut or whole bottle;
  • the surface is stained on the cut object, whole or folded, as well as on untreated containers from under the soda;
  • use different bottles (some masters take only transparent, others - color);
  • perform various fastenings of finished souvenirs (from double-sided tape, pins, magnet).

In general, butterflies from plastic bottles with their own hands are made quite easily. Whichever option you choose, you get an original souvenir. Use the method that seems to be more convenient for you, or be guided by what is at hand.

Materials and tools

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that each method will require its own specific materials. Below will be presented the entire list of necessary. Choose from it what is right for you.plastic bottle butterflies

So, to make a butterfly out of plastic bottles with your own hands, prepare the following:

  • transparent or colored base;
  • patterns (drawn or printed on the printer);
  • contour marker;
  • scissors;
  • awl;
  • stained paints and special contour or nail polishes;
  • beads to create the abdomen;
  • line or barb wire;
  • additional decor (sequins, beads, sequins);
  • glue;
  • magnet, pin, double sided tape for mounting on the reverse side.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Probably, all of the above is in your home, especially if you are engaged in needlework.

Selection and preparation of bottles

So, you decided to make a decoration from a plastic bottle. A butterfly can be big or small. On this depends the choice of the original base It would seem that the volume of the container will correspond to the object being manufactured. Actually this is not true. That is why it is worth first to cut out the blank from the bottle, and then paint it. The fact is that the cut-out surface can twist strongly when the integrity of the structure is violated, respectively, and a large butterfly from such an object will turn out with excessively bent, unnatural wings. Such a blank can only be used to create a small souvenir. This property (curl) depends on the thickness and quality of plastic.

make a butterfly out of plastic bottles with your own hands

The bottle (or the cut out rectangular blank) must be rinsed with soap or dish detergent on both sides and dried.After removing the label, there is always an adhesive strip on the surface that cannot be removed. Do not use this part of the plastic, otherwise the paint in this place will fall unevenly, and the souvenir will look very sloppy and dirty.

The bottle must have a flat surface so that it can be easily cut out a rectangular billet. The convexity and concavity of the form in this case will not work. The color of the base is better to take transparent, although any other can fit. Only it should be noted that the paint layer applied by you will always acquire the corresponding shade of the base, but after all, butterflies in nature are both green, and blue, and brown.

Choice of decor: nail polish or stained paint

So, we make a souvenir from a plastic bottle. The butterfly will initially be one-color. To apply the pattern, you will need a composition suitable for the material used. You can take acrylic, stained paints or ordinary nail polish. The latter option will be cheaper. For the outline of the contour buy a varnish with a thin brush, which is designed to perform patterns on the nails. It is more comfortable.In sets of stained glass paints there is always a special contour, usually black. They will need to trace the edges of all the elements.

Butterflies from plastic bottles (instruction)

The sequence of work will be as follows:

  • Take the sheet with the template and draw the outline on the plastic blank with a marker. If using an uncut bottle, remove the top first and place the sheet with the sample inside. It is better to fix it with a clip or clip so that it does not move.

plastic bottle butterfly instruction

  • Circle contour with nail polish or special stained glass composition.
  • Fill all the details with paints or colored lacquers.
  • Cover the contour with glitter varnish. The same can be done with the entire surface.

plastic garden butterfly

  • Pierce the hole with an awl, where the wire from the antennae will be fixed.
  • Cut the product along the contour. Butterflies do little body always in the form of an elongated rectangle. This shape is easier to cut and bend.
  • Bend the wings in the right directions. Decorate the body with beads.
  • Glue the additional decor on the surface of the wings.

from a plastic bottle butterfly

  • On the reverse side, you can paint the surface with a marker so that the butterfly is opaque if necessary.
  • Install the appropriate mount on the back side (stick double-sided tape, magnet, etc.).

Your unusual souvenir is ready.

The possibilities of using the product

So, here is a list of where your butterfly from a plastic bottle can be used:

  • for garden;
  • curtain decoration or refrigerator surface;
  • as an element of gift wrapping, bag, box, box;
  • in the design of floristic compositions;
  • as a Christmas ornament;
  • interior decoration (on the wall, under the chandelier, etc.).

As you can see, the created beauties can be used in a variety of ways.

from a plastic bottle butterfly

Now you know what a magnificent decor can be made from a plastic bottle. A butterfly made in any of these ways will be a worthy decoration or gift. I wish you success!

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