Pipe for chimney.

Urgently need a chimney pipe. I installed a gas boiler in the house, it remains to install the chimney. Advise how to choose the right pipes for the chimney and where you can buy them cheap in Moscow?
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Answered on August 24, 13:02
Chimney pipes can be bought at any hardware store or on the Internet. I personally ordered a pipe for myself, by its size, via the Internet. The only inconvenience of this type of order is delivery time.
Answered on August 24, 13:09
The chimney pipe can be bought cheaply on the Internet, for example, here on this site I also need a chimney for a bath. But I think to order it in a couple of months, when I know exactly what size it should be ordered. Yes, and the money by this time I just appear.
Answered on August 24, 13:13
We put a cast-iron pipe in the bath. Have to clean it periodically. We heat the bath with birch wood, and they pollute the pipe with soot literally within six months.
Answered on September 4, 12:00
The most suitable material for the chimney is stainless steel (just choose to make the steel grade acid resistant).

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