Permissiveness is freedom?

Permissiveness is beyondestablished social and political norms, the behavior of a person who does not consider the rights of other people and feels his impunity. These are actions that are beneficial only to the person committing them, the consequences of which are deliberate or thoughtless infliction of resentment and damage to others.

Freedom is permissiveness?

Sometimes freedom is understood as permissiveness. In reality, these concepts, similar in sound, carry a completely different meaning.sometimes freedom is understood as permissiveness

Freedom is an essential element of a fulfilling life,is an integral part of everyone's happiness and the unshakable foundation of any state whose governance is based on the principles of democracy. Freedom of religion, word, love, conscience, movement - these are the criteria that underlie the full realization of the individual in society. Freedom, for which they are fighting and which they win, begins with small personal victories of man and ends with defending the independence of entire states.

The concept of freedom is closely associated withresponsibility (before themselves and society), which each person places on himself in the process of accomplishing certain actions, realizing the commensurability of the fulfillment of the conceived within the existing limitations. Living in a society leads to the collision of the freedoms of different people, which requires correct, without prejudice to others, adapting. It is important to understand that there can not be absolute freedom, because a person constantly depends on some circumstances (law, rights and freedoms of other people, social values, mutual respect).

Examples of permissiveness

Freedom ends at the moment whenThe actions taken affect the interests of other people in a negative aspect. That is, an individual hears only himself, does not consider with the freedom of other citizens and acts exclusively to benefit his interests.permissiveness synonymsIt is at this moment that his freedom grows into apermissiveness, which is terrible because it leads to anarchy. Everyone should clearly understand and understand what permissiveness is dangerous. A vivid example of this is the French Revolution, when the natural idea of ​​rights was perceived by a person in the wrong context, which ultimately led to a complete dictatorship.

Permissiveness is exclusivelynegative category, carrying destruction, pain and death, found its expression in the minds of certain politicians and led to terrible events in the world as a whole. The twentieth century was remembered by the monstrous ideas of Hitler and Stalin, which claimed the lives of many millions of people.

Permissiveness is laid in childhood?

Often, permissiveness (synonyms -"All permissiveness", "lawlessness", "bespredel'shchina", "all-piety") is pawned in a person from childhood, when a child, knowing no refusal in anything, gets what he wants easily and in full. It is this ease of fulfillment of desires that causes their thoughtless growth as a person grows up.

Often in school and family practice, wherefree education is proclaimed, permissiveness exists, as well as the principle of the child's self-expression and non-interference in the natural process of his adaptation to society. Permitted as a one-time experiment permissiveness - this is the tactical course of the teacher in the process of education and training; but most often teachers and parents go on about the children, allowing them liberties, which harm the very same children, engendering their conflict with the outside world and developing in them a special kind of selfishness - despotism.than dangerous permissivenessThe child quickly enough understands, in what way it to achieve desirable, the implement of which becomes a cry, tears, hysterics.

Do not let the permissiveness show up

At the source of permissiveness is the causeless fear of the world around him and himself, which forces a man not only to defend himself, but also to attack.permissiveness isA strong and self-confident person neverinterferes with the freedom of another person. The most dangerous permissiveness is a moral, undermining the person from within and not so clearly manifested. The human life is characterized by the Christian essence and the 10 commandments that underlie any law and law:

Do not let the permissiveness appear:

  • conscience;
  • morality, grafted into the family from birth;
  • traditions handed down from century to century by generations;
  • spiritual values ​​of parents, which set their life and actions as an example to the younger generation.

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