Pencil skirt: what to wear? What can I wear with a lace pencil skirt?

A beautiful woman is good even in small things, so she is meticulously concerned with her own wardrobe. In any atmosphere you want to remain beautiful and elegant. A versatile and incredibly sexy piece of clothing is the popular pencil skirt. What to wear with this thing?

Classic fashion

What characterizes this model? It fits tight hips and legs, and therefore takes the contours of the figure from the waist to the knees. The waist line can be too high or slightly lowered, but the form is narrowed to the bottom, which explains the name “pencil skirt”. What to wear it with?what to wear with a striped pencil skirtThe great Christian Dior, who is the founder of fashion for this model, considered the skirt the most practical. The peak of popularity came at the beginning of the last century. The demand was explained by the universality of the model and the fact that it fits any shape. You can wear a skirt to any image.For a classic ensemble, a skirt to the knee and below is suitable. Of course, designers create shorter versions, but this is rather a deviation from tradition than the norm. The original model has a narrow shape and an optimal length. Also, the classic model has no pockets, folds and ornaments. This is a strict and uncomplicated wardrobe item. The basic element will be similar skirts in black or white. There is quite a logical question about what to wear with a black pencil skirt.

At work or meeting

A win-win version of the black skirt and light blouse ensemble is the golden base of the office style. If the blouse is dark, the image may turn out to be too mournful, and the abundance of jewelry is not combined with the working look. In the office will have to wear tights or stockings, and in the warm season they should be as light and thin as possible. To slightly dilute the work outfit, you can change the blouse to a thin pullover or turtleneck, add a fitted jacket or waistcoat.beige pencil skirt with what to wearIf you think with what to wear a black pencil skirt, then pay attention to the material of the product. Mostly used wool, in which case the tights provide comfort and the absence of an allergic reaction.Often, the question arises about what to wear with a striped pencil skirt, as this is a classic, but at the same time more daring piece of clothing. You should not combine it with a striped top and shoes with a bright print. The best option would be otnotonny things and one large decoration. Handbag is better to take in the tone of the jacket. You can color the base ensemble with the help of an expensive bag, exquisite perfume and good jewelry. Makeup suitable delicate, but elegant. For example, scarlet lipstick with a slightly darker outline, thin arrows and black mascara.

For ceremonial exit

An unusual, but successful element of the wardrobe will be a colored pencil skirt. What to wear with such a model? Well, obviously for the classic office style, it does not fit. Just plain model is good, if at work you do not have a dress code. Complement the skirt with a shirt in color and comfortable shoes. For cool days, you can dress up a coat of a contrasting shade and a hat - "Fedor". Handbag fit classic, but with a feminine decor. In particular, bags with a floral pattern and bows are gaining popularity this season.what to wear with a black pencil skirtIf the wardrobe has a printed pencil skirt, what to wear it with? But this is already half the romantic image! Such a model forms a figure, emphasizes waist bending and roundness of the hips.By the way, the shoes are suitable for both heels and flat shoes, but it is worth refusing sandals and plots, as they are in harmony with the style of the skirt. Choose light and delicate ballet flats, and on top add an image with a corset, tunic or top. Tights should be replaced by lace stockings. For a romantic outing or a date, a beige pencil skirt is relevant. What to wear it with? You can afford a brighter top, but it is recommended to focus on the waist with a bright belt. Beige is a beautiful color to create an ensemble, but do not forget about the rule of three colors and do not turn yourself into a rainbow, afraid to remain imperceptible because of the bright skirt.

Original texture

More expensive to get a purchase, if you like a textured pencil skirt. A good option would be a model made of cotton, leather or knitwear. They can be worn at least every day. The option is comfortable. It can be combined with shoes or sandals on the platform, but ankle boots will be relevant. Pick up a narrow T-shirt for the ensemble, as well as a cardigan or jumper. If you are wearing a jacket or blouse on top, then choose a product from another fabric. For the holiday is good velvet pencil skirt with a beautiful blouse and unusual shoes. Jewelry fit monophonic and simple in execution.what to wear with a lace pencil skirtA narrow cut can hamper movement, so sometimes a cut is made that is made from behind, from the front, or from the side. In strict models, instead of a cut, folds are made.

Tips and secrets

The universal model of a pencil skirt allows you to visually make legs slimmer, especially if you include shoes and tights in tonal ensemble. Visually, you can lose a few kilograms, which is especially practical. The image will be vintage if diluted with pearl beads, round-toed shoes and a hat. If the skirt is made of jacquard, then it hides a couple of kilograms, even being light. It can be worn with boots, jackets or even knitted sweaters. For an evening event is good, but the skirt is made of satin, silk or velvet. By the way, for a party, the color can be extravagant, but do not turn into a peacock, combining incompatible shades.

The tenderness and lightness of the classics

For a long time pencil skirt was conceived as an integral element of a business wardrobe. It seemed that it a priori implies stockings, pantyhose, the severity of forms or basic colors. But could such a universal subject remain within narrow limits? Now more and more often in the female wardrobe, a model of lace is sinking.So, what to wear with a lace pencil skirt? It is clear that this thing is romantic and elegant. In addition, she is incredibly sexy, as it emphasizes the beauty of the figure. The texture is complex and therefore the top can be left monotonous and simple. Slim girls can combine a skirt with a tucked shirt, turtleneck or even a sweater. If the figure is far from ideal, then it is better to wear jackets and shirts. A versatile shoe option would be stiletto heels, but can you stand it all day in such shoes?pencil skirt with what to wearIn the bag is better to keep a spare pair. Another writer Carla Krupp believed that this model provides the potential for the realization of desires. Lace - capricious material and therefore include it in the ensemble is not easy. Discard the lace top, but leave the trend for translucent materials to be considered. For the top are always good pastel colors. The classic version of what to wear with a lace pencil skirt is a cotton white shirt with short sleeves or without it. Add a jacket and get the official image, and a leather jacket will add audacity and flames.

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