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Birth injuries - causes of developmental disorders

Delayed speech development in children is treated with osteopractic


ZRR and ZPRR (delayed speech development and delayed psycho-speech development) - the most common diagnoses that put modern children aged from one year to 7 years, neurologists. Statistical data on this issue is simply shocking: approximately 50% of children in this age group have various speech dysfunctions. Moreover, such disorders are often accompanied by hyperactivity, epileptic equivalents, or autistic spectrum disorders. The reasons for the occurrence of these disorders have not yet been officially identified, but doctors point to the interrelation of disorders of the brain activity and dysfunctions of the central nervous system as a whole with genetic factors, mental disorders. Osteopaths conducted their own research and found that all children with symptoms of speech and developmental disorders have spinal and skull deformities.

Birth injuries - causes of developmental disorders

Problems with conception, pregnancy and childbirth are the main causes of pathologies in newborns. And most often violations in the development of the child are associated with injuries of the skull and spine. This is due to the fact that when inserting the head of a baby in the womb into the pelvic region of the mother and passing through the birth canal during childbirth, the resulting high pressure negatively affects the meninges. In addition, in case of incorrect management of labor or in the presence of displacement in the pelvic area, sacrum or tailbone of the mother, anatomically correct location of the bones of the skull and cervical vertebrae in the infant will occur. This is fraught with compression of the nerve channels, nerve endings, blood vessels, which leads to an increase in the tension of the brain membranes (an increase in intracranial pressure and pressure inside the spinal column). Hence, insufficient nutrition of the brain and spinal cord, impaired nervous regulation of all life processes, and therefore defects in the development of the child.

The main symptoms of ZRR and ZPRR

  • The lack of an active emotional reaction in a child at 4 months to the gestures of adults and communication with him.
  • Lack of babble by 8-9 months, poor pronunciation of letter combinations, syllables in 1 year.
  • There is no pronunciation of simple words by 18 months, lack of understanding of simple motives for action.
  • The lack of dynamics of speech development in 2 years, a small vocabulary (less than 20) and the inability to speak phrases in 2.5 years.
  • At the age of three, speech is incomprehensible with the very fast or very slow pronunciation of the words “in its own way”, the use of phrases taken from adults in conversation, from cartoons, inability to build sentences.

As a rule, such children are poorly pronounced by hissing and hard consonants by the age of 5, moreover, this defect can remain with them up to 7 years and even for a lifetime. Often related problems are:

  • Excessive mobility, restless sleep, overweight or thinness.
  • Visual impairment (squint).
  • Disorders of concentration and poor learning.
  • Tantrums, convulsions, apathy, uncontrolled motor stereotypes.

And this is another frequent “children's” diagnosis - ADHD - hyperactivity and attention deficit syndrome.

Cause ZPRR - mechanical disorders of the skull and spine

Children with delayed speech and psychomotor development than just not treated. The main remedy is drugs acting on brain cells and nerve fibers that increase blood circulation at the level of small blood vessels. Additionally, magnetic and electroreflexotherapy, therapy with music and animals, and drawing are used. Complex positive work on the problem under the control of a neurologist, speech therapist, psychologist and osteopath or osteopractic specialist gives the maximum positive effect.

Osteopracticists have more opportunities to correct neonatal injuries due to a larger number of techniques and techniques that classical osteopathy basically does not accept. Osteopathic treatment is not only aimed at eliminating the symptoms. The purpose of this correction is to identify the root cause and fix the damage. That is why osteopracts advise in case of a delay in speech or psychomotor development in a child, first of all, to pay attention to the features of the course of pregnancy and childbirth. If there was a stimulation of the birth process or a caesarean section, and if there is a problem with the mother’s back, then the child needs an osteopathic correction.Additional factors - injuries (fractures, bruises, falls), improper treatment of the baby, sports, can aggravate the situation, and therefore require a mandatory consultation osteopath or osteopract.

ZPRR is not treated with drugs

Mechanical and structural damage is not treated with pharmacotherapy. In 100% of cases when examining children with ZPRR or ZRR, the osteopath finds damage at the level of the cervical or cervical-thoracic vertebrae, impaired mobility of the seams connecting the skull plates, intraosseous injuries of the skull bones. Applying the craniosacral and structural correction techniques, the specialist returns the bone structures to their normal position, freeing the surrounding tissues from spasm, restoring blood circulation in them and the movement of the CSF in the meninges. The nutrition of brain cells is renewed, oxygen is more actively supplied to them, metabolic processes take place better - the innervation of speech, visual, and motor centers of the brain is restored. The child begins to fully develop and grow, becomes more balanced, less emotional, moderately mobile.

On the contrary, the therapy in which nootropics predominate is capable of making a child dependent on drugs a person, since most of them are addictive and their withdrawal entails complex psycho-emotional adaptation, which is fraught with neuroses, depression and other disorders of the nervous system.

ZRR ZPRR ZPRR at children disorders in children osteopractic osteopathy medication treatment

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    It seems to me that the presented symptoms of ZRR are very relative. Here I have a son, he is 1.9. Vocabulary is still very small (mom, dad, woman, grandfather, yum-yum, pti, and a couple more words), but in his “understanding” he was far away for about 3 years. He knows the names of all the subjects perfectly, he does that what is required of him. But we all say that he has problems with speech ... they say it’s so big, but it’s still silent. As for me - this is nonsense. And so, I am entirely for appealing to osteopracts, especially with newborn children. Since I believe that it is better to correct all deviations at the tissue level than to poison the children with chemistry.

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