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Please tell me where it is better to order server cabinets? I need wall options, dimensions - 19 inches. What can you advise manufacturers and what is the difference between them?
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Ultamac loster
Ultamac loster
Answered on February 19, 17:31
For manufacturers, quality can actually be very different. Of the common ones I can call Depo, I have seen the models of this company more than once. You can search for reviews and view the available range on the official website of the manufacturer, there are available any desired types and sizes.
John barell
John barell
Answered on February 19 17:37
And how many do you need lockers? Maybe it is better to immediately search for wholesale offers from manufacturers? Directly ordering is always cheaper and more reliable. You can for example on the Maxys website with a guarantee to order lockers of various capacities.
Velaskes gry
Velaskes gry
Answered on February 19 17:49
The quality really may be very different, but fortunately the choice of good suppliers is now quite large - there are quite a few websites of good companies that have been selling such lockers from well-known manufacturers for many years.The guarantee is also important, it is better to choose those offers where a guarantee for a server cabinet up to 5 years is offered.

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