Optimum thermoware for picnics and walks

Modern can be used not only to transport tea, as did our grandmothers. Manufacturers have taken care of special structures for storing soup and small separate containers for each type of dishes, which are en masse loaded into a large thermal cylinder. What type of utensils do you need? Let's figure it out.

A type

ThermosesCylinders, rectangular boxes, buckets and jugs - this is an incomplete list of external shapes of standard and not very thermos bottles. Extruded shapes are convenient, since they allow you to vertically place a useful item in backpacks, suitcases and bags. Overall cubes in this regard would not be so convenient, since they would occupy a large surface area.

Demanded manufacturers:

  • Thermos;
  • Amet;
  • Biostal;
  • Mimi;
  • Valira.

In addition, there are products with a flask, where the thermoglass is fixed in a housing made of various materials, and there are models with a double wall, where a vacuum is formed between the metal layers.The former are a more reliable system, if the preservation of heat is a priority for you. The latter easily withstand vibrations and soft drops of the device. Be sure to evaluate the weight of the product, if it is specified in the properties field. For example, there are pitchers, which themselves weigh 1 kg, and with liquid even more.


We all remember the good old glass flask thermos - this is a universal storage for hot drinks and even mashed potatoes with a chop. Today in stores you can find a wide range of such devices. As a rule, they have the shape of a bottle, a handle and a convenient removable lid, which easily becomes a cup in field conditions.

In this case, the body can be metal (and sometimes heat up), rubberized, sheathed with plastic or hide in a special zipper bag. Only very cheap models are exposed to depressurization, where the rubber seal is not elastic enough or durable. In many cases, in addition to the cap there is a valve - a head with a button, pressing which you release the liquid. Finally, in the budget options there is a simple traffic jam.

Also products with a metal flask (for example, from stainless steel) are issued.As a rule, these jugs are additionally insulated from the outside with polypropylene, textiles or designed for easy maintenance of temperature and short work (in economy class - up to 6 hours of boiling hot water).


Capacities from 250 ml to 3 liters can be found. The optimum and most popular in terms of sales size - 1 l. This is understandable, since as much liquid should be consumed per day, and a portion of food is rarely equivalent to 300-400 grams (especially if the thermos is bought into a family of two or three people). The maximum capacity of the best thermos is 24 hours in the mode of maintaining and maintaining the set temperature.

It is a little about cleaning: to care for a deep flask is not easy, especially if it is an option with a narrow neck. Conventional cleaners and a brush, as a rule, solve the problem, but the main thing is to thoroughly wash the composition off the walls and allow the structures to dry out.


Despite the fact that the functionality of different thermoses is sometimes the same, manufacturers often label their products. These labels should be regarded as a hint of the manufacturer, but not as a guide to action.However, sometimes companies focus on specific tasks - for example, goods from Mimi are more suitable for hiking.

Popular divisions:

  • for water;
  • for food (for example, a second course);
  • for tea or coffee;
  • for soup (wide opening).

Of course, if a particular model suits you in many ways, and its purpose does not coincide with your ideas, you can “break” the established order. Just keep in mind that there are more narrowly oriented dishes with thermal insulation or refrigeration properties, such as mugs or cooler bags.

Additional options

ThermosSometimes the base product may have special properties. For example, in a model from Mayer Boch there is a spout (as in a kettle). It helps to comfortably pour the drink into cups. Another type that allows you to do this - designs with pneumonias. A pair of button presses powers the device, and some water flows like a samovar with a faucet.

The company Thermos has also developed a special thermowire for the car - sloping models with a stable base, the diameter of which is suitable for standard car niches. There are also options for parents, equipped with a mount for strollers (two tapes with velcro lindens).

In some cases, the diameter of the neck is important for a person, and then in the filters of product groups you should put a check on the parameter “wide” or “narrow”. You can also cut off the model with a pump or a cork, without a handle or with it.

Finally, the TGR-601 jug has a mesh insert, so you can make tea or coffee right in the thermos and the container will keep the drink hot until the end of the feast.

The decor of such dishes should not be carried out in a separate chapter, but it should be said about it. Some plants take care of the aesthetics of the products, therefore they decorate the jars with paintings, stickers, leather belts or colored parts. Thus, you can choose a product that fits perfectly into the interior. From domestic brands, the Dobrynya brand does an excellent job with this task. Their collections are characterized by Gzhel, Khokhloma and Zhostovo ornaments.


It is desirable that the plastic used in the manufacture of dishes, was food - that is, suitable for contact with hot and cold products. In order to make sure that the product is environmentally friendly, it should be clarified in the characteristics that it does not contain bisphenol-A.

By the way, for storing liquids with a strong aroma it is better to choose glass - it allows you to get rid of the smell after the first wash and protects the dishes from the appearance of mold. The fragility of such flasks is compensated by a durable outer shell, however, if the glass is still broken, in no case should you try to drink or eat damaged foods, because fragments will fall into them.

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