Olive oil: benefit and harm

Now many people are passionate about differentdiets. Sometimes, after trying an oriental diet, a person understands that the culture of eating the Russians is the closest to Mediterranean cuisine. However, this article will not talk about the diet, but about its main component - olive oil. It is extracted from the fruits of the olive tree, using a high-tech cold-pressing method that preserves all the useful properties of the product. Olive oil, the benefits and harms of which are often discussed, has already become a solid place in our kitchens and supermarket shelves. Its fatty acid composition includes a mixture of triglyceric acids in combination with a large number of valuable essential substances of oleic acid. Olive oil comes mainly from Italy, Spain, Greece and the countries of North Africa.

Olive oil: benefit

By the content of monounsaturated fats giventhe product is in the lead among a huge number of useful products. This is the only of all vegetable oils that can be eaten in its pure form, which is truly considered a natural gift. Olive oil, whose use for blood vessels and heart has been established for a long time, contains such monounsaturated fats that can lower cholesterol. And to avoid thrombi in the vessels allows a component such as polyphenol.

Olive oil, the benefit of which isthe subject of frequent disputes, has also an incredible choleretic effect. People suffering from cholecystitis should use it with caution, always consult with a doctor. Do not take this oil in large quantities, since sometimes it affects the stomach negatively. With diseases of the digestive system, it is worth carefully selecting foods for your diet. And on bone tissue this product has only a positive effect, because it contains calcium.

If we talk about the harm and benefit of this product,it should be noted that its composition includes fatty acids that counteract the formation of tumors in the intestine. You can specifically note its laxative effect. In addition, it excellently improves vision and heals wounds. Linoleic acid, part of the olive oil, cures ulcers and burns.

Olive oil, the benefit of which was alreadyis proved, has also contra-indications to the use, as well as any other product. When preparing dishes containing this product, it is worth remembering its high caloric value, but the substances with which the oil is rich, allow the body to quickly saturate and speed up the metabolic processes. And you should understand that it does not matter which oil is fried food, it still contains harmful carcinogens.

In cosmetology is also quite widespreadthe positive effect of olive oil is used. It is included in a huge amount of funds designed to combat the aging and withering of the skin, to moisturize and nourish it. In SPA-salons, procedures on its basis are often offered, which allow to rejuvenate. Masks for hair with olive oil improve their structure and enhance growth. You can always make natural masks on its basis, without resorting to the help of expensive means.

The greatest popularity of olive oil, harmwhich is minimal, acquired in Russia in the last few years. In countries where it is used for a long time, there are many long-livers, it is considered the first product that prolongs life. You must decide whether to use this product or not, based on the knowledge gained about its harm and benefit. It is important to remember that it is better to give preference to olive oil of the first pressing, it contains the maximum amount of useful and valuable substances.

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