Need help with 1C

A few months ago we bought 1C Accounting software for our company and there were no problems with it. But because of something, the program stopped working and we cannot submit reports. Advise an inexpensive firm in Stavropol, which deals with the maintenance of 1C.
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Answered on June 21 19:18
Do you really have no IT department, or at least one system administrator? It’s just their responsibility and they should fix any problems with the programs.
Answered on June 21 19:39
If the company is not too large, then why should he spend on IT-departments. You can simply order the subscription service of computers or hire a cheap system administrator. I just don’t know if it’s worth contacting a company that deals only with the 1C program.
Answered on June 21 20:39
Bookkeeping is still quite a serious matter and therefore it is very important that the program for bookkeeping work without any problems and failures. So, I think it is necessary to apply just to specialists who specializes in the 1C program.It is better to pay than not to submit reports and have problems at one point.

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