Muraya flower. How to care for him?

One of the closest relatives of lemons and oranges, which feel perfectly on the windowsills of apartments and offices, is Muraya. About half a century ago this flower was introduced from India to Japan, to the emperor's garden. The Japanese believed that, inhaling the delicate scent of flowers, the emperor becomes healthier, wiser, and most importantly, the children of the emperor will inherit his mind and health. Muraya, whose flowers have a stunningly delicate scent, took pride of place in the royal garden and became known as the "tree of Japanese emperors"Muraya flower how to care

Murayi soil

So, you have acquired an ornamental and medicinal plant - Muraya flower. How to care for him, so he pleased you throughout the year? Since this tree belongs to the family of rutovyh, then and care for him should be appropriate. And the first thing you need to pay attention - the soil. It can be purchased at the store (well suited for citrus plants), and you can prepare the soil yourself. To do this, take in equal parts: river sand, humus and hardwood, sod land.To destroy possible pests, the resulting mixture must be thoroughly poured over with boiling water. The next thing to look out for is drainage. You can also try to make it yourself, but it is better to use medium-sized clay, with less hassle and more aesthetics.

Plant transplant

muraya seedsThe roots are the weakest point of the wonderful plant, whose name is the Muraya flower. How to care for him to avoid damage to the roots? Transplantation of a bush is made after the earthy clod is completely covered with roots. When choosing a pot, pay attention to the size. The volume of the new one should exceed the volume of the old pot by one liter. Most importantly, remember that damage to the earthen coma and roots during transplantation may adversely affect your flower. In order to avoid this, gently remove the flower, knocking the pot on its side. Before transplanting, it is necessary to prepare the soil and drainage. The layer of drainage in the pot should be at least 4 centimeters, otherwise there may be a stagnation of water and, as a result, acidification of the soil.

Muraya Plant care

Our article will help you understand this issue.You have successfully transplanted a muraya flower. How to care for this beautiful plant? Caring for him is quite simple. The most important thing is the right watering. It should be carried out regularly, monitor the condition of the earthy coma, so that it does not dry out. Also avoid excessive soil moisture. For irrigation, it is preferable to use water that is separated for 24 hours at room temperature. Rapid growth can drain a beautiful plant — a muraya flower. How to care for him so as to avoid this trouble? It is necessary to properly conduct dressing. This tree needs to be fed in the summer once a week, but in the winter (from November to February), one additional feeding per month is enough. Fertilizer should be applied only in the evening after watering, but in no case instead of watering! You can feed the plant with various organic fertilizers.Muraya care


After the flowering period ends and the muraya fruits ripen, the seeds in the fruit core can be used as planting material. Seedlings begin to bloom after a couple of months after the emergence of shoots. However, remember that Murai seeds cannot be stored for a long time as it has a negative effect on germination. As for breeding cuttings, then you have to upset you.It is possible to grow a tree from a cutting, but it is extremely difficult even when using special equipment, such as a fogging installation.

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