Motobur for excavation works

In our time in the implementation of large-scaleAs a rule, a considerable number of units of powerful and cumbersome equipment are used. For example, an excavator quickly and effectively dig a large pit, and with the help of a bulldozer, you can easily level the construction site of any size. However, such huge machines can not penetrate into narrow passages between houses and dig a small pit there. In general, the possibilities of powerful modern construction mechanisms are somewhat functional limited.

Motobur for excavation works

In such cases, smallmechanization, to which the motobur for excavation works, which makes it possible to dig in practically any type of soil an opening of the required depth and the required diameter. And this compact unit is able to work in conditions of even the most limited space. Motobur for excavation has not only small dimensions, but also a relatively small weight, which allows you to manage it with one person.

Such an installation is extremelya universal technical tool that allows you to perform not only digging in different types of soil, but also to drill, for example, a hole in the ice. Such an aggregate can easily cope even with the drilling of a full well. The use of this means of small mechanization makes it possible to cope with any planned task quickly, efficiently, effectively and without considerable effort.

Motobur for the earth

Motoburs for the earth radically changedtechnology of excavation. Rapidly breaking into the market of construction equipment, they literally transformed the idea of ​​builders about the limits of the possibilities of small-scale mechanization. Motobur for excavation not only very quickly became super popular, but in many situations it is simply irreplaceable. Especially considering modern total urbanization and extremely high density of development. Wherever bulky construction equipment will not pass, the earthmoving mover will make it easy to carry out the necessary operations with the least effort and time. Often there are situations where he simply does not have an alternative.

Drill for excavation works

Today in the market of construction equipment there isa huge number of models of motor-drilling rigs, but all have practically the same principle of operation. A screw-type drill bit is attached to the two-stroke gasoline engine. As fuel used gasoline A-92 and A-95. Spent ground during drilling is extracted automatically. Almost all models are now equipped with a special security system that blocks the engine in the event of emergency situations (loss of control, jamming of the working part in the soil, etc.). In addition, it serves to prevent accidental starting of the motor. The set of replaceable screws (nozzles) of various diameters significantly expands the functionality of the motor-drilling rig.

Modern models are equipped with quick-detachableconnections of a special design, which allow immediate and without significant effort to change the nozzles. The depth of drilling is increased by adding additional rods to the main auger part. To quickly extract the drill, many units are equipped with reverse gear. Uninterrupted operation and long operation of the unit will be ensured only by the use of lubricants and fuel substances recommended by the manufacturer.

Among the main areas in which todaythe drill is used for excavation, the following are distinguished: installation of piles, poles and posts for various purposes, erection of fences and various enclosing structures, digging trenches for laying gas pipelines, cables and others, dismantling, sampling of soil.

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