Mendeleyev University: student feedback

РХТУ, or as it is usually called studentsthis university and Muscovites Mendeleyev University, is one of the most famous educational institutions of our country. Within its walls more than a century are engaged in the training of specialists in many specialties. At the same time, you can hear both positive and negative feedback from students about this university today, which, together with objective information about RCTU, may be interesting and useful for applicants.

Mendeleyev University

History of the University named after D. Mendeleev

Moscow Mendeleev University has a longhistory, which begins with the opening in Moscow in 1898 of the Industrial School. Large amounts have been spent on the construction of the buildings and the technical equipment of the new educational institution, so at the time of its foundation it was rightfully considered one of the most advanced in Europe and in the world. After the revolution, the Industrial School was first transformed into the Chemical Technical School, and then to the Institute named after Dmitry Mendeleyev. During the Second World War, part of the students and teachers of the university were evacuated, but the Moscow branch of the MHTI continued to operate in the capital. As for the development of the institute in the post-war years, in that period new buildings were built and a Novomoskovsk branch was formed. And, finally, in 1992, this university was transformed into the Russian Chemical and Technological University.

general information

Mendeleyev University, reviews

Today, about 10 thousandstudents, including more than 300 citizens of 30 foreign countries. In addition, nearly 500 graduate students and several hundred applicants for scientific degrees are preparing to defend their dissertations. Mendeleev University is proud of its highly qualified scientific and teaching staff, which includes 11 corresponding members of the RAS and academicians, more than 220 professors and doctors of science, as well as about 550 associate professors and candidates of science. According to the students, most of them are satisfied with their teachers, but many say that there is a need to attract young professionals, with new thinking and bold ideas. Especially many are dissatisfied with the lack of "fresh cadres" at the Faculty of IT & U.

Educational units

The Mendeleev University has four institutes:

  • Materials of modern energy and nanotechnology.
  • Economics and management.
  • Chemistry and problems of sustainable development.
  • Institute of Professional Development.

In addition, the number of training units of the RSEUNovomoskovsk Institute named after D. Mendeleyev, three higher colleges, departments of magistracy and part-time and full-time correspondence courses, as well as two evening schools and the Center for Pre-University Training.

Mendeleyev University: faculty

There are 10 faculties in the D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology, and it accepts students for training in the following specialties:

  • Chemical Technology.
  • Fundamental and applied chemistry.
  • Material science and technology of materials.
  • Nanomaterials.
  • Technospheric security.
  • Nanoengineering.
  • Standardization and metrology.
  • Jurisprudence.
  • Management.
  • Linguistics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Sociology and others.

Many students in their reviews express bewilderment about the need to have in the chemical university faculties that provide non-core, for example, sociological education.

Mendeleyev University, reviews

Mendeleyev University: Admissions Committee

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number ofto enter the RShTU named after Dmitry Mendeleyev. To do this, applicants should apply to the admissions office of this university at Miusskaya Ploshchad, 9. Work hours: from 10:00 to 16:00 (only on weekdays). To get to Miusskaya Square, you can use the metro or public land transport. The selection committee also operates in the Novomoskovsk branch of the Russian Chemical Technical University. His address: Novomoskovsk city, Tula region, Friendship street, 8 (opening hours are the same as at the head university).

Reviews of the applicants and students confirm thatThe admissions committee of the Mendeleyev University includes friendly and knowledgeable specialists who readily advise young people who are going to enter this university on all emerging issues.

Procedure for enrolling students

Mendeleyev University (Moscow) providesenrollment of students in accordance with the established procedure. At the same time, some of the entrants enter this university without entrance tests. The rest are credited "by contest." The lists of applicants without passing entrance examinations are ranked taking into account the personal achievements of the particular entrant. As for the competitive lists, they are first ordered in descending order of competitive scores (in total). In the case of their equality, again, take into account the individual achievements of a particular entrant in school and sports. It should be noted that there are practically no reviews of students about the unfair or incorrect formation of lists of applicants.

Moscow Mendeleev University

Admission of foreign citizens

As already mentioned, Mendeleev UniversityIt also provides training for foreigners. The enrollment of this category of applicants is carried out in accordance with regulatory enactments, federal laws and international treaties.

In the Technical University. D.I. Mendeleev also accepts compatriots (persons residing in the territory of the former Soviet republics), foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Shells of RSHTU

Mendeleyev University: faculty

Those who want to enter Mendeleevskyuniversity, the feedback of students about the condition of some buildings may force to reconsider their decision. However, the stories of students about obsolete equipment and dilapidated furniture relate mainly to the oldest buildings of the university. In general, RCTU consists of the following complexes: Miusskiy, Tushinsky, Shelepikh Complex, Central Chemical Library and Novomoskovsk Branch. The main building of the university is in the Miussky complex, it has two assembly halls and the famous "Aquarium" hall. According to students, in many rooms, including educational, the main complex on Miusskaya Square is rather dirty, and repairs are usually done only in the largest auditoriums. As for the Tushinsky complex, it includes the training laboratory and the corps of several research institutes of the Russian Chemical Technical University, as well as a large auditorium. According to the feedback of students, the main disadvantage of the Tushinsky Corps is its inconvenient location, but otherwise the new complexes are in fairly good condition.


Mendeleev University (Moscow) has a campus,which is located near the Tushino complex on Vilis Latsis street. The structure of the campus includes 3 buildings of student hostels, as well as a CCM, with an assembly and a large gym. In addition, there is a library in the campus, there are several shops, canteens and buffets, as well as a sanatorium-preventorium. More than three thousand students and about 150 teachers live in dormitories. Judging by the feedback of students, the living conditions in the campus correspond to the generally accepted norms. However, many students indicate a lack of common kitchens.

Mendeleyev University (Moscow)

Reviews of the University. Mendeleyev's

RCTU enjoys well-deserved recognitionRussia, and abroad. In particular, almost all the reviews of the Mendeleyev University by well-known scientists from around the world testify to the high level of teaching and training of scientific personnel. Moreover, in 2014 the university was included in the number of the best educational institutions of the CIS according to the authoritative agency "Expert RA". The overwhelming majority of specialists who graduated from this university, argue that the knowledge gained within its walls, allowed them to achieve rapid career growth.

Mendeleyev University: Admissions Committee

As for the feedback of students abouteffectiveness of teaching at the University. Mendeleev, then, as in the case with any university, you can hear a variety of opinions. However, almost all young people agree that RCTU is the best place for obtaining fundamental knowledge in the profile specialty. And from the shortcomings of the university students often indicate the impossibility of obtaining profound practical training. More precisely, students usually complain about the low level of laboratory work, when teachers can even forbid them to use modern equipment, replacing it with instruments that are not for one decade.

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