Master-class "How to Draw Masha and the Bear"

About how to draw Masha and the Bear from allthe favorite of today's cartoon, will talk in this article. Rather, it will even not be an abstract conversation on a free topic, because, as they say, only doing, you will learn the wisdom of mastery. Therefore, it will be a concrete master class called "How to draw Masha and the Bear".

Development of the composition of the future picture

For every artist is important first thingDetermine the plot of the future picture. Then you should always think about what will be in the foreground, and what's in the back. This is called drawing composition development. If it is decided to draw Masha and the Bear, then it is necessary to specify the sizes of the objects depicted. In this case, the artist decided to draw Mashenka on the tree, when she brazenly bites the apples, and the owner of the garden rushes to save his offspring from complete ruin. Before you paint Masha and the Bear, you need to decide how much the girl should be less than Toptygin himself. Most likely, the volume of the whole image of a girl will take about the same place as the head of a club foot. Determining the ratio of the parts of the girl's body, it should be noted that the head of Masha is larger in diameter than the whole body - this was the intention of the author of this image.

paint mache and bear

Initial preparatory phase

First of all, it should be noted on the sheet wherewill accommodate Masha and the Bear. Draw a pencil with thin hair lines, as this will be an auxiliary stage. Usually circles and ovals make a sketch of the main parts of the main characters of the plot composition: heads, bodies, hands and feet, sometimes ears. Pencil lines also outline the outlines of trees, twigs, houses or mountains. At this stage it is very important to determine the location of each object and its approximate size in general and every detail in particular.

Master class drawing girl Masha

draw the mash and the bear in stages

If we draw Masha and the Bear in stages, it is extremely important, after drawing the sketch, to accurately draw small details. It is recommended to start writing out her face when the girl is depicted.

  1. The main thing in the image of the baby are, of course,huge, half a face, eyes. They do this: draw a circle, from which a small segment is cut off from below. Inside the eye, the iris is located, and inside it is the pupil. Painting it with black color, you should make a tiny flare - leave an unpainted point inside, but not in the center, but somewhere on the edge.
  2. Now you need to draw a nose that smoothly passes into the girl's eyebrow.
  3. Funny mouth is located just below the nose, the sponge can be made ajar so that the upper teeth can be seen.
  4. Outlining the oval face, it is necessary to allocate a rounded crumb of crumbs. Do not forget about the second brow of Masha! Yes, and the bun in this heroine is very colorful.
  5. The little girl's handkerchief is her main feature. It needs to be made large.
  6. The body of a girl in a sarafan dress to the heels, she is standingon the knees. In size, the upper part of the trunk before the bend of the knees approximately corresponds to the size of the head in the kerchief. The width of the shoulders is already the head - this has already been noted above.
  7. The final touch in the image of Masha is the handles and folds on the clothes, as well as the design of the sarafan and shirt.
  8. Now the artist is left to write out the branches of the tree, the leaves, apples and bites on them.

Master-class drawing of the Bear

Masha and the bear draw with a pencil

  1. Mishka can also start drawing from the eyes - theyoval, black and with unpainted white small circles inside, glare. The bridge of the animal is not connected by the rays of the corner under the eyes.
  2. Draw the outline of the Bear's head can not be a continuous smooth line, but try to make hair streaks.
  3. In the middle of the muzzle there is a huge "nose" of the nose - it is oval, black, also with an unshaped flare.
  4. Around the "pip" should make the outline of the most elongated part of the muzzle, an oval arc to outline the open mouth of the Bear.
  5. A complex process is the image of the outlineof the whole figure of Toptygin: here it must be taken into account that, unlike the human torso, the animal does not have shoulders, the lower part of the body is significantly enlarged, the knees are also represented by oval half-figures. It is not for nothing that bears are called clubfooted - the sole of the raised leg is turned outward, stop ahead.
  6. It remains only to draw the paws of our character and highlight the place of the joints on the folds.

Masha and the bear draw with colors

Drawing of a plot from a cartoon in color

So, the pencil drawing is ready. But it is not too bright and boring without color. Therefore, most artists decide the composition "Masha and the Bear" paint. You can use both watercolor and acrylic. Yes, and oil paints can work, provided that the artist is familiar with this technique. On a ready sketch to impose color it is absolutely uncomplicated - such entertainment was at everyone in the childhood. It's coloring ready "coloring."

how to paint mache and bear

However, there is one small nuance. The episode from the cartoon will become brighter and more attractive if, after drying out the paints, the artist will trace the lines with a thin black contour, especially on the body of the Bear - to highlight the paws, chest and muzzle.

contour in the drawing

This picture can decorate the children's room in the form of a picture. And you can make an image on the fabric and use the work as a luxurious cheerful curtains.

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