Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way

Marshal Biryuzov is one of the mostoutstanding Soviet military figures. His efforts have been developed many tactical and strategic innovations. He also made an invaluable contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany. His military way was not only in the territory of the Soviet Union, but also in other countries that were subjected to Nazi occupation. For this, Biryuzov received a lot of both Soviet and foreign awards.

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Sergey Semyonovich Biryuzov: biography

Sergei was born on the twenty-first of August 1904the old style in the Ryazan province. His family members were merchants and had a good income. Therefore, the Turquoise people had the opportunity to send their son to the church school. After his graduation, he continued his studies at home. Since childhood he was very fond of reading and was interested in military art. When the Civil War began on the territory of the Russian Empire, Sergei was only thirteen years old. However, he fervently supported the Reds. Therefore, at the age of nineteen, he goes to Vladikavkaz, where the infantry and machine-gun courses take place. During training shows good results.


In two years he entered a higher schoolcommand staff. And two years later he entered the university. Up to the thirty-seventh year, the future Marshal Biryuzov is engaged in teaching and science. At the same time, it moves rather quickly along the army hierarchy. In just a few years, from the platoon commander, Sergei rose to the chief of staff of the division. For this time in its submission there were connections of various kinds of armies: beginning from motorized rifle battalions, finishing a company of an air park. In 1939, Sergei Semenovich becomes commander of the brigade and sent to Kharkov for command of the military district. In August of the same year, he expected an increase to the division commander. It was in this rank with his 132nd infantry marshal Biryuzov that he met the beginning of the war.

The Beginning of the Great Patriotic War

Immediately after Nazi Germany's attack on the Soviet Union, Sergei Biryuzov fights on the front line.

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His fighters took the first blows of the military machineReich. The 132nd Infantry Division takes an active part in the defense of Smolensk. This notorious battle took many lives of Soviet soldiers. However, Biryuzov and his wards managed to get out of the encirclement. From Smolensk fighters are sent to one of the most difficult areas - to Moscow. At this time the tanks Guderian rush to the Soviet capital, every day moving a few miles. For the defense of the city draw all available reserves. In the fall of 1941, Sergei Semyonovich received a serious wound, after which he was treated for several months.

Heavy fights

Already in 1942 Marshal Biryuzov commandedarmy on the Bryansk front. After achieving impressive successes, the command sends him to Stalingrad, where one of the most bloody battles of that war is played out.

Soldiers have to fight in unaccustomed foryourself conditions of urban debris. The division of Biryuzov already fought in Smolensk and other major cities, but in Stalingrad there was a unique situation when the same building for several days could simultaneously control both sides.

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To win the battle for the city,to develop new tactics of military operations in urban conditions. The first decision was to reduce the personnel of the assault groups. Also reduced the amount of heavy equipment. In the conditions of the ruins and the difficult passage from it was practically no use, and the tight fire of the enemy made it an easy target. Instead of tanks, the Red Army men received flamethrowers, which showed themselves as well as possible when taking the fortified positions of the Germans.


After the victory at Stalingrad, Marshal Biryuzovappointed Chief of Staff of the entire Southern Front. He takes a personal part in the development of an operation to liberate the Donbas. As a result, the Red Army managed to defeat the half-million-strong grouping of one of the best Nazi strategists - Erich Manstein. During the retreat of the Germans for the Dnieper, Soviet troops quite successfully attacked the retreating, causing them serious damage. After the liberation of the territory of the Soviet Union, Marshal SS Biryuzov carried out military missions on the territory of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. Closely collaborated with the guerrillas and participants in the anti-fascist Resistance.

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After the war

The awards of Marshal SS Biryuzov include the Yugoslav and Bulgarian orders. For a long time after the victory over Nazi Germany, he remains an adviser to the Soviet Union's army of socialist countries.

He commands several groups of troops.In the post-war period, it is part of special commissions that direct the restoration of Europe and the punishment of Nazi criminals. On the post of the commander-in-chief of the Air Defense Sergei Semyonovich receives a proposal to become deputy defense minister, who gladly accepts. Hero of the Soviet Union Biryuzov Sergei Semyonovich long time commanded strategic missile forces (which include nuclear weapons systems).

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Closely collaborates with the Yugoslav People's Army.During the exercise near Belgrade on October 19, 1964, his plane crashed. The crew died. Marshal SS Biryuzov is buried in the Kremlin wall.

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Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way Marshal Biryuzov: biography and military way