"Marina Grove" (Metro). History of Maryina Roshcha

Among the more than two hundred names of Moscow metro stations there are neutral ones. Those that do not cause any associations among the guests of the capital. What can say, for example, the name of the station "South-West"? Only about the location. It is located in the southwest of the capital. “Profsoyuznaya”, “Proletarskaya”, “Partizanskaya” - these stations have an interesting history, but not romantic and mysterious names. Another thing is "Marina Grove".

Metro is located in the same area, which today can be attributed to the city center. Once, however, Marina Grove was notorious. But let's talk about the history of the area later. The first is to talk about the construction of the metro station and its architectural features.

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"Marina Grove" - ​​the subway, located north of the Garden Ring. This station is the 182th in a row. Until September 2016, it was the ultimate on the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line. But now from here you can, after traveling two stops, get to the "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya".

"Marina Grove" - ​​the metro, which opened not long ago - in 2010. Construction was carried out for two years.The opening was to be held in 2009, but it was postponed due to lack of funds. The Marina Grove is the last station built under Mayor Luzhkov and the head of the metro station Gayev. A few months later, the first and second were removed from their posts. That, however, has nothing to do with the construction of the Moscow Metro.

Architectural features

The walls of the station are lined with light marble. On them, as well as at the exit you can see a panel depicting the princes Sheremetyev. The steps are lined with granite. Pylons - light and dark marble, which visually gives them less massiveness.

How to get to the metro station "Marina Grove"? The answer to this question depends on where in Moscow a person is located. In any case, should get on the subway. From the Sokolnicheskaya and Riga-Kaluga lines to the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovsky crossings are carried out at the station Chistye Prudy and Turgenevskaya. And, as already mentioned, in 2016 the branch on which the “Marina Grove” is located was extended. This greatly facilitated the daily trips of residents of Zelenograd, who work in the center of the capital. From the station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" (to which trains go from Zelenograd) to "Sretensky Boulevard" can now be reached in just ten minutes.

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"Bad" area

Metro "Marina Grove" is located in the legendary place. Vladimir Zhukovsky wrote about him in one of his works. About Marina Grove sang Vladimir Vysotsky. However, the Soviet bard was inspired by these historical sites, oddly enough, because of its unreliability. After all, the name "Marina Grove" has long been associated with thieves' bands and other criminal and asocial elements. Moreover, the region gained such fame in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

"Marina Grove" - ​​the metro, located in the area, the origin of which there are several legends. Which of them is closest to the truth is not known for certain. But we will state the most popular version.

Exits from the metro station "Marina Grove" are carried out on Suschevsky Val street. There are many shops, several hotels, cafes. Not far from this metro station is one of the most famous Moscow theaters. And in the XVIII century there was a dense forest. The traveler who happened to be in this area had few chances to stay alive. The fact that lived in a grove dashing people. And they ruled a woman named Marya. Hence the name.

In the XIX century it became quieter here. Up until the beginning of the last century, the existence of thieves' gangs in these places was rarely mentioned.But at that time a road was built, as a result of which Marina Grove turned into a dead end. And again this area became the habitat of robbers, thieves and dealers of stolen goods.

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Post-war time

In the fifties, active construction was carried out in Moscow. New houses were built, enterprises were restored. And for some reason they did not remember the Marina Grove for a long time. The indigenous people still lived in wooden shacks. Bandits and runaway prisoners often took refuge here. However, in fairness it should be said that people lived here and honest, decent. Moreover, Marina Grove is an area in which legendary actors of Soviet cinema Rybnikov and Larionova have lived for several years, as well as the famous illusionist Kio.

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